Thursday, August 30, 2007

13 Books in Witch Dr's Library

Inspired by Sparky Duck's TT from two weeks back, I also decided to try the bookshelf meme. Sparky explains that "this is an attempt to learn something about the blogger (that would be me) from the books that they have read."

Official Rules:
"The rules are to provide a list of books that you have on your shelves to see if anyone can learn about you from them - but not just any books. They have to be books that you've actually paid for, nothing given, borrowed, stolen, or whatever."
1. The Ottomans prepared by Adbülkadir Dedeoglu
this is a hardcover I bought in the museum in Istanbul. Very interesting read about the Sultans and their lives.

2. The Persian Boy by Mary Renault.
I've read and reread this one. Simply divine! Also 3 different psychics have told me I was Bagoas in a past-life. Now that's pretty revealing...

3. The Prophet by Kahil Gibran
a real treasure - constantly referring to this book.

4. Tango by Collier, Cooper, Azzi, y Martin
My first tango book :)

5. The Chief The Life of William Randolph Hearst by David Nasaw
Since I'm working for Hearst Corp., I thought I should read it. A lot more revealing than Citizen Kane although I just adore Orson Welles.

6. The Supermarket Sorceress by Lexa Roséan
I have 3 copies and I think they are among the last 10 still circulating in print. This was, of course, my first published book on witchcraft. (hmm, this is the only book on the list that I didn't purchase - although I worked very hard to write it :)

7. The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara Walker
I've referred to this book so many times throughout the years that the pages are falling out.

8. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Yeah, I bought it - way before they made it on Oprah. Not very impressed with the content but their marketing strategies are to kill for!

9. Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall
Now this has some real meaty SECRETS between the pages!

10. Complete collection of John Irving's works.
I love him!

11. Collected Fictions by Borges
my Bible.

12. "Degenerate Art" The Fate of the Avant-Garde in Nazi Germany
Very powerful. I saw the exhibition in Berlin of the original artworks banned by Hitler and bought this book there.

13. Moby Dick by Herman Melville
I own several additions of this work. Kind of an obsession.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

On A Mission NO MORE WAR!!!

Ok, a few posts back, I was talking about the total eclipse of the moon. One of the dangers of this - especially taking physical action during this time - is that people DO NOT SEE CLEARLY. They can become delusional, irrational, have the WOOL PULLED OVER THEIR EYES. It seems that the DEVIL INCARNATE (FOX TV) is up to it's old tricks of perpetuating lies. I remember the BIG LIE in 2000 when they falsely claimed that Bush won the Florida vote (when in fact Gore did). FOX led the way and the rest of the networks followed announcing Bush as the winner resulting in a stolen election. Then Fox began to lie about Iraq. Now they are lieing about Iran in an attempt to lead us into another senseless war.
Below is a copy of an email I received from This is scary stuff. We do not want another war. Especially with Iran. If people would only take the time to learn the truth about other cultures, they would not be so afraid. Especially a culture like Iran - the Persian people are a beautiful lot and have an ancient culture full of mysticism and goddess lore. They are educated and enlightened and unlike FOX, Iran is NOT an AXIS of EVIL! Take some action to stop the lies!

Dear Lexa,

As the 2008 campaign begins, Republicans are heading towards another crushing defeat like 2006.

So what is the Republican plan to steal the 2008 election? Is it to start another war - this time in Iran?

Our friends at Brave New Films have documented a new wave of FOX News lies about Iran that are frighteningly identical to the FOX News lies about Iraq.

Let's tell the other networks not to follow FOX News down the road to an even more disastrous war with Iran.

Bob Fertik

Dear Activist,

I remember very clearly the daily fearmongering led by FOX as they cheered for war with Iraq. The 24/7 images, sound effects, yelling and threatening were an ever-present drumbeat for war. We had to invade, and we had to invade now.. anyone who didn't see that was a traitor. They viciously attacked those of us who worked to get out the truth.

You'd think that with the complete failure in Iraq, those days would be behind us. Sadly, you'd be wrong.

Now FOX wants war with Iran.

It's almost too ridiculous to believe, but it's shockingly real. We've already compiled over 4 hours of FOX footage... the same images, sound effects, yelling and threatening that led the U.S. to invade Iraq is happening right now to sell a war with Iran. They are saying the exact same things!!

