Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where should I start?!

Sunrunner said...

I am interested in learning more about Wicca. I have tried going to different bookstores to find a good book, but am lost at where to start. Could you give me a few good places/books to start with? Thank you!

Dear Sunrunner

Checking out your profile, I see you live in the Rocky Mountains. Well, that's an awful big area but I would guess that the closest interesting hands on bookstore would be in Boulder. Lot of magic there. But for the sake of my other readers, let's talk or B&N to which most of us will have access. A true classic is Starhawk's The Spiral Dance and there is a new 20th anniversary edition out. I like this book because it gives you a close up look at what it's like to work with a coven as well as explain the politics, psychology, and her/history behind Wicca. If you are working alone, Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner is wonderful. Scott Cunningham was an amazing guy and I had the privilege to work and study with him. I would also suggest anything by Doreen Valiente or Gerald Gardner but this might be more advanced reading. Drawing Down the Moon is an extensive and well researched book by Margot Adler, who traveled around the country interviewing pagans and witches and describing their traditions. If you are looking for something more hands on, I humbly suggest my own works. Well, that's enough to get you started. The Witches' Voice is also a great website to look for reviews of new arrivals as well as the classics on Wicca.

blessed be

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Asks...

Greetings WitchDoctor:

It's very easy to find a listing or websites of everyone claiming to be 'white/green/purple' magic practitioners and so forth but it's difficult to find spells and those willing to do spells that tread into 'darker'areas. Do you have any suggestions for sites/listings for those who do 'black magic' or more 'manipulative' type spells that can be used to help others into that area of magic?

- Amber Benson Fan

Dear ABF

I'm not sure how any of those types of spells can be used to "help others" but I am quite sure that the information is out there if you take the time to do the research. You claim that it is easy to find listings and websites for witches of white, purple, and green - well, here's what I came up with after googling the black ones:

Results 1 - 10 of about 2,340,000 for black magick

Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Sorry but I can't give a personal recommendation because I try to steer clear of this stuff. It literally makes me sick. What I will say is this, anyone who has undergone a full and proper initiation into Wicca, will have had training in the left handed path and a journey to the underworld. It is part of the 2nd degree initiation where the practitioner must face and safely cross the abyss. Sybil Leek, Aleister Crowley, Madame Blavatsky, Manly P. Hall, and McGregor Mathers are all respected occultists who have all delved into these matters and are considered positive and informative reads. The Lesser Key of Solomon, The Goetia, and The Necronomicon are of course, the traditional occult classics and worth the read. (Just make sure you invoke your guardians before delving too deep!) Ah, ok, any demonologists out there want to take over from here...?

Starving Artist?

Dear Lexa ( a.k.a. The Witch Doctor),

Hi! I own many of your books- love them & I respect your wisdom & insight which is why I'm writing to you. I need help with my art career. I have a kick ass website & have put myself on as many art websites as I can. I do sell some of my work on eBAY but mostly for a mere pittance. Recently, I got into a group show at a real (read: physical) art gallery which I am grateful for but Saturn transitting Leo in my 10th house seems to be thwarting all my efforts (i'll try & keep these examples brief.

I got to paint two rocking chairs for a charity auction for a local hospital. I signed a contract with them (money went to the neo natal unit (which was a good cause)but they promised to exhibit the chairs (me and 20 other artists)- then they didn't. I put about 30 hours of labor into each chair. Then I went to a taping of the ISAAC show in NYC and as soon as we were seated, we were told by the crew "we won't be filming the audience and doing Q & A from the audience like last season. I was bummed - I had emailed them the question as they asked beforehand & brought the garment to show Isaac Mizrahi. My birthdate is May 11, 1964 6:06 p.m. Chicago, Il. I have 0 degrees Scorpio rising) Can you either suggest a good spell to deal with Saturn or suggest a good spell to do with my art. I want positive fame (a la Julia Child). I also feel my artwork is special because it is colorful, happy & heals people & is ORIGINAL.

