Friday, January 19, 2007

Mango Magick

Once again we hear from our favorite Chic_Geek

Hi Lexa! Thanks for your answer to my question about new years day spells. the circle you cast on the blog was so thoughtful. I have a question. I recently applied for a job that I have been wanting for years. I found out about it through friends who work there and the manager there seems to like me so I figure my chances may be good. I went through the Power Spells book you wrote but couldn't really find anything to suit the situation (Or else I missed it) is there anything I can do to give my chances of getting hired a magickal boost?
Thanks so much!


Happy New Year C_G
Check out pg 64 fulfillment in work spell
and pg 10 beat out competition. you are going to combine these two spells. when you read what each ingredient is for, it will make sense. the combining of two or more spells is often done to adapt the magick to the situation. (if this seems too complicated for some of your readers out there - don't sweat it. if you buy AND READ my books, obviously you'll be more in the loop. if not, well, just look at this as a brand new spell to get the job you want!

as always, begin on a new moon. next new moon is - whoah here we are. altho I suggest waiting until 24hr after the new moon for the first crescent of light to appear in the sky.
your ingredients:
skin of mango ground ginger ground orange peel dried basil
carve your name on the inside of a fresh peeled skin of a mango along with the position you would like along with the name of the company. (WARNING: if you are allergic to mango skin, you cannot do this spell!!! At least not without wearing gloves.) Rub the 3 herbs into your hands and then rub the mango skin between your hands dusting it with the other ingredients as well. use generous portions so that the herbs will stick to the flesh still remaining on the skin of the mango. let the skin sit on a window sill in the sun until it dries. then place in a cloth tea bag or ouanga bag and carry with you as a success and attraction talisman. once you have secured the position, remove the remaining ingredients from the bag and pulverize them using a wooden mortar and pestle. sprinkle this powder outside in front of your new office or job location to insure long lasting success and happiness there.

please keep us posted of your progress chic_geek.
blessed be