Saturday, November 03, 2007

C.Q.B.G. asks

I have read spells where they say to bury something in front of someones house in in their front yard which is not all that practical considering stalking laws and such.

I did notice that the neighborhood of the home of my particular target is having work done by the local government where they are laying some pipe, wires or something. The closest holes that are dug are conveniently deep and will buried over by heavy duty bobcats but the closest hole is a few houses away but while they are digging, I could easily drive by and toss something into the hole in ground and it would be buried and cemented over-pretty permenant. I could also throw something into several of the holes surrounding the home; Would this work still or would it be geographically specific to the exact home it is buried directly in front of?

WD answers
This all depends what type of spell it is. For example, there are love spells that require a person to step over something in order to fall in love. In this case, anyone might step over the buried object. Another common type of spell where the burying method is employed is to banish someone. In this case, you may end up evacuating residents from the house nextdoor, up the block, etc.. I would not guarantee that your spell would be effective if you are only putting something in the general area of your "target". Also, in choosing the word, "target" I wonder what this is really about. Be careful of trying to harm someone as you may end up harming yourself. You might also want to look for another spell to accomplish your desire that is not as intrusive.