Here is the video evidence, side-by-side with what they said about Iraq.

But this time is different. We're prepared, and we have the means to alert people to what FOX is doing. Everyone has seen the terrible tragedy and the awful price paid by so many Iraqis and Americans. We know this is coming, and we can stop it.

It was about this time in the lead-up to the Iraq war when the other TV networks started following FOX's lead. As CNN's Christiane Amanpour says in the video, they were intimidated by FOX into cheerleading for the Iraq war.


This is a critical moment, and we must send a message to the major television networks urging them to ask tough questions, be skeptical, and tell us what is really happening. They must not follow FOX down the road to another war.

We've put together an open letter to the networks. Will you sign it?

Sign the letter

Please forward this message on to everyone you know. We must raise our voices now. This is so important, we cannot let history repeat itself.

Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Films team

P.S. Here are some recent articles on war with Iran:

"The balance in the internal White House debate over Iran has shifted back in favour of military action before President George Bush leaves office in 18 months"
- The Guardian

Guidelines for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

On August 28th, we will have a full moon in Pisces. It will also be the second total eclipse of the moon to occur in 2007. Witches believe that one should approach the lunar eclipe with caution and respect. It is a time for meditation and reflection and one will do best to seek wisdom and understanding during this influence. Although the Goddess instructs us that the full moon is the time of boons, it is advised to refrain from working magick for material gain during the eclipse. If you need prosperity, success, love, or some other wonderful wish, work your magick now. Have your spell, candle, chant, etc... complete by the 27th and use the actual day of the full moon (the 28th) for seeking the guidance and protection you need. And if you are in the right area, enjoy the view!

The beginning of the eclipse will be visible in North America, South America (except for most eastern part), Antarctica except for Enderby Land, New Zealand, eastern Australia, the extreme north east of Asia, the Pacific Ocean, and western Atlantic Ocean. The end of the eclipse will be viible in Australia, New Zealand, Australia, most of Antarctica except Queen Maud Land, Indonesia, easter Asia, western North America, Pacific Ocean, and southeastern Indian Ocean.

Moon enters penumbra 07:52 GMT
Moon enters umbra 08:50 GMT
Moon enters totality 09:52 GMT
Middle of eclipse 10:37 GMT
Moon leaves totality 11:22 GMT
Moon leaves umbra 12:23 GMT
Moon leaves pernumbra 13:22 GMT

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Join the Memory Walk

A mind is a terrible thing to lose! Alzheimer's Disease is horrible and debilitating and it takes away the precious memories of those afflicted. The first case was diagnosed in 1901 by a German psychiatrist named Dr Alois Alzheimer. He diagnosed and followed the disease in a 50 year old patient and this disease that causes dementia and hardening of the arteries came to be know as Alzheimer's. Although there are several suggestions to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's such as intellectual stimulation, ginkgo biloba, fruits and veggies and a low fat diet - still not enough is known about it. It's time to find a cure!
The Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk is the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research. The
Memory Walk is held annually in hundreds of communities across the country. It is an inspiring and worthwhile event and volunteers of all ages are needed to become champions in the fight against Alzheimer's. Since 1989, Memory Walk has raised more than $225 million. Team captains are needed NOW! You'll want to sign up early to make sure you have enough time to recruit your team and raise funds for the Alzheimer's! So sign up early and be a Team Captain!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

What is Your Life Path Number?

Your Life Path Number is 11

Your purpose in life is to inspire others

Your amazing energy draws people to you, and you give them great insight in return.
You hold a great amount of power over others, without even trying.
You have the makings of an inventor, artist, religious leader, or prophet.

In love, you are sensitive and passionate. You connect with your partner on a very deep level.

You have great abilities, but you are often way too critical of yourself.
You don't fit in - and instead of celebrating your differences, you dwell on them.
You have high expectations of yourself. But sometimes you set them too high and don't achieve anything.