The last time Saturn was in Leo I was in Junior High (my Hellish years), and I had issues with being in the school orchestra & band. I played the flute and there was a group of jealous mean girls who resented the fact I would win 1st chair ( I had to practice 2 hours a day due to my parents - they made me get a private flute teacher). I endured daily taunts and jeers - name calling, gum on my seat, spitballs etc. because I played the flute well. I thought then "maybe it is better not to excel at something"because instead of being admired, I am dealing with negativity. Now with the art- selling it this means a livelyhood for me, not just for the attention. I know you understand what I'm talking about it.

Thank you for any advice in advance,
Katie Pfeiffer ( a.k.a. Lakshmigirl)

Dear Lakshmigirl

The effects of Saturn can be devastating especially during the Saturn Return which happens in the 28th-29th year of age. I'm not sure of your specific issue with Saturn in Leo, but my guess is, that being a Taurus with Scorpio rising, your hair stands up on end and you feel way too crowded when Tough Guy Saturn shows up arm in arm with Leo, another FIXED sign. This is bound to cause power struggles and issues for you. A deeper analysis of your chart would be sure to reveal more, and I am available for indepth private astrological and psychic tarot consultations.

I don't know if you are aware of it, but SATURN transiting the TENTH HOUSE (whether in Leo or any other sign) represents a period in one's life when given the opportunity to reach a professional peak. It is the time to step up to the plate and be the most you can be. This cycle only happens once in every twelve years so you will want to take advantage of it. PATIENCE and PERSISTANCE are the key elements needed to glean all possible success from this transit. You'll also want to think more like a CAPRICORN as that is the ruler of the 10th H. (as well as the ruler of Saturn!)

I applaud your generousity in donating art for charity, but a Cap would be more enterprising, materialistic, and CAPitalistic in approach and would never let them get away with reneging on a written contract! Now, attempting to rub up next to ISAAC - that's pure goat! Only problem, you relied on luck or random chance by hoping to be picked as an audience member. A Cap would rather die that rely on luck. They use pushiness, power, and influence. (think insider trading.) I would ask you to consider making Saturn your friend and ally right now. To embrace and then harness it's energy as a driving force to give you a leading edge in your field. You will also want to invest in some watermelon tourmaline. This gemstone is known to offset the negative effects of Saturn and allow things to flow more smoothly.

I have written a very effective spell to sell artistic work in my latest book TarotPower. The spell is called Get That Grant and you can find it posted on the Spell section of my website.

Also I'd like to remind you about one of the stories told about the Goddess Lakshmi and her sister Saraswati.

As you know, Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and Saraswati is her sister, the Hindu goddess of art, poetry, skill, refinement, and grace. It is said that if one prays only to Lakshmi, s/he will be led to things that are tasteless and coarse.
Whereas if one includes worship of Saraswati, one receives both wisdom and wealth, and a refined sense of enrichment. Case in point is the tale of the two brothers - the first prayed only to Lakshmi for weath and was led to a mine rich with carbon although he had no knowledge of how to pipe into it. The second brother prayed to Saraswati as well and he gained discovery to the same mine. He was also given knowledge of not only how to extract the carbon but how to polish and cut it to reveal the many facets of what then became a PRICELESS gem. So my friend, is it possible that as an artist you are still somehow a "diamond in the rough"? Include some prayers to Saraswati in your daily life or create an altar for her and see if things don't change.

Finally, I have viewed your art and it is colorful and wonderful. It is possible that you are one of those purely creative folk who doesn't really fare well at the business end of your field. I don't think you are alone in this - and that's why the Goddess created managers and agents! I have a wonderful networking formula in my PowerSpells book that can be used to attract both clients and good representation. Check it out!

May the Holy Hindu sisters bless you in all your creative endeavors.

Lexa (aka the Witch Dr.)

