Wednesday, June 27, 2007

back 'atcha

Anonymous asks...

I have read a spell on breaking couples up. Say if I want to break a couple up, wouldnt that come back on me 3 fold. I read the spell with a black cloth, black thread, and a glass cup or container, write their names on separate pieces of paper and put it in the glass cup or container on separate sides and put the black clother over the top of the glass and tie with black thread. and stick it in the back of the freezer. I just want to know what you think about it. And would it come back on me 3 fold?

Witch Dr answers...

Yes, most likely this will come back at you in some form or another. As the old adage concerning lovers goes: "you lose them the same way you gain them." That's definitely something to consider especially if you want to break up the couple so that you can be with one of them. I'm in the middle of reading Nemesis; The True Story of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O, and the Love Triangle That Brought Down the Kennedys by Peter Evans, so it's funny that you write me with this question. At one point Maria Callas was part of a sailing party on Christina (Onassis yacht) and she saw a bracelet on the wrist of Lee Radziwill (the sister of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy). Callas knew it was a gift from Onassis and knew that he had replaced her with a new lover. Sometime later, Lee noticed an expensive bracelet on Jackie's wrist while sailing on the Christina and realized that HER SISTER had replaced her as Onassis's new lover! Talk about KARMA!!! Ouch - that must have stung big time!!!

In some cases, separation spells are not bad karma, for example when there is physical or mental abuse involved and the spell is worked for the good and protection of someone involved.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Isis Unveiled

Incase you missed it... here are some lovely photos from the Night of the Teardrop Ritual on Jun 16 2007 at Le Petit Versailles Garden (courtesty of Leslie Lowe). The ritual began with the mourning of Isis followed by her attendants. Isis made love to the dead Osiris and Horus was born. Later on, there was feasting and a performance by a fire eater. An amazing event!

photos by Tom Zeigler

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Your Cheatin' Heart

Witch Dr
my man is cheatin' on me again. I'd appreciate any strong potion you have in your magic cauldron there to make this thing called love work. I'm goin' nuts and short of hittin' him over the head with the fryin' pan and knockin' him out - I'm runnin' out of ideas to make him stay at home and love me (exclusively) the way he should (and took vows to do)! I heard tell about the menstrual blood spell but I'm past the bleeedin' time. Is there anything else I can do to help my man be true? Or am I just...

- Crazy for Tryin'

Dear Crazy

It's understandable that you're pissed off and I encourage you to channel that anger in a positive way to help release some of the poison in your relationship. I also imagine that you must be deeply hurt and in need of a good cry. So in the spirit of Patsy Cline, I offer you an ingredient more powerful than menstrual blood* to keep your man from cheating.
When tears come down like fallin' rain
you'll want to cry them out while calling his name. You'll also want to wet the corner of a bedsheet with your tears. Use it as you would a tissue or hanky to dry your eyes. It must be a sheet that you and he have slept together on (but not necessarily made love on although that would further empower the spell). Tear off the corner of this sheet with the tears soaked in and sprinkle some cumin inside. Cumin is used in spells to keep a mate from wandering and also prevents others from stealing your lover. Fold the sheet corner in half and stitch the open ends together (with the cumin inside) using white thread. Now place this small pouch inside your man's favorite pillow so that his head will lay upon it. You will also need to sprinkle a small amount of cumin inside his left shoe. Sprinkle the cumin underneath the inside lining of the shoe so that it won't be noticed. Cumin should also be added to his diet and can easily be used to season several tasty dishes. You can fortify this spell by incorporating another daily ritual. Although oranges increase feelings of love and sexuality, orange juice is used to help tame the libido and should be served to him every morning before he leaves the house. After he leaves, light a white candle and repeat the mantra "Be True" 40 times. I've also included some special mood music (and lyrics) below to accompany your ritual work:

While I give to you
And you give to me
True love, true love
So on and on
It will always be
True love, true love

For you and I have a guardian angel
On high with nothing to do
But to give to you
And to give to me
Love forever true

But to give to you
And to give to me
Love forever true
Love forever true

- Written by Cole Porter
(Recorded by Patsy Cline 8/17/61)
may all your magickal endeavors be blessed in light and love

* a note about the menstrual blood. It is well known among the witches that a drop of menstrual blood placed in the morning coffee will keep a man (or a woman) true. However, this must be repeated on a monthly basis and it is considered borderline black magick as it is a way of controlling another individual. The spell is also very powerful and difficult to undo.

