Thursday, March 27, 2008

Friendship Spell

C writes:

Is there a spell to help gain new friends? I don't know why making friends doesn't come easy to me. I'm trying so hard to win new friends. I'm very friendly, nice and kind but It's like nobody's interested to hook up with me. Nobody's asking me to go out. I'm so lonely. Please help.

Dear C
Spells for friendship are similar to spells for love. It is best to petition Venus. You can offer her pink roses on an altar and/or burn pink candles anointed with rose oil. Attraction powder is another good formula to work with. You can dust your hands with the talc or you can make in a perfume form and wear to attract friendship into your life. You may also use the herbal formula and add to the bath water. Soak for minimum of 10 minutes while visualizing wonderful friends coming into your life. The ingredients are: Patchouli leaves or oil, Lemon Verbena leaves or oil, Cinnamon oil or powder, Vetavert root or oil.
best of luck
p.s. also check out April issue of CosmoGirl! for a spell on how to heal a friendship!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Riding the Broom

Want some good info on Love Spells? Check out this fim by Hansi Oppenheimer.
Featuring Lady Venus (yours truly), Laurie Cabot, and some of the old coven members back in the days of Enchantments. - Independent Movie Distribution