Friday, September 22, 2006


First of all let me congratulate you for the new blog, you are a wise woman and extraordinary witch! I'm a big fan of your books. When I heard you opened the "witch doctor is in" blog, I had to make an entry, and ask a question. I didn’t have one of my own so I ask in the name of my good friend. If it's o.k with you …

I know that in magick what you put in, is what you get as an outcome. But for years my dear friend tried different types of money magick, put all of his soul in it, and still he can only manifest small amounts of money (not enough to cover his bills) or he manifest food instead of the money (suddenly everybody gives him food or invite him to dinners).

Normally most of his spells work pretty fine, but when it comes to money, it's like the gods can't find any resources to bring him money, so they offer the next best thing which is –free dinners :) LOL How come he can't manifest money to pay his bills and ECT?? I know that he really does his best, how come his subconscious doesn't get the right message? If there's anyone who can answer it it's you!

Be blessed Ruby
Hi Ruby
thanks for your question, it is a good one. There was a wonderful essay written online by Alex Sumner in the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition that analyzes Money Magick. I suggest your friend give it a read. My question is this - does he put in equal hours and equal heart and soul into finding a job to earn money? A big factor in working money spells or any other spell for that matter is our sphere of influence. I have written about this in several of my books. Here's a great example of how the sphere works - If I do a spell to get a job, but I lock myself in my house and shut off the phone, then I have made my sphere very small. Someone literally would have to break down my door and offer me a job. That is not very likely to happen. If however, I do my spell, and not only answer my phone, but make some calls and leave my home to go on job interviews - then I greatly increase my sphere of influence and therefore my likelihood of finding a job.

Yes, this all sounds very practical and some of you readers may be asking, "ha, why bother to do magick? Just go out and look for a job for gosh sakes!" You have a point, but on the other hand, I know plenty of people who put in 99 - even 100% reality effort but 0% spiritual effort, and they also have no success. There must be a balance between real life action and magickal or spiritual work. So, I am wondering how your friend might broaden his sphere.

Another factor may be that his path is blocked. When spells don't work, or even sometimes before we even begin work, we should do a clearing or uncrossing spell to remove roadblocks.

Finally, I do believe that we all have our own special karma or luck. Maybe his is not with money magick. We had a customer many moons ago in Ye Old Occult Shop where I used to work and the staff lovingly (and unlovingly) referred to her as Ugamuggah. Ugamuggah used to do incredible amounts of money and gambling magick. Several times, she won and then lost tens of thousands of dollars at the track. All in one afternoon. A few times, she won big in the lotto and Atlantic City but her apartment was broken into and the money stolen before she could put it in the bank. Finally, Ugamuggah got wise. She thought about what she wanted the money for. Then she did a spell to get a fabulous new wardrobe. The result was she was given sample clothes (all in her size) right off the runway after Fashion Week ended. Don't ask me how she swung this, but she did. She also did a fast luck house blessing spell and got an amazing and spacious rent stabilized apartment that others had to wait years for. Not only that, but she furnished her entire apartment for free from a sample showroom of a famous textile designer after a show closed. See Ugamuggah figured out where her talent and fortune lay and played it to the max. I wonder what your friend would manifest if he actually magicked for a feast! Well, lots of food for thought...
blessed be

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Help with conception...

Hi Lexa.
I had a reading with you via phone not long ago
regarding one dastardly Casanova, who treated me badly
and left me after I miscarried our child.

I have since decided to become a single mother by choice
with the help of modern day technology. My FSH and
Estradiol levels are in great shape right now, but I would
appreciate some input on how to make sure the procedure
takes the first cycle.

Can you please recommend something to assist in this
joyous yet extremely delicate and tenuous process?

Thank you. Blessings, M : }

Dear M
First of all, I applaud you for wanting to mix some good old fashioned witchcraft in with your modern day technology. And secondly, what perfect timing for this question! The main ingredient for the spell you request is a pumpkin - and Tis the Season!!! Pumpkins are sacred to the love and fertility goddess; Oshun and this is how to work the spell. On the New Moon, hold a whole pumpkin over your belly and pray for conception. Then carve your name and astrological sign into the belly of the pumpkin. Smother it generously with honey and take it to a river. Offer it to Oshun, (by placing it in the river) and ask her to grant your request.