Sandcastles for Summer Solstice

Do you like to build Sandcastles?
Okay then click on the link above and visit this really cool site. It will be even more fun, if you build a sandcastle with the kids. I built this one with my five year old niece. Our original castle was actually a lot bigger at first but we had to prune it down so that we'd have some of the beautiful coastline left to view. (too bad most developers don't keep that in mind as well.) Anyway, the sandcastle site is easy and fun to use. Just point and click to change colors and resize your sandcastle. It's easy and fun and when you are done, you can send ecards of your castle to family and friends. After all this virtual fun, you can browse around and find some help to plan a REAL vacation on some fabulous beach resort. Today is the Summer Solstice and midsummer has officially begun. Go on out and build the sandcastle of your dreams! You can also check out the gallery of sandcastles. There were some pretty cool ones. My favorite was Ghosty's Castle. I think I'll revisit this site with my architect and come up with something really cool.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Thirst for The Waters of Enlightenment

Dear High Priestess
I am having some problems finding a coven or group of pagans and witches to work with. I checked out some open circles but I got a really weird vibe. Honestly there seem to be a lot of creeps out there. There was one group that had too simple an approach for me and another that was way too complicated for my tastes. I also spent a good amount of time with another group as an outer court (uninitiated member) only to find out that they had no intentions of sharing true mysteries and initiating me. I guess I should count my blessings because at least I live in a big city and there are lots of choices. I have a country cousin and she has little to no options but on the other hand, she's surrounded by nature and the goddess and can easily tune in on her own. I was hoping you might have a spell or some good advice to help me find my way. How will I know which group to work with and do you know of something I can do to lead me to the right coven for me.
thanks and blessed be
The Seeker

Camel Watch

Dear Seeker
I posted this film from today's news just as a reminder that the thirst for the waters of enlightenment are REAL and the well so dry that we can even see the physical manifestations of it. Unfortunately, like you, the camels of today's world are also thirsting. They are thirsting for water as you are thirsting for the words and teachings of the Goddess. And the way things are going environmentally, even your cousin may soon have serious problems getting in touch with Mother Nature. I ask that you say some prayers (along with all the other readers) for the Camels in Afghanistan. I ask you to do this because the magick I offer up as a solution to your dilemma, involves the energies of this amazing creature.

In the Tarot, the wisdom and secret teachings of Wicca are represented by the High Priestess card. The High Priestess is also the one who leads the coven and reveals the mysteries.

The Gimel meditation is based in Kabbalah and helps to align you with the energies of the High Priestess card. It brings personal revelation and reveals your own internal store of wisdom as well as revealing the teachings of the Goddess. If you wish to become an initiated witch or a High Priestess yourself, do the Gimel meditation three times within the 28 day lunar cycle. Begin on the new moon, repeat on the full moon, and once again on the dark moon.

The third Hebrew letter, Gimel (ג), is assigned to the High Priestess. Gimel (or Gamal) means Camel; a strange, mysterious and exotic creature like the Priestess. The Camel also has somewhat of a bad reputation, and is said to be obstinate and bad tempered. Similar things are said about the Lesbian, the Feminist, or any woman who cuts her own way in the world without a man.

The Camel is more positively regarded for its ability to hold on to nourishment. Unlike the horse, it is able to store nutrients in the body and survive long arduous journeys through the desert without eating or drinking. The High Priestess represents the preservation of the old religion or goddess cults. She stored the ‘fat’ or knowledge of the goddess and delivered Her ways safely through the barren wasteland of patriarchal dominance.

How is it that so much information survived about Goddess worship even though the Church Fathers spent over 500 years (13th to 18th Centuries) trying to eradicate witches?! The High Priestess is the "herstory" of women secretly stored in the belly of time. Like the Camel, who provides its own sustenance when no external source is available; the pagan soul essentially lived off an internal spiritual hump after their temples were destroyed. Although the last witch burning of the Inquisition took place at the end of the 18th Century, it was not until 1951 that the Witchcraft Laws were repealed in England, making it legal for witches to practice and speak openly about their faith. That’s an awful long time to go without ‘water’!

