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Life After Death

LiterallyPours Asks the Witch Dr

There must be others in the same need, that can be helped by this, originally I was part of a small coven that meet twice a month and we had an online group too...the group kept getting smaller, the online group stayed open, but doesn't really do much and I have gone to the Wiccan Newsgroups with this too. My soulmate of ten yrs died, in all the other faiths there are ways of grieving, no matter where I ask no one seems to know of one from Wiccans.

While Rick wasn't Wiccan he had great respect for it and for Buddhism. I had a Memorial for him because he donated his body to Science. A Wiccan Priestess to Officiate, I had so many people tell me how beautiful the ceremony was. It is now 7 months later and I am still in so much much pain, not a day goes by without crying over him. I belong to a grief support group, but I'm the only non Christian there and it's made well known by the Priest running, also when I bring up reincarnation (Rick believed in it, too) I get snickers.

Is there a way, a spell, anything I can do to ease my pain....I never believed in soul mates until he came along, it's like someone ripped a part my body, we were so connected I knew the minute he had to go in the hospital.
There's beauty in the silver singing river, There's beauty in the sunrise in the sky, But none of these and nothing else can match the beauty, That I remember in my true love's eyes ~Bob Dylan

Dear LP

I am sorry for your loss and sorry to hear that your coven or online group is no longer there to offer you support. The first thing that comes to my mind is that perhaps you should seek out another grieving group that is not religious but more spiritual and less judgemental.

Wicca and Buddhism share some similarities in their views on death and both believe in reincarnation. In the traditional Wiccan burial prayers the High Priest lays boughs of evergreen on the casket and says: As the evergreen does grow and thrive, in summer and winter, year after year, So also does the soul continue from life to life to life... We believe that when we die, we will be greeted by the gods and taken to the Summerlands to rest and rejuvenate until it is time to be reborn. In fact, the original Hel was one of the names of the Great Mother Goddess. When one died, s/he went into the womb of Hel (the earth) to rest until it was time to be reborn. We believe that we will see our loved ones once again when it is our time to cross over and we also believe that we will meet again in other lives. This is nothing to "snicker" about but one day there will be tears of joy and laughter as we are reunited with our loved ones!

There are also 3 initial stages of mourning, 7 days, 3 months, and one year. You are still in the midst of the last phase and you will feel something shift once you reach the one year anniversary mark. As far as spells or rituals are concerned, the Samhain (Oct 31/Nov 1) is our time to honor the Dead and connect with the dearly departed. Unfortunately you are still a long ways away from celebrating that Sabbat. There are certain foods that the mourner is instructed to eat and I will list them here:
  • Eggs for they bring cleansing, renewal, and hope. Eat them on the new moon.
  • Fish must be eaten as it prolongs life and often mourners may feel they want to die in order to join the one who has passed.
  • Eggplant is sacred to the cemetery goddess. Eat it and ask for her help to come to terms with his death.
  • Zucchini is ruled by the moon and is a comfort food that puts you in touch with the principles of rebirth.
You may also want to light a white candle for Rick and speak to his spirit and ask him to move on. If you feel as though your limbs are being torn from you, that is an indication that he is still near. Too Near! It is important for the soul to ascend. If you let him go, you will feel him close to you in another way that will be soothing and even joyful. You do not have to lose the memory of him or the hope of being reunited in the next world but it would be wise to light the candle and send him to the light along with letting the dark corners of your heart be filled with that light. Remember, there is LIFE AFTER DEATH - especially for the living! That is the Wiccan Way. May the angels comfort you in your loss and may good companions journey with you through this life until you are once again joined with your beloved!

*ingredients mentioned above are from The Supermarket Sorceress,
where a more extensive Mourners Ritual can be found.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Supplement your Spirituality [PPP]

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As a psychic, prophet, and witch I received messages for over 40 years about a new religion coming. I saw visions of science and religion walking hand in hand. Is Supplementology.org a fulfillment of these prophecies? I love their message that no gods need be destroyed but rather all welcomed into the "Hall of the Almighty" as diversified images of the multi-faceted gem that is the Divine. Supplementology calls for an end to superstition through union of science and spirituality. The nine forms place the power of actions and deeds above that of rote prayer, successful family life and proper raising of children, and belief in the immortal spirit of mankind. Founder Rev. Smith was plunged into the dark depths of the abyss and successfully emerged into the light. He is now dedicated to sharing that light with others. I think you will find the teachings to be healing and on the path to enlightenment.
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Magick for Manic Monday

Well, I just couldn't resist the invitation from the wonderful Morgan, but I insist on adding some magick to the mania. (thanks to Janna for the wonderful banners!) Ok, here we go:


As in cruising for a bruising
Oh, this is not a good idea and you must be sure to carry an amulet for protection when cruising in dangerous circles. I suggest a pouch stuffed with lavender and sage to keep you safe from rage. You can also wear a pentagram and learn the arts of the warrior ram.

