Monday, January 15, 2007

Psychic Self Defense Lesson III


Mimi asks: Dear Witch Dr.
I have been reading these recent posts on Psychic Attack and they have been most helpful. One question though: suppose I see the evil eye coming towards me and I don't have any Greek eyes, Italian peppers, garlic, or red string on me. Not to mention that I haven't taken a bath in beer or rubbed down with lanolin! What then? Are there any immediate solutions?

Dear Mimi
Thanks for this question as you pose an excellent point! Fortunately you are communicating with the author of the Supermarket Sorceress; Witch Queen of the QUICK FIX! In this case, you will not even need any ingredients but merely a mental image to work with. The technique of mirroring is most effective and immediate when dealing with psychic attack or any form of magickal battle or vibe war. It can be used to ward off the creep on the street or in the bar, the lurking demon, a jealous look, or an all out magickal attack or curse put upon you.

Here is how the technique works: Visualize a mirror in front of you with the reflective side facing out. Once you have this image solid in your mind's eye, extend the image to your back and flanking your sides. Now see these mirrors above your head and below your feet. Again, always with the reflective side facing out. What this does is reflect the evil back to the sender with the added effect of magnifying whatever has been sent. It is pretty intense when done correctly and 100% effective. In fact, mirroring and the dreaded REVERSIBLE * candles are the two things that black magic practitioners fear the most! Keep the mental image of the mirrors up until you feel the danger has subsided. (That is not to say that you must constantly walk around projecting the image. But rather to project the image strongly and release it. Then repeat again as necessary.)

If you think that someone is attacking you in your home, or if you would like to use the mirror technique on a more long term basis, here is how it works. Obtain some small (preferably) round pieces of mirror. You can often find these in beaded Indian or Afghan fabrics and collect the small mirrors when they fall off. Or you can save a small mirror from a lipstick or compact. Place these small mirrors in all the window sills of the home with the reflective side out. You can place on the inside or the outside of the window and you can also place by all the outer doors of the dwellings. You may tape them in place if you like or leave them in a corner where they are unlikely to hurt anyone. The mirrors should not be broken and again the reflective side should always be facing out. This will send back any psychic attack being directed toward you or your family or anyone residing in your home. I recommend this technique highly especially if you have pets or familiars. Animals often absorb negative energy directed at their beloved owners in order to protect them from harm. This makes our pets and familiars especially vulnerable and the mirrors are a simple and effective way to protect them as well.**

*when burning Reversible candles, make sure they burn to completion!
**the Turkish Nazar can also serve this same purpose when hung above doorways in the home or small eyes placed in window sills