Oshun responds best when being offered a gift and promised another. That always grabs her attention. (She's a Leo!) So promise to deliver her another gift after she has granted your wish. Here's a list of her favorite things:
Yellow flowers, yellow fruits (but not bananas)
Anything gold or copper (especially coins and rings)
Yellow squash, yellow candies
small gold plated mirrors
and she loves things in five or multiples of five.

This spell is most effective and has very high (96%) success rate. However, DO NOT FORGET to GIVE THE SECOND GIFT once you have conceived! Also on your second visit, you might want to throw in a word about that Casanova of yours. Oshun has a hot temper, especially when it comes to scoundrels!



Dear True Trucker
I am going to suggest something that both you and your man can do together (providing it is not in any way harmful to your pregnancy!) It is said that rubbing the feet with cinnamon oil or cinnamon powder first thing in the morning before you step out of bed, will bring incredible luck and lead you toward your best prospects for earning money. I would suggest you give each other's feet a vigorous rub beginning on the New Moon. Continue this rite until the Full Moon.

FYI, I pick up psychically that you will stay in the trucking business but maybe have an Admin or sales job. In your eighth month, your work situation will become crystal clear and you can also expect business to boom!

Blessed be
Lady V

Win the Lotto!

Dear Lexa:
Charles Pritchard here. I do hope that you can help me PLEASE. I am
looking for some help in find a spell on placing a thought in other
peoples minds and hitting about 3-4 lotteries. also what is the
difference in white and black magic? please let me know about the
Charles Pritchard

Dear Pritch
To place a thought in another person's mind, burn a candle in the shape of a skull and write key words relating to the thought you want to place across the forehead. You must also carve the name and astrological sign of the individual you want to influence across the base or neck of the candle. (eg: Mike Aquarius) You should begin burning on a new moon for nine minutes a night and repeat every night until the Full Moon when the candle should be burned to completion. It may take up to nine complete candles to make sure your point gets across. The skull candles can be found in traditional occult shops. Of course, you could also opt to invite the one you want to influence out for a coffee and just say Hey Mike, I have an idea...

As for lottery spells, they're a dollar a dozen. I even published a few good ones in Easy Enchantments. The trick with these spells is that they must be repeated daily or weekly just like you play the lottery. You must also realize that your sphere of influence is not very wide with gambling in general but it gets specifically narrower with lotto. The sphere refers to the probability factor of you winning. The problem with lotteries is that you have millions of people wishing, hoping, and praying, and magicking to win. Why should your magick or prayer be chosen over others? That's why, you need to combine lottery spells with luck and success spells. You need to work as much magick as you can and do it on a regular and continual basis. It's like a friend of mine who was looking for a wealthy husband often said: marrying money is a FULL TIME JOB. Here are a few items to incorporate for lottery luck and success. The color RED - this could be in the form of a candle or a mojo bag filled with herbs. Bay leaves and nutmeg can be rubbed into the candle or added to the bag. Eating watermelon, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream is alleged to greatly increase winning at games of chance. Good luck Prichard!

Finally, any magick done which involves manipulating the will of another (such as your thought influencing spell) would technically be considered "black" magick. Yes, that's right, even if I wanted to place a thought in Mike's mind to take better care of himself, technically, that is manipulative magick. Obviously, if I wanted to influence Mike to do harm to himself or others, that would be "black" magick. "White" magick is non manipulative and is always conscious of the Wiccan creed DO WHAT YE WILL AND HARM NONE.