The most interesting feature of the camel besides its hump is the cleft in the upper lip. Kabbalistic lore speaks of an angel who presses a finger to all human newborns as they enter the birth canal. By making an indentation in the upper lip, the infant forgets all knowledge of previous lives. The Camel, with its exaggerated cleft reminds us of how the wisdom of the generations is guarded. (And the thirsty Camels of Afghanistan remind us that we must guard the material wellbeing of Mother Earth as the Patriarchy continues its dominance and rape of Her land and forestry. We must guard well as mankind is not content to destroy the spiritual wealth of the Goddess but is hellbent on devastating her physical treasures as well.)

Here is the Ritual for the Gimel:
Gimel shares the same numerical value as the word Chochmah meaning "Wisdom". This is the most valued possession of the Priestess. To make yourself worthy of guarding her mysteries, press your index finger against the cleft of your upper lip and vibrate the word "Chochmah".

The Ch’s must produce a guttural sound as if you were clearing phlegm from the throat and getting ready to spit. Camels are known for their treacherous spitting, but spit is actually a sacred form of magick.

Saliva, blood, semen, and vaginal secretions are all used in sympathetic magickal rituals to create links between the practitioner of the spell and the person upon whom the magic is being worked. Its magical use is mentioned in the Koran, Pliny of ancient Rome wrote that spit could heal a wound, ancient Semitic tribes spit on the ground to ward off evil. Hopi Indians spit to rid the mind of negative thoughts, and in Scotland and America, pacts are sealed with spit. Almost every culture around the world has ritualistic folklore about spitting. The common themes are both the bringing of good luck and the warding off of bad vibes.

As you ‘spit’ wisdom (or Chochmah) out of your mouth, ask that you be led down a good path in your quest for knowledge of the occult. There are many unsavory characters operating under the guise of Wicca. Ask that you be steered clear of those that abuse the craft. Ask that you be led towards a loving, wise, and empowering coven. So Mote it Be.

For more Kabbalistic meditations and rituals based on the Tarot, check out TarotPower; 22 Keys to Unlocking Magick, Spellcraft, and Meditation.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Haunted Evening

Sat June 23 11pm
Hosted by Lady Rhea
"To celebrate Gay Pride “Ruby Fruits” is bringing you an unprecedented approach in entertainment to celebrate our unique personalities.

Lady Rhea author and creator of The Enchanted Candle book, and LGBT Wiccan advocate is celebrating Gay Pride with Ruby Fruit’s first “Haunted Evening” open mike. There are millions of ghost stories out there. What is yours?

Your hostess Lady Rhea will be inviting you up to the open mike for ten minutes or less to tell us your ghost story. Lady Rhea will be sharing some of her own personal haunting’s and antidotes to ghosts with you.

Special Guest Psychic Lexa Rosean author of the Supermarket Sorceress Series will be on hand to tell stories and available for readings.
Magickal Realms staff psychics will be available for readings with your loved ones. All readings $1.00 a minute, 10 minute minimum.

Some Haunted Evening, you will see a stranger, you will see them floating, across a crowded room. Then when you look up, you will see that they are not there. To find you are spooked beyond compare! Tell us your story. $5.00 admission fee.

Rubyfruit is located at:

531 Hudson Street, NY NY 10014

That's between W.10 St & Charles St

in world-famous, historic Greenwich Village

Tel: (212) 929-3343

By train:

#1 to Christopher St/Sheridan Square. Walk 2 blocks west on
Christopher St or W.10 St to Hudson St. Turn right and walk north 1 1/2 blocks.

B, D, F, Q, A, C or E to W.4 St. Walk west on Waverly Place. Continue west on Christopher St or W.10 St to Hudson St. Turn right and walk north 1 1/2 blocks.