Or..if you are cruising about on the streets or in public areas in search of a sexual partner, well, that's easy ~ carry some dried mint leaves and orange peel in your pants pocket. You can even suck on an orange/mint Ricola to bring some fast paced sexy action your way!

Now if you are cruising as in
a pleasure voyage on a ship, usually with stops at various ports, well now we're talking! (By the way, Morgan's description of his cruise down the Nile sounded so delightful, didn't it?!) Drink some mugwort tea to protect you at sea and carry a piece of Aventurine ~ this gemstone is green ~ stops danger unforeseen and keeps one serene. Aventurine protects from all ills and one of the frills is that it also brings thrills!
*recipes from The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients by Lexa Roséan

thanks for cruising by my blog :) Click here to see pics of my cruise on the Aegean last summer!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

13 Names for Witches Familiars TT#3

The Witches' Familiar is more than just a pet. It is a sacred animal spirit that has formed a powerful and magickal bond with the witch. The familiar serves as intimate companion, guardian, and often helps the witch to carry out her magickal operations. It is also traditional for the familiar to don a magickal name just as the witch does.

Here are some traditional Wiccan choices
but you may choose one of your own to name your familiar.
1 Cat - Pywackette or Pyewacket, Greymalkin, Bast
2 Dog - Cerberus, Artemis, Anubus, Hel, Madra
3 Bird - Pandora, Odin, Venus
4 Pig - Jalup, Attis, Demeter
5 Horse - Epona, Pegasus
6 Snake - Lilith , Asclepios
7 Lizard - Sebek, Tipa
8 Rat - Piper
9 Toad - King, Prince, Hecate
10 Hare - Luna, Cottontail
11 Goat - Pan, Amalthea
12 Fish – Aphrodite, Neptune,
13 Spider – Arachne, Arianrhod, Teotihuacan

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shapeshifting and Genderbending

Staten Island asks...
Is there any way that i would be able to change genders or shapeshift by using witchcraft? If so how? Or is there anything close to that.

Dear S.I.
magick and shamanic traditions hold many secrets to shapeshifting and gender changing. There are many myths about the Orisha Chango changing his sex to gain access to areas restricted to males in order to get closer to the women he loved. Zeus is also infamous for this deception. I believe it is easier for the gods to accomplish this than for mere mortals. Nonetheless there have been numerous talismans created and invocations to spirits in order to accomplish these ends. If you seek this out you will find numerous volumes written on the subject. Here are a few ideas just to get you started.

Orias is one of the spirits of the Goetia associated with this work. Here is his seal and the ingredients used to invoke him are patchouli, vetivert, lime, and bay. The Seal must be copied on parchment paper and anointed with an oil or powder made of these ingredients. You will have to refer to the Lesser Key of Solomon for complete rituals and invocations.

Meditation is also one of the key elements to shapeshifting. The magician must visualize the characteristics of the animal, creature, sex that s/he wants to become and allow these energies to enter into the auric field. When done properly, the auric field will then inform and influence the body and can create a physical manifestation and change. One must also take precautions similar to those used in astral travel when attempting such work. Basically, one must enter into the relationship with a definite date/time for ending the association in mind. I strongly suggest utilizing this technique unless you are 100% ready to completely give up your current identity.

Consulting the Oracle

For those of you who remember the Dilemma post, KW needs to decide whether to stay with her lesbian lover (LL) or get back with her ex husband (EH) (who is now remarried with kids.) The Witch Dr will attempt to help KW gain insight into this situation through the use of astrology and the tarot. KW will also be making comments on these posts so we can get some feedback on the reading. KW has asked 3 questions:
1. With whom would I be able to have the most satisfying relationship?
2. Will he ever leave his wife?
3. Both he and I are attracted to each other; is this a phase? Guilt for the way we treated each other in the past; in other words, is it 'real'?
Witch Dr will begin with Question #3. Is this a phase? Is it real?