It is also important to note the historical and racial context of the terms BLACK AND WHITE. Originally, the Church Fathers referred to rites from the African religion of Voodoo or Ife (meaning Life) as "black" or devil's magick. Many of the ancient gods and goddesses were demonized in the Bible in order to move monotheism and the patriarchy into it's hierarchical position. Ha, talk about a powerful placing of thoughts in other people's minds! These ideas still live in the collective consciousness even though the "black" magick contains many life and love affirming principles. Because of this history, many prefer to use the terms good or evil instead of black and white.

blessed be

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Feeling Stuck

Hi Lexa,
My question is:
Is there a spell that I can do to help me become unstuck or move on from my current job??
Or a spell to help me see things clearly and help me see if I should open my own business and what kind of business it should be??
Thank you,
Hi C
Check out PowerSpells as this book is full of wonderful spells for all kinds of job situations. A thorough consultation would really benefit you at this time and help sort things out. Check out your chart and see where Jupiter is transiting. That will give a big clue as to why you feel unable to move forward. Anyone looking to see things more clearly should eat eggplant. It brings clarity, vision, and insight. Best to eat on a Thursday during a waxing moon. Good luck!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Get Thee to the Crossroads

Anonymous said...

Hi Lexa, thanks in advance for answering these questions! I'm a HPs feeling blind! Nothing I try to get up and going seems to work bigger! I haven't had a home I can truly call my own in 10 years!(ouch!), My business is a happy little fledgling,but not where I want it to be. I've uncrossed, cleansed, blessed, begged, so mote it be'd it...and i'm still not movin.. Help! :-)
Dear A

When all else fails, go to the crossroads. A crossroads is any place where two roads intersect and you can move approximately eight city blocks in all four directions (east, south, west, and north), without running into a cul de sac, dead end, park, river, etc... Times Square is known as the crossroads of the world and I've done some pretty powerful magick there.

Go to the crossroads and drop 21 pennies and 3 red and white striped peppermint candies or three rum balls in the center. You can do this by foot or horseback or chariot*. As you drop the coins and candy offerings, shout: "Ache Ache Ache" (pronounced ah Che like Che Guevara). These words and these libations and their numbers are sacred to Ellegua, the god of the crossroads. This is a very powerful way to invoke him to CLEAR YOUR PATH. This usually works when all else fails. Next you should be ready for a real estate spell!

*Modern day equivalents of chariots include city buses, bicycles, motorcycles, and cars.

Miss Virginia Asks...

Dear Lexa,

I have some deep concerns. As a psychic, how do you feel about ethics? I grew up believing in humankind knowing that by nature we have good and bad within ourselves. Whenever people are mean to me, I put forward my zen attitude because hurting people isn't what I was taught to do. I wish that those who are calling themselves psychics and let themselves entangled into the world of Maya, realise as soon as possible that the divine is far from being a money-making business, as souls have no price...
The Creator never charged a soul at birth (or before creation), as what you are receiving is a gift. It is up to you to decide for the price you want to ask a client, but I do believe that money can have such a negative impact on people above all in the psychic world. I do know what I am talking about, it almost cost me my life, when I decided to be in contact with a psychic.

Dear Miss Virginia,

I am so sorry to hear of your negative experience. You must be very careful about the psychics you entrust with your soul. Only last month, I found myself giving a second opinion to a very distraught woman who had a negative experience just as you describe. I was working a party and there was another psychic across the room who told her that someone in her family would get cancer or have a heart attack soon. This information had come completely unsolicited. Needless to say, I was pissed as hell, at having to undo this wrong. Firstly, because I was now going to have to look into an area that this woman did not want to see to begin with. And mostly, because it had been a long night, and now I was off the clock, doing this on my own time and I wanted to rest and go home! After reluctantly laying the cards, I saw asthma or emphysema but I also saw that this was a known condition of someone she loved and was not likely to get better or worse any time soon. She confirmed that her father had emphysema, and this reading seemed to put her mind at rest.

I have a very strong feeling about ethics and I caution you to beware of those practicing psychic manipulation. A true psychic is bound by oath to be RESPONSIBLE in how s/he disseminates information. It must be useful and helpful to the questioner and MORE IMPORTANTLY, as Witches, we must ask supernal permission for the prophecies. Lest we forget the lesson of the Scottish play, Act III Scene V, (although the scene is often cut from productions!) in which the Goddess Hecate, Queen of the Witches and ruler of the divinatory arts scolds her wards, the witches three.
Enter the three Witches, meeting HECATE.
Why, how now, Hecate! you look angerly.
Have I not reason, beldams as you are saucy and overbold?