A, C or E to W.14 St., or L to 8th Ave. Walk south on 8th Ave (which becomes Hudson St). Continue to just past Charles St.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Spy Who Came into the Cold

Watch the video to see how to stop a spy in his tracks.
This spell will freeze any enemy from harming you
and block his view of what you are up to.

Check out this link to see what Michael Weston uses and watch USA Network's Burn Notice, a new series starting June 28th. See Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network's new TV series, Burn Notice, show us his skills.

Tarot and Astrology Readings at Rubyfruits

Lexa will be giving Tarot and Astrology readings at Rubyfruit in the West Village on Sat evening June 23rd. This is the night before the Gay Pride Parade and promises to be an amazing event. A must for all Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Magickal folk. Stay tuned for more details.
blessed be

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Isis; Goddess of 10,000 Names

Click on front or back of card to enlarge image.

This is going to be an amazing event created by my friend Leslie Lowe. She is a painter, psychic, and artist from NY. Leslie moved to New Orleans in the early 90's and returned to NYC after Katrina. If you are in NYC, don't miss this event!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

13 on Isis

Well, I've been on holiday and then pretty busy catching up with my work, so I've missed quite a few Thursday Thirteens. Glad to be back, and here we go.
It is said that the annual Nile flood was caused by a teardrop from the eye of Isis as she mourned the death of Osiris. So powerful was this festival that it is still held sacred by Moslems and called Lelat al-Nuktah. In honor of the upcoming Night of the Teardrop, (June 16) here are 13 of the many names and attributes of the goddess Isis.
1. Queen of Heaven
2. Giver of all life
3. Mother of the Gods
4. Star of the Sea
5. Great Lady of Magic
6. Oldest of the Old
7. the One who is All
8. Mata-Meri or Mari (yes Mother Mary is a manifestation of Isis!)
9. Destiny
10. Lady of Green Crops
11. Lady of the Words of Power
12. She Who Knows How to Make Right Use of the Heart
13. and lastly an ancient hymn to Isis from V. F. Vanderlip's The Four Greek Hymns of Isidorus and the Cult of Isis
Giver of wealth, Queen of the gods, Lady Hermouthis,
Ruler of All, Good Fortune, Isis of the Great Name,
exalted Deo, Discoverer of all life,
You put Your hand to mighty works of all kinds, so as to give
life and an ordered society to all mankind,
You introduced laws so that there might be a measure of justice,
You revealed sciences so that men might live decently,
You discovered the flowering nature of all fruitful plants.
For You the sky came into being, the whole earth,
the breath of the breezes, the Sun with its welcome radiance.
By Your power the streams of the Nile are all filled full
at the summer season, and its water pours turbulent
over the whole land so that the crop may never fail.
All mortals who live on the limitless earth,
Thracians, Greeks, and foreigners as well,
utter Your Glorious Name which all honor,
each in his own language, each in his own land.
Syrians call You Astarte, Artemis, Nanaea,
the tribes of Lycia call you Queen Leto,
men in Thrace call you Mother of the Gods,
Greeks call you Hera of the lofty throne, and Aphrodite,
kindly Hestia, Rheia, and Demeter.
Egyptians call you Thiouis because You, being One, are all
the other goddesses named by all peoples.
My Lady, I shall not stop hymning your Mighty Power,
Immortal Saviour, goddess of the many names, almighty Isis,
rescuing from war cities and all of their citizens,
men, their wives, possessions and dear children.
All who are held in the destiny of Death, all in bondage,
all who are racked with pain which will not let them sleep,
all men journeying in a foreign country,
all who sail on the great sea in stormy weather,
when ships are wrecked and men lose their lives
all these find salvation if they pray for Your present help.
Hear my prayers, You whose Name has Mighty Power,
be propitious to me and free me from all affliction.

A postscript to this post - thanks to a comment by MeritAset
I was enlightened by the information that the photo above is of Hathor. The traditional Isis (Aset) is crowned with a throne as illustrated in photo on left.
Photo from

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dona Nobis Pacem

Give Peace a Chance!

please take a moment to click here
and join witch and author Marion Weinstein in a blessing for World Peace.

Visit Mimi's Peace Globe Gallery
Dona Nobis Pacem

"I do believe in ghosts. I do believe in ghosts."