KW is a Libra with Scorpio Rising. Her ex husband is Aquarius with Pisces Rising. KW's sun rests in his 7th house which is a perfect placement for marriage. There is no doubt that these two were (and still are) compatible. At the same time, EH has a natal Saturn placement in his 7th house which means he will get divorced (most likely from a Libra) and we know that this has already happened. This placement creates long lasting bonds with Librans but also constant power struggles. If this was a cause of the initial break up, it is likely to occur again. However, since he is older and wiser now, the Saturn may very well act in their benefit and the power struggles may soften with age.

I would not question that the natural attraction between KW & EH is real and continues to live and breathe. However, EH has the transiting Neptune conjunct his Natal Sun in the 12th House and right on the cusp of the Ascendant. This would indicate that EH does not see things clearly at this time. In fact, he may even be slightly delusional. The same transiting Neptune is conjunct KW's natal Moon and this configuration is a very dangerous one. It can cause relapses of drug or alcohol addiction so she must be extremely careful and make sure to get all the support she needs. It also creates that classic "bewitched" feeling that I fondly like to refer to as the "psychotic state of falling in love". Those under the influence of this transit often fall in love with totally unavailable or inappropriate partners. This coupled with all the Scorpio in KW's chart will most likely result in great disappointment once the desire is fulfilled. Because it is probably more likely that she is in love with longing than in love with EH.

My analysis would be that this is not REAL as far as whatever romantic and intensely passionate feelings have arisen between the two of them however, there is a strong foundation in the chart for a deeper more reality based kind of love. "What in the hell does that mean, Lexa" , is what you now may be asking. Well, it means simply that sometimes it is better to marry when you are not "in love". The charts suggest that these two would need to see how things fall out in the daily life through real contact (not just emails) and not just sex (which will probably work out just fine.) When consulting the Tarot on this question, I am told that it is not real but rather something from the past that refuses to let go because the issue wants to be healed and resolved so that she can move on. The tarot also says that EH is interested and willing to have an extra marital affair...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Soul Dish

Have you guys seen Soul Dish? It's a high frequency culture webzine with lots of articles on spirituality, sex, politics, yoga, meditation, and tons of other interesting topics. They've got great interviews and information on astrology, food, holistic health, and just about any cool new age thing you can name. Rebecca White did a great interview with yours truly. Check out Lexa's interview in Souldish!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Mango Magick

Once again we hear from our favorite Chic_Geek

Hi Lexa! Thanks for your answer to my question about new years day spells. the circle you cast on the blog was so thoughtful. I have a question. I recently applied for a job that I have been wanting for years. I found out about it through friends who work there and the manager there seems to like me so I figure my chances may be good. I went through the Power Spells book you wrote but couldn't really find anything to suit the situation (Or else I missed it) is there anything I can do to give my chances of getting hired a magickal boost?
Thanks so much!


Happy New Year C_G
Check out pg 64 fulfillment in work spell
and pg 10 beat out competition. you are going to combine these two spells. when you read what each ingredient is for, it will make sense. the combining of two or more spells is often done to adapt the magick to the situation. (if this seems too complicated for some of your readers out there - don't sweat it. if you buy AND READ my books, obviously you'll be more in the loop. if not, well, just look at this as a brand new spell to get the job you want!

as always, begin on a new moon. next new moon is - whoah here we are. altho I suggest waiting until 24hr after the new moon for the first crescent of light to appear in the sky.
your ingredients:
skin of mango ground ginger ground orange peel dried basil
carve your name on the inside of a fresh peeled skin of a mango along with the position you would like along with the name of the company. (WARNING: if you are allergic to mango skin, you cannot do this spell!!! At least not without wearing gloves.) Rub the 3 herbs into your hands and then rub the mango skin between your hands dusting it with the other ingredients as well. use generous portions so that the herbs will stick to the flesh still remaining on the skin of the mango. let the skin sit on a window sill in the sun until it dries. then place in a cloth tea bag or ouanga bag and carry with you as a success and attraction talisman. once you have secured the position, remove the remaining ingredients from the bag and pulverize them using a wooden mortar and pestle. sprinkle this powder outside in front of your new office or job location to insure long lasting success and happiness there.