13 Astrological Aspects of the Day

1. The Sun is 24 degrees Leo. Many will experience today as a passionate and productive day. Others may respond with a lazy lion's stretch. Regardless, the outlook will be bright.
2. The Moon is in Libra making this a great day for partnerships of all kinds.
3. Mercury is in Leo and communications will be big and boastful.
4. Venus is retrograde in Leo and this continues to put stress on love relationships. Watch your pride and keep the ego in check.
5. Mars is in Gemini and gives us lots of mental energy and success with technology and computers.
6. Jupiter is once again direct in Sagittarius and our plans for the future begin to move forward toward fruition.
7. Saturn dwells proudly in Leo for her last few weeks after a 2 year cycle. Proceed with humility and you can't lose.
8. Uranus is retrograde in Pisces* and continues to bring chaos and suffering into the world.
9. Neptune is retrograde in Aquarius* symbolizing a second (and perhaps last) chance to use science and technology to create a better future for our earth's environment.
10. Pluto is retrograde in Sagittarius* and we see the world's leaders struggle for power and progress.
11. The Moon trines Mars bringing harmony and understanding between men and women.
12. The Moon sextiles Jupiter bringing surprises and unexpected boons of fortune.
13. The Moon is waxing and still in its first quarter (new moon). It is a time for hope and new beginnings. An excellent day to get a project off the ground successfully.
for more Astrological Predictions check out AstroMagic at

*these are long term aspects that will last for years.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Accentuate the Positive

HI Lexa

I am a huge fan. I have read all your books! I am looking for a way to decrease all the negativity and increase the positive in my life. I like to think that I am a good person, and I continue to get caught in the negative energy of others. I am looking for a powerful way to change this for myself and those I love.

Thanks Kristi

Hey Kristi
Funny enuf, I'm in a bit of a funk now as I find the time to reply to your email. You know it's often difficult to escape the negativity in life. From others and mostly from within ourselves. I think one of the most powerful ways to change this is to pass through the negativity for when we ignore it, or pretend it isn't there, it grows even larger. If you find yourself getting "caught" in the negativity of others, that probably means you are holding on to their negativity. In the words of Jesus: "Love your enemies, bless them that curse you." (Matthew 5:44) Hard as that may sound Babe, you've got to let go of things and keep movin!

In the Wicca, the journey through the abyss is part of the second degree initiation in which we learn about the dark side of human nature. We must pass through the abyss in order to re emerge in the light.

In the Kabbalah, one of the 72 names of G-d is meditated upon to eliminate negativity.
The name is read (or scanned) from right to left and the letters are:

In the mystical Sufi tradtion, there are 99 names of The Almighty (Allah) and the Name As-Salam is chanted or invoked to give peace and immunity from all negativity and distress.

In the Wicca, we shield by using mirroring techniques to ward off the negativity of others. Salt water baths are taken or smudging is done with sage to clear negativity from our own auras and homes.

Last but not least - I offer up the song (below) because I believe it offers just about the best magickal advice around. Always remember to ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE!!!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

El Huracán

Greetings Dear Readers

It's August and that means Hurricane season. As a Witch and Priestess of the Goddess, I have been trained in Weather Magick and am proud to offer you the finest in Home and Property Protection Candles against the Storm. These candles ($40 + S&H) will be discounted during Hurricane season at $32 plus $8.10 (S & H). Click Here to Order.

Here's an excerpt of what one client had to say about my Weather Magick:
"As Hurricane Wilma set her sights on where I live in Southwest Florida, I made my preparations to weather the storm. With little time to spare, I realized that I wanted and needed a spell for protection... so I contacted Lexa. She provided me with a spell which would provide protection from disasters of a watery nature... Wilma made landfall a mere 30 miles from where I live. And although damages were widespread, my home was untouched. I'm deeply grateful to Lexa for the guidance she gave me when I most needed it. And I thank her for caring enough to contact me after the storm had passed to see if I was safe."
- Athena Oct 2005

So if you feel you need something more than Bloomberg's OEM Ready New York map, please contact me for spiritual assistance. If you order online, be sure to include the address of your home and first names and astrological signs of all residents (including pets) that you wish to protect.

As always, I am available for private tarot/astrology consultations in the East Village by appt only and we can also work over the phone (by appt only). Click here to set up an appointment.
Then click on the SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT button and send me an email. Use codeword "El Huracan" to receive a 15% discount on all services and products through Sep 1.