Monday, January 15, 2007

Psychic Self Defense Lesson II

One of the most common forms of psychic attack is the sending of the Evil Eye. It is prevalent in many cultures and known as the Mal occhio in Italian, Nazar in Turkish, and the Ayn haRah
(עין הרע) in Hebrew ~ just to name a few. This eye is said to be cast from a jealous or envious look (sometimes even a thought) and it can harm the receiver in a variety of negative ways.

Believe it or not, the evil eye is more commonly generated between family members and friends than sent by one's enemies. It is because of this, that so many remedies exist to ward off the ill effects. Below is a list of what I believe to be the most effective cures and safeguards.
  • Wear or carry a Greek or Turkish eye as the one pictured above. These eyes not only ward off the evil eye, but they also bring luck! Garlic cloves can also be worn or carried or garlands hung in the kitchen and the Italians wear little charms in the shape of red peppers or horns to reverse the effects of the mal occhio.
  • Take a bath with a quart of beer added to the tub water. Beer contains the sacred ingredient of hops and is excellent in cleansing off the effects of a strong evil eye. The bath should be taken for a minimum of ten minutes and then you must air dry and wrap yourself in a white towel or bathrobe. Immediately following the bath, the 23rd psalm should be recited and/or three salted and knotted pretzels eaten. (Pretzels in the shape of the ancient Celtic cross can ward off negative energy and salt is one of the best purifiers.)
  • The ancient Hebrews use bindles or sacred and blessed red strings to ward off the evil eye. These bindles can be obtained from the Kabbalah Center along with the prayer to be said to activate them. There is also a kabbalistic name of G-d that can be carried and meditated upon to ward off the evil eye. The letters are Aleph, Lamed, Dalet and they are read right to left.

  • Finally, one of the oldest methods of combating the evil eye is to eat fish. It is believed that because fish live immersed under water, they are completely immune to the evil eye and its effects. In extreme cases, it is recommended to eat fish eyes to remove the nastiest cases of evil eye attack.

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