please keep us posted of your progress chic_geek.
blessed be

Quicksilver Luck

Dear Witch Dr
I think I read this in one of your books but I can't remember which one - the encyclopedia maybe. Anyway, it was a spell for gambler's luck but there was something kind of scary involved - like maybe a poisonous ingredient? Can you help me out here because the wife and I are getting ready to go to Vegas and I need to prepare some sort of talisman to win. thanks in advance
High Roller

ha, it's a good thing you gave me that clue as I've written so many different gambler's luck spells. They are quite popular as you know. The item you are referring to is mentioned in The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients and it is liquid Mercury. In the old days when I worked at Enchantments, we always had a bottle of liquid Mercury on the shelf. It is used in a lot of the Spanish and European magic. That was before they realized how poisonous it is. When I wrote the book in '05, the editors became very concerned and wanted me to remove this ingredient. The compromise was that we issued a HUGE WARNING against using the product. From my POV, I want to be as historically accurate as possible in describing how spells were worked. But that does not mean that I recommend you do these things. The original spell which is very old, was worked as follows:
Hollow out a small hole in the top of a whole nutmeg. Use a tiny drill bit or small screw driver. Carefully pour some drops of liquid Mercury into the hole and then seal with the wax of a green candle. Place the nutmeg in a red ouanga bag and carry in your left pocket for luck in gambling. Because there is now so much conflict over the use of liquid Mercury, I suggested a safer substitution of liquid mastic. Gum mastic is easy enough to find especially in a Greek specialty shop. You will then have to melt it down in a double boiler until it liquefies and then If you choose to work with the original ingredient, please be safe. The talisman will be most effective when created on the first Thursday following a new Moon. Good Luck!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lost and Found

Hi Lexa,
I hope all is well with you, I was just thinking about you today because my cat is missing and I think that in one of your books I read a spell to have your pet return home "The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients" but I am so hurt that I just can not think straight. I would greatly appreciate your help with this matter. I have most of your books, but I think its in the one I mentioned.

With great appreciation,
Angie Teran

Hi Angie
I am so sorry to hear that your cat has gone missing. One of the best methods for finding lost pets and small children is cording. In order to do this, you must visualize your cat and see yourself tying a white cord or string around his/her neck. Then imagine slowly pulling the cord towards you and all the while seeing your pet coming home. Do the visualization to completion until you can imagine your pet safely in your arms and then give it a rest and go do something else that is relaxing. After 20 minutes, you may resume a search or after 3 hours, you may repeat the visualization once again. The cording usually works within 3 to 30 hours but could take up to 3 days. I certainly hope you find your beloved kitty soon.

FYI ~ I have a wonderful spell in the Supermarket Sorceress to help pets get along and a very effective ritual in PowerSpells to find a lost object. And you are right, there is also something mentioned in The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients. You can use a magnet to hold up a picture of your cat on the altar or even on your fridge. This will help magnetize the other ritual and draw the cat home.

Another good spell to do is to light a white, black or red cat candle and pray to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet to guard and watch over your cat and return your cat to you. Please leave the name and sex of your kitty in the comments section and I will include the safe return of your cat in my magickal prayers and hopefully our readers will lend you some energy as well.
Blessed Be and may the Goddess Sekhmet Bast protect your cat and guide your cat safely back home to you.

dj muse

Dear Lexa,

I am trying like all get out to get a dj gig,
spells for aspiring dj's? I spin
under the nom de
turntable "Zee Bearoness".
Sort of a glam-punk bear

drag appearance, lots of fun in the set.

Hoping all is
well with you, things are good here in Minneapolis.
Sorry I missed the wish spell deadline, but the year is off to a great start anyway.
Confidence is
high, balanced with a new knowledge of my abilities.

Truffle-iciously yours,

Dear Kenneth
it's great to hear you are ringing in 2007
with some rad tunes!
For musical success, one should petition the muses. Polyhymnia, the muse of sacred song always answers requests when you present her with gifts of golden apples. Erato loves cardamom and she can help to create a passionate following for your music. You'll be sure to get lots of jobs when the club owners know that this dj will attract a crowd! and...Honey, I know you are down there doin your thang in the underworld so why not call on Big Mamma Muse herself (Calliope, mother of Orpheus) to help her boy out. She loves the color blue and she is always drawn to spinning ~ so spin a cd or some vinyl while you chant her name and call out your request. I would combine this summoning of the muses with a good old fashioned get a job spell or employment candle. The new moon is coming up on the 20th of this month and that's a great time to begin your magickal work. If you check out my book PowerSpells, you will find detailed information on all the muses and how to work rituals with them as well as some very effective employment spells. Punk Rock on, brother dj!

Sports Sorceress [PPP]

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Maybe you didn't know this, but the Witch Dr. is very into sports. In '86, she and fellow Warlock P. Conte cast a spell for the Mets to win the World Series. One sports reporter even wrote that the "triumph was tainted with mischievous magic". Last year, Witch Dr was invited on ESPN Cold Pizza to take the curse off the Chicago Cubs. (So far, so good!) Martial Arts is full of magic and Ninja warriors are trained in the sacred spiritual arts. Check out this fantasy MMA website. It's free and there's a $500 prize for the first play season. Hey, UFC and PrideFC MMA (mixed martial arts) fans, make sure to dust your feet with cinnamon for luck in winning competitions!
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13 ways to prevent Psychic Attacks TT#2

Top 13 Ways to Prevent and/or Break Psychic Attacks

1 Place a glass of water by your bed at night. Add 3 pinches of sea salt and say 3x: “Evil spirits, touch not me, nor mine. Thy power I drain into this brine.” In the morning, pour the water down the toilet and flush.

2 Rub a thin layer of lanolin over your entire body. Including the head and hair. Sleep with this overnight. This will seal the aura and prevent any astral attacks.

3 Bathe in fresh coconut milk. Highly protective.

4 Remove all metal jewelry from body. Soak items in sea salt for 3 days before putting back on body. Metal can be used to conduct negative energy for attacks.

5 Crack an egg open in a glass, and fill glass with water. Cover glass with plate and turn upside-down. Burn a white candle on top of the plate. When candle has finished burning, carry glass and plate to toilet, and empty contents.

6 Leave coins at cemetery gates at midnight.

7 Keep the stomach full

8 Hang garlic around the room and burn the next day. Repeat until symptoms alleviate.

9 Keep onions around the room each day. Burn them the next day and discard the ashes.

10 Eat only meat until symptoms subside.

11 Avoid solitude.

12 Take hot baths or showers.

13 Keep pressure on solar plexus. A hot water bottle will do wonders.

These remedies can be used whenever needed but you will find them most effective when performed on a dark moon. The dark moons occur one day before the new moons.

Thursday Thirteen Participants
1. Tink
2. suki
3. delightful duchess
4. Nathalitanis
5. Thomma Lyn
6. empress bee (of the high sea)
7. Charlotte
8. bond
9. Leah
10. Lisa
11. Mau

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fairy Dust

Dear Lady Venus
do you have any advice about easy enchantments? The spells I've read are rather complicated and I'm a newbie. I just want some guys at school to notice me more than the other girls. Thank you.

Dear Pixie
Here's an enchantment I think you will find pretty simple and FUN to do! Witches refer to glitter as ‘fairy dust’ and use it to attract friendly nature spirits to enhance their bewitchments. A woman’s’ hair is considered so powerful a sexual attractant that in many cultures women are forced to cover their hair. I suggest you cover your hair in fairy dust to get the guys' attentions. Stick with pink for general attraction. Don't use red, unless you want to drive one special man mad. When you apply glitter to the face or body, say a few words about loving yourself. Fairies also deliver self -confidence on the backs of their wings. And there's nothing like a healthy dose of cool 'tude to get you noticed!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Future is Dubai [PPP]

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There is no limit to the imagination (or the shopping) in Dubai! Palm Jebel Ali Crescent seems like nothing short of paradise. And who doesn't dream of owning a private castle? Dubai made headlines this time last year over the proposed Port Deals in the US eastern seaports. Dubai is controversial in many ways but the reality is that oil accounts for only 6% of its GNP. International investment and tourism are the foundations of the city's growing prosperity. It is the second largest city in the UAE and its man made islands and incredible landscapes and buildings make Dubai a true city of the future. I think dubailand is without question, the gathering place of the beautiful people.

Psychic Self Defense Lesson III


Mimi asks: Dear Witch Dr.
I have been reading these recent posts on Psychic Attack and they have been most helpful. One question though: suppose I see the evil eye coming towards me and I don't have any Greek eyes, Italian peppers, garlic, or red string on me. Not to mention that I haven't taken a bath in beer or rubbed down with lanolin! What then? Are there any immediate solutions?