I experience my spiritual practice of Wicca as nature based and full of natural magick, but I've had my share of supernatural experiences and memorable encounters with ghosts. When I was very young I set out to raise the White Witch of RoseHall from the dead. It was an ambitious project for a nine year old. The infamous Jamaican Witch was stoned to death for allegedly murdering several husbands. I didn't believe she'd done this and wanted to call her back to clear the record. My father indulged me - mostly because I wouldn't stop pestering him until he took me to the gravesite. We arrived at midnight, walked around the grave 9 times counterclockwise and chanted her name 9 times backwards. On the 8 1/2 round, the grave started to lift, a wind came up, and little stones began to pellet us in the face. Definitely an eerie 1408 Movie experience. My dad freaked, yanked me up in his arms and ran toward the car but not before we heard the witch ask "Who dares call the Witch of RoseHall!?"

My Dad was kind of like Enslin, the John Cusack character in the 1408 Movie who didn't believe in ghosts. After losing his young daughter, Cusack's character explores contacting the dead for years and finally decides it's bunk. He writes several books to disprove ghosts and supernatural happenings. His new book, Ten Nights in Ten Haunted Hotel Rooms, brings him to Room 1408 at the Dolfin Hotel. The hotel manager (Samuel Jackson) warns him not to stay in 1408 because the room is haunted. "Enslin must go from skeptic to true believer - and ultimately survive the night." Pretty spooky stuff. Take a look at the trailer below...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Night of the Teardrop

This is going to be an amazing event created by my friend Leslie Lowe. She is a painter, psychic, and artist from NY. Leslie moved to New Orleans in the early 90's and returned to NYC after Katrina. If you are in NYC, don't miss this event!!!

Are you a Right Brain Traveler looking for the Ultimate Voyage?

Isis, the Goddess of 10,000 Names, can do anything if you but follow Her Rituals on The Night of the Teardrop

Sat June 16 8 PM

Join Egyptomaniacs Unanimous to celebrate the Rising of the Dog-Star Sirius, marking the Flooding of the Nile.

Concept by Leslie Lowe

Movie Projections by Leslie Lowe and Inbred Hybrid Collective

9PM– Live Music by GEOSONIC -Bill Buchen & Steve Sandberg

$5 Donations graciously accepted

Le Petit Versailles

346 East Houston St. at Ave C F/V train to 2nd Ave, J/M to Delancey

212 529 8815

LPV events are made possible with the support of the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency

Monday, June 04, 2007

Take a Closer Look at the Galaxy

The ancient Egyptians studied astronomy and saw their gods and goddesses in the night sky. I bet they would have loved our new technology to study the cosmos. Meade has just come out with MySky, a personal video planetarium. With a simple point and click you can identify and navigate your way through the stars. Maybe even get a close look at the dog-star Sirius as it rises on June 16th. Meade MySky has a full color LCD screen and computerized telescope as well as detailed operating instructions. Meade also carries a full line of cool gadgets and top notch binoculars.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Sermon: Do Witches Worship the Devil?

I have been getting interested in Wicca and i purchased the book you wrote called the encyclopedia of magickal ingredients. i am hoping that wicca isnt something to do with satan or any devil type worship. in this i seeked you so i could get a second opinion on wicca. if this isnt a satan practice then i will be intrested to go further so what i am trying to say is this, could you give me some knowledge on wicca and aitchcraft and give me more info on this magickal practice.

your intrested fan


Thanks for the question GQ. I encourage you to take the time and watch the instructional video below. Demystifying Paganism dispels the negative stereotypes about Wicca. I don't think I could have put it any better. Bravo Rev. Younger!

GQ also asks...
Would going to the library and checking out books on witchcraft be a good source to learn more and one other weird question is,since i am a boy would i be considered a warlock?

Lexa answers...
Yes, the library is always a great idea but you might also want to see if there are some pagan gatherings in your area so you can experience the energy of the craft and Goddess worship. The word Witch can also be used for men. Many male Wiccans prefer not to use the word "warlock" because during the Inquisition, the warlocks were the ones who named names and betrayed other witches who were then burned at the stake. Yikes!