How did you dare to trade and traffic with M******
In riddles and affairs of death;
And I, the mistress of your charms,
The close contriver of all harms,
Was never call'd to bear my part,
Or show the glory of our art?

One must never foretell the future without asking Her permission. There are also other gods and goddesses who rule this art. Artemis, Apollo, Hermes Trismegistus, and Fortuna, just to name a few. A good psychic will also invoke the guardian angels of the questioner as well as her or his own.

Now, let's talk money. There is a a long standing tradition, that one should not charge for the teachings of Wicca. This specifically refers to the knowledge that prepares one for initiation and does not include any craftmanship of occult items or services such as psychic tarot or astrology readings. The great occultist, Aleister Crowley, had some very strong and foul words against those who charged for the magickal arts. The truth is:
a) He charged for his lectures and ceremonies and
b) He was a trust fund baby!
So you know what - I don't want to even hear about it! I personally think it is fair for a psychic or any other spiritual counselor to charge a fee. However, they must be up front about the money that is being charged with no hidden clauses. (Beware the $2 reading from the gypsy storefront that ends up costing you your life savings!)

In ancient times, tribal communities took very good care of their shamans. They provided the holy ones among them with the best of the hunt and the harvest, luxury teepees and condo caves. Monks are given monestaries and modern day Rabbis usually have a very nice house included with their salaries. Psychics, like everybody else, have to eat! They need food and they need shelter and money is no more than a form of energy which is exchanged for other kinds of energy. Through money, the psychic can pay the bills and be nurtured, and therefore be free to do his or her work without stress.

Now one last thing, Miss V, and I know this is not very Zen of me, but I just need to play the Devil's Advocate here. Who told you that souls have no price?! Honey, that is absolutely not true! Just ask Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves. And what's this business about the Creator never charged a soul at birth (or before creation)? Have you checked out the prices for AI, ART, IVF, ZIFT, AND GIFT? None of that's a gift girl, it's damn expensive! Fertility is a booming business, which reminds me, I've got a whopper of a spell for conception and it'll cost you next to nothing in comparison...

Most Frequently Asked Questions

These are the top Q's I get asked along with my answers.

Q. What is Magick?
A. Magick is creative ritual, desire made manifest. Magick is the witches' form of prayer.

Q. Do spells work?
A. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT A SPELL IS A PRAYER. Some prayers are answered, others not. The complex reasons for this lie in the hands of the gods. However, more simplistically, when spells do not work, they're much like medicines that do not work. Each individual has a different vibrational response. When one medicine does not work, your doctor may prescribe another. And so it goes with your witch doctor.

Q. What should I do if a spell doesn't work?
A. If you do not see some results within a full moon to full moon cycle or new moon to new moon cycle (ie: 28 days), try a similar spell using different ingredients. Perhaps your spell was not chosen to target the real problem area. Clearly determine the true source of your problem, need, or desire before beginning a spell. Also you may need to go back and uncross or unblock your path and then begin again.

Q.Why get a psychic/astrology reading?
A. A reading can help to pinpoint and diagnose blocked areas of your life. Working spells without a consultation, is alot like self prescribing medication. All magick works better when accompanied with astrological and psychic information. Readings can help you make crucial decisions in life and alert you to any pitfalls so that you may avoid them or prepare to successfully navigate through these challenges.

Q. What if I hear something that scares me in the reading or am told information I don't like?
A. NEVER ASK A QUESTION YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO HEAR THE ANSWER TO IN A PSYCHIC READING. Any professional and ethical Reader will never reveal information harmful to the questioner. You may not like everything you hear, but it will be beneficial.

Friday, September 01, 2006

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