Dear Mimi
Thanks for this question as you pose an excellent point! Fortunately you are communicating with the author of the Supermarket Sorceress; Witch Queen of the QUICK FIX! In this case, you will not even need any ingredients but merely a mental image to work with. The technique of mirroring is most effective and immediate when dealing with psychic attack or any form of magickal battle or vibe war. It can be used to ward off the creep on the street or in the bar, the lurking demon, a jealous look, or an all out magickal attack or curse put upon you.

Here is how the technique works: Visualize a mirror in front of you with the reflective side facing out. Once you have this image solid in your mind's eye, extend the image to your back and flanking your sides. Now see these mirrors above your head and below your feet. Again, always with the reflective side facing out. What this does is reflect the evil back to the sender with the added effect of magnifying whatever has been sent. It is pretty intense when done correctly and 100% effective. In fact, mirroring and the dreaded REVERSIBLE * candles are the two things that black magic practitioners fear the most! Keep the mental image of the mirrors up until you feel the danger has subsided. (That is not to say that you must constantly walk around projecting the image. But rather to project the image strongly and release it. Then repeat again as necessary.)

If you think that someone is attacking you in your home, or if you would like to use the mirror technique on a more long term basis, here is how it works. Obtain some small (preferably) round pieces of mirror. You can often find these in beaded Indian or Afghan fabrics and collect the small mirrors when they fall off. Or you can save a small mirror from a lipstick or compact. Place these small mirrors in all the window sills of the home with the reflective side out. You can place on the inside or the outside of the window and you can also place by all the outer doors of the dwellings. You may tape them in place if you like or leave them in a corner where they are unlikely to hurt anyone. The mirrors should not be broken and again the reflective side should always be facing out. This will send back any psychic attack being directed toward you or your family or anyone residing in your home. I recommend this technique highly especially if you have pets or familiars. Animals often absorb negative energy directed at their beloved owners in order to protect them from harm. This makes our pets and familiars especially vulnerable and the mirrors are a simple and effective way to protect them as well.**

*when burning Reversible candles, make sure they burn to completion!
**the Turkish Nazar can also serve this same purpose when hung above doorways in the home or small eyes placed in window sills.

ancient and modern Bulgaria [PPP]

With their sunny beaches, ski resorts, folkloric shows and historical sites, Bulgaria must be an exciting place to visit. Not only that, but recent entry into the EU has made property in Bulgaria a very hot commodity to check into. If you want good fortune with regard to real estate and property, you can petition one of Bulgaria's own ~ the great mother goddess Cybele. Jan 23 is one of her feast days and you can offer her some honey to obtain her blessings. Cybele is Thracian in origin. Rivals of ancient Greece, Thrace flourished in what is now modern Bulgaria. This ancient land is also home to Orpheus and many other mythological heroes.
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Psychic Self Defense Lesson II

One of the most common forms of psychic attack is the sending of the Evil Eye. It is prevalent in many cultures and known as the Mal occhio in Italian, Nazar in Turkish, and the Ayn haRah
(עין הרע) in Hebrew ~ just to name a few. This eye is said to be cast from a jealous or envious look (sometimes even a thought) and it can harm the receiver in a variety of negative ways.

Believe it or not, the evil eye is more commonly generated between family members and friends than sent by one's enemies. It is because of this, that so many remedies exist to ward off the ill effects. Below is a list of what I believe to be the most effective cures and safeguards.
  • Wear or carry a Greek or Turkish eye as the one pictured above. These eyes not only ward off the evil eye, but they also bring luck! Garlic cloves can also be worn or carried or garlands hung in the kitchen and the Italians wear little charms in the shape of red peppers or horns to reverse the effects of the mal occhio.
  • Take a bath with a quart of beer added to the tub water. Beer contains the sacred ingredient of hops and is excellent in cleansing off the effects of a strong evil eye. The bath should be taken for a minimum of ten minutes and then you must air dry and wrap yourself in a white towel or bathrobe. Immediately following the bath, the 23rd psalm should be recited and/or three salted and knotted pretzels eaten. (Pretzels in the shape of the ancient Celtic cross can ward off negative energy and salt is one of the best purifiers.)
  • The ancient Hebrews use bindles or sacred and blessed red strings to ward off the evil eye. These bindles can be obtained from the Kabbalah Center along with the prayer to be said to activate them. There is also a kabbalistic name of G-d that can be carried and meditated upon to ward off the evil eye. The letters are Aleph, Lamed, Dalet and they are read right to left.

  • Finally, one of the oldest methods of combating the evil eye is to eat fish. It is believed that because fish live immersed under water, they are completely immune to the evil eye and its effects. In extreme cases, it is recommended to eat fish eyes to remove the nastiest cases of evil eye attack.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Psychic Self Defense Lesson I

As promised after Thursday 13's post on the 13 signs you are under Psychic Attack, here are some remedies to relieve your symptoms and stop the attack. One of the most effective tools of defensive psychic combat is pure lanolin. You can usually find pure lanolin in a good pharmacy. It is highly protective and seals the aura so that no negative vibrations can enter within. Before using the lanolin, the body must be cleansed and properly prepared.

Take a spiritual cleansing bath to remove any negativity from the body. Soak for a minimum of ten minutes in a warm bath with these ingredients added to the bath water:
lemon juice from a whole lemon
a cup of baking soda
3 crushed bay leaves
and 3 tablespoons of seasalt
Air dry and rub a thin coat of lanolin into clean skin making sure the entire external body is covered. DO NOT USE INTERNALLY. The lanolin must remain on the skin for a 36 hour period. (that means no bathing or showering afterwards.) It is also important that the practitioner sleep within the first seven hours of the anointing. It is therefore suggested that one begin this ritual before bedtime.

During sleep, the body rests and the soul is free to journey and be cleansed on the higher planes. When we sleep, critical works takes place in the spiritual world. A person under psychic attack is most vulnerable during sleep but yet, while sleeping, the soul has the most power to heal, transform, cleanse, and change. Whosoever performs this rite shall see relief of symptoms upon waking and within the 36 hours, all symptoms of psychic attack shall be removed. In order to prevent further attack, it is suggested that the rite be performed two more times. Once on a new moon and again on the following full moon. The initial ritual shall be performed at any time regardless of the moon phase so that the practitioner may obtain swift release from the psychic attack.

Stay tuned for Lesson 2 when we will discuss the Mal occhio, Jettatore, and Ayn haRah ~ better known as the Evil Eye...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

13 Signs of Psychic Attack TT#1

Dear Priestess -
I have been having bad dreams and feeling weird with sweaty palms since this encounter I had with a guy in my school who claims he is a master magician and sorcerer. Is it possible he put some kind of bad spell on me? How would I know? Thanks for answering this.
- I feel strange.

Dear IFS
Here are the


1 Extreme changes in mood
2 Insomnia
3 Diarrhea and constipation alternately, from one to the other.
4 Hallucinations
5 Sudden sharpening of senses
6 Foul odors emanating from nowhere
7 Bad taste in mouth
8 Loss of appetite
9 Impotence
10 Cold Sweats
11 Difficulty in doing ANY magickal operations
12 Listlessness
13 Nightmares

six or more of these symptoms occurring simultaneously is a good indication that you are under psychic attack.

FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH is the day that holds power for the witch
but I thought it might be fun to play along with the muggles this week.
(please visit again tomorrow for some tips on
psychic self defense :)

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12. Angelo
13. 13, great world memories
14. Starrlight

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Real Estate Magick

I am selling my wonderful home in Southwest Florida without an agent. I am offering a $10,000 finders fee to the person who sends me the buyer. To extol its many virtues, my condo has its own website www.YouWillLoveItHere.com. What spell can you suggest for someone who is selling their home on their own?
May your blessings never end.

Whether selling a home in Florida, Rome, or Dubai, one should always petition the oldest goddess of the hearth, Hestia or Vesta. The best way to summon her and ask for Her blessing is through the element of fire. I prepare handmade custom designed candles that are dedicated to Hestia. These candles contain prayers inviting Her in to bless the home or property, along with magick seals, sacred oils, and herbs designed for the specific requests of the petitioner (such as buying or selling of properties).

The property should also be consecrated, cleansed, and blessed in order to remove any negative energies or blocks and to swiftly attract a buyer. One of the simplist (yet powerful) ways to do this is to place equal amounts of fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, and fresh basil, and bay leaves into a double boiler and steam until the space is filled with the aroma. You can also perform the dry method by pulverizing a teaspoon each of dried ginger, basil and bay leaves and mixing with equal amount of cinnamon powder. Sprinkle this blend around the property. Begin at the front door and move in a clockwise direction in a complete circle until you return to the front door. This ritual is most effective when performed on a new or full moon or on one of the festival dates of Vesta.
Next New Moon: 20 January
Next Full Moon: 2 February
Next Festival Dates of Vesta: 13 February, 1 March
I also have some other real estate spells on my website. Best of luck to you Athena and dear Readers please visit www.YouWillLoveItHere.com and check out this amazing property.


Friday, January 05, 2007

Lord of the Flies

Hi Lexa,
I have a situation I was hoping I could get your advice on. Recently, a friend of mine became interested in the Goetia. Now, my friend has a basic knowledge of magick and ritual - however, this is the first time he has ever tried ceremonial magick. He bought a book entitled Modern Magick by Donald Michael Kraig. (I don't know if you have ever heard of it.) If not, it is a series of thirteen magickal lessons.There is a long and detailed ritual in the book for calling on the assistance of the Goetic spirit Bael. My friend has heard about invisibility and wants Bael's assistance with this. Now, he has not started at lesson one and worked his way up to this lesson. I know this seems strange- but he has just skipped to this section of the book. I don't feel this is particularly wise - but he is still insistent about going through with the ritual. Do you have any experience with the Goetia, and if so, what are some precautions or safety measures my friend should take beforehand?

Dear Confused -

I am familiar with Modern Magick and it is a well written book of instruction. However, to skip ahead in the lessons, is like going sky diving without taking the six hour basic training course. No question that your friend could be about to embark on a dangerous endeavor and you are right on to have concerns. On a more positive note, I have often called upon Bael in my magickal workings and have found him to be most accommodating and especially helpful when difficult decisions must be made.

Bael is often classified as a light spirit as opposed to a dark spirit, but he is also in the category of demons and one should take care in approaching him. He is most well known by his other name of Beelzebub. Here is a quote from the Goetia by S. L. MacGregor Mathers:
The First Principal Spirit is a King ruling in the East, called Bael. He maketh thee to go Invisible. He ruleth over 66 Legions of Infernal Spirits. He appeareth in divers shapes, sometimes like a Cat, sometimes like a Toad, and sometimes like a Man, and sometimes all these forms at once. He speaketh hoarsely. This is his character which is used to be worn as a Lamen before him who calleth him forth, or else he will not do thee homage.
Here is the sigil that Mathers refers to and it is crucial that this seal be worn as a talisman in order to lend protection and control to the Magician. Bael is most often in good spirits although there have been occasional reports that he is nasty when summoned. I would venture to say that your friends' biggest danger will be the actual invisibility factor. He must be extremely careful and attentive while crossing streets and stay away from heavily trafficked areas.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year Wishes Granted in the Magick Circle

Hi Lexa Aka The Witch Doctor,

With 2007 coming up are there any new year rituals you can suggest to bring more spice to life? I had a pretty dull year last year minus a few things and I want to make this one shine. I'm sure alot of people feel this way. How can one give life a kick the pants romantically, socially, and career wise? Anything you can recommend or are there any basic new year spells you could think of. Thanks and have a great 2007!
- Chic_Geek81

Happy New Year Chic Geek

The actual Witches' New Year is celebrated on Oct 31/Nov 1, so there aren't any official spells in the Book of Shadows for the Secular New Year although it is said that wearing yellow or burning a yellow candle on New Years' Day brings lots of good luck. If you want to spice up your life this year, add cinnamon and/or curry to your diet. These two work quickly to bring excitement and energy into life. Now, I have done something rather unusual here for the New Year because it is also going to be a Full Moon (and the first one of the year) on Jan 3.

All witches know that on the Full Moon
the Goddess will grant us each a boon.

I have cast a circle on this post. It has been blessed and consecrated as a magickal space of power and all who leave their comments here shall be empowered in the New Year with strength and energy to help their dreams come true. By the power invested in me as priestess and witch I have hereby summoned stirred and called up the mighty ones of north, east, south, and west to bless and protect this circle post. I have invoked the power of the mighty oak to give those who enter here strength, endurance, and resolve. I have summoned the power of the willow for those seeking flexibility and change.
Hail, the power of the green earth for those in need of healing, grounding, and material well being. Also the power of the mountains for those who seek protection, power, wisdom, and insight. Feel the power of the winds for those who seek intellect, inspiration, success, communication, friendship, and creativity. Behold, the power of fire to fulfill your strong desires, to excite and fan the flames of passion, and create more energy, ambition, and drive. Here is the power of the oceans for those seeking peace, a better flow, treasure, fertility, abundance, and love. Post your magickal wishes and goals for 2007 in the comments section before Jan 4 2007 and they will be granted by the Goddess. So mote it be and