Saturday, July 09, 2011

7 Day Candle Question

Hi Witch Doctor,
I was wondering, I know that 7 day candles are supposed to be burned in seven days, which means they're supposed to burn all day and night, right? But I'm scared of burning my apartment down! I think you wrote or said once that you could put a 7 day candle in the bathtub when you leave the apartment just to soothe your mind about lighting the place on fire. Was I dreaming or is the tub ok? Do you put the whole altar in there too or just the candle? Then do you just put it back on the altar after the tub?!
Thank you!
little wood pixie

Dear little wood pixie

This is a great question, not only for the obvious reason of not creating a fire in your apartment but also because you don't want to create any mental stress or anguish when working a candle spell. You must have peace of mind and allow your energy to be directed toward the successful completion of the spell. Any worry will detract from that. Most importantly, always practice SAFE HEX!

When working a candle spell at home that you want to burn continuously- the first rule of thumb is to use precaution and not create a fire hazard. That means to place the candle in a fireplace, sink, or bathtub when you are sleeping, not at home, or not attending to the candle. Do not move the whole altar into that space (especially if you are using a tub). When you return home or wake up, you can move the candle back to the altar. Do this each time with intention of bringing your magick home or closer to conclusion and fulfillment of your objective.

7 day candles traditionally burn for 7 days but they can burn in a shorter or longer period. Also they do not have to burn continuously although that is recommended especially if the magick you are working on needs constant and vigilant attention and you want the spell to complete as quickly as possible. For example, if you are working a healing candle spell, most likely you will want that energy 'burning' 24/7 to bring a complete healing as soon as possible. However, if you are burning a business spell candle in an office, you want to focus that burning time and direct it toward the business hours. Therefore you will want to light the candle first thing as the workday begins. You will then want to snuff* the candle out at the end of the business day and relight the next morning.

For more information on candle spells please visit this link. You can also order dressed candle spells on my website.

blessed be and thanks again for your excellent question

*It is considered bad luck to blow a candle out. Use a candle snuffer or lick your fingers and pinch out the wick with your thumb and forefinger. Also remember not to move the candle glass until the wax has hardened. Lastly, your magick candle must BURN TO COMPLETION. Even if you believe your magickal purpose has been obtained, you must let the candle burn to completion.