Saturday, June 27, 2009

substitutions for candles to mark a circle

Dear Lexa
Are there any substitutions I can use to mark a circle besides a candle? I live in an apartment complex and also use a Wheelchair. The apartment managers do not like or allow candles in the building can you help me substitute any other objects in place of candles?

The candles used to mark the quarters or 4 directions of the circle could be replaced by small electric lights or flashlights. You could also use something symbolic of the quarter instead of the candle such as
a feather to represent the east
something red and fiery (jalapeño pepper comes to mind) to represent the south
a bowl of water or a shell to represent west
a smooth stone to represent the north.
You could also just visualize the candles without actually having them there.
blessed be

Friday, June 19, 2009

Behold the Psychic Powers of FANGORIA RADIO tonight!

Check out Lexa's interview on Sirius Radio and hear her help Dee Snider of Twisted Sister remove a curse.

Behold the Psychic Powers of FANGORIA RADIO tonight!

FANGORIA RADIOYou'll sense a great show on FANGORIA RADIO (airing on Sirius XM Stars satellite radio, Sirius channel 108/XM channel 139, from 10 p.m.-1 a.m. EST) tonight!

Hosted by Dee Snider, Debbie Rochon and Tony Timpone, Fango Radio won't fear the REAPER (or Nazi Zombies), but we'll rock with ANVIL and exorcise some inner demons.
Joining us tonight:
  • You've seen him facing off against Ray Wise's SATAN on the CW's REAPER, and now actor Bret Harrison will be stopping by to give us the scoop on his latest projects, and the recent DVD release of REAPER: SEASON TWO.
  • Psychic Margie O'Neill will let her senses run wild with the Fango crew.
  • DEAD SNOWTommy Wirkola - Director of IFC's DEAD SNOW (pictured) will be stopping by to fill us in on his much-anticipated Nazi Zombie epic, currently showing on IFC's VOD service, and opening tonight in New York City at the Cinema Village (22 East 12th Street) and in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Sunset 5 on June 26th!
  • Steve "Lips" Kudlow, frontman of ANVIL and star of new documentary ANVIL: The Story of Anvil will be in the house to discuss the band's recently comeback success!
Plus another psychic, Lexa Rosean will be joining us to assist in exorcising the possibly-cursed Dee Snider!

As usual, FANGORIA Magazine editor Tony will let us know what’s happening in the world of horror and take part in the interviews, and we’ll have the usual great prizes for those who answer our trivia questions correctly and send the best e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The psychics agree - the only place to be is on FANGORIA RADIO! You can now listen to us over the Internet for just $12.95 per month; for information and to sign up for Sirius, click here! And to sign up for a free three-day pass to listen to FANGO RADIO and other great Sirius programming, go here.

wronged but want to do what is right

I have a question. I firmly and totally believe what goes around comes around and would never wish harm on anyone or anything. That being said, how can you hope someone or ones get their comeuppence for doing you wrong and spreading hurtful demeaning lies and rumors around the community that people are believing and having ruined my honest and once upstanding reputation?

There are many spells to stop gossip and to to regain a position or reputation that has been lost. The most popular one is a candle called Tapa la Boca or Shut Your Mouth. It can be purchased in most well stocked botanicas. This candle is burned to stop the person or persons from continuing to do damage through speech or actions.
There is also a spirit known as Nebiros who helps one restore honor or regain a position that has been taken. His seal or signature used to draw him down along with instructions can be found in the Goetia or Lesser Key of Solomon. To invoke him, his seal must be carved into metal and worn or can be etched into parchment or wax and burned. Nebiros also responds well to a mixture of brick dust, patchouli, cinammon and mastic. This spirit would be summoned to reverse the damages that have been done to you.
If it's justice you seek, I recommend the Egyptian Goddess Maat as she weighs the souls of mortals and decides their fates. There is a wonderful seal with instructions for a ritual in Lady Rhea's book The Enchanted Candle. These candles can also be prepared by me and ordered through my website.
blessed be

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chestnuts & Cloves remedy Global Economic Crisis

Dear Lexa Rosean,

I have read some of your books that where released here in Germany. A lot of your magical spells I am testing.

In one of your books you describe magic how to win a court case too.

I have to appear in court next month, because my ex boy friend steal a lot of money from me. He is a would-be lawyer and it seams that he will win the court case, because there are not any evidences that he has taken the money. Only what I have told the police is the reason, why we have to appear in court. I have given him money before too, because he informed me that he as problems and need money. He promises that he will give back the money as soon as possible. I never got the money back, that I have given him.

When I am going to court I need something that the public prosecutor and the jurist believe my version of the case. You wrote that I need therefore a chestnut. There is no chance to buy some chestnuts now in the supermarket, because first when it is fall, I can buy it here in Germany. Is there any chance to take something that has the same magic like a chestnut?

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Best wishes


Dear Vinaceous

There is nothing that quite does the trick as well as chestnut so I would ask you to check if it is not possible to find canned chestnut stuffing in the market. If so, scoop some out on a spoon into a square of tinfoil. Fold up the tinfoil and gently carve a pentagram over the top of it and then carry in a pocket or purse when you go into the court room.

If this is not possible, you can use a mixture of rose, mint, and nutmeg. Can be oil or powdered dried herb/flower form. But with this, you would need to dust your hands and somehow touch your ex. (maybe you could shake his hand?) It forces liars to be exposed and/or come clean and ask for forgiveness. By touching him in the courtroom after you have dusted your hands with the potion, the prosecutor and jurist will be able to see through his lies. If you cannot touch him without raising suspicion or possible endangerment to yourself, then I recommend dusting a photo of him with the mixture on the night before your court date. You should also dust your hands with the powder in the morning before you go to court just in case you get an opportunity to safely touch him or even a chair that he will sit upon.
good luck and success in court.
p.s. you should also chew 3 cloves and then spit them out while calling out his name and the amount of money he owes you. Repeat this 3 times. It is an old spell to collect debts.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Casting the Circle

Dear Mrs Rosean I read in a Book that it is correct to say Lord and Lady of the __insert Direction to Witness this Right and Guard this Circle do not know if that is correct can you answer?

Yes, this is more or less correct except usually we summon the elementals that correspond to each direction.
For example: "I do summon stir and call you forth O you mighty ones of the East- powers of Sweet Air, Sylphs, Winged Ones(add any other creatures associated with the East) that you might witness our rite and guard and protect our circle in the name of Lord and Lady" (here you can also add specific God/dess names that are the tradition of your coven or that connect with the type of ritual you intend to perform. Hope this helps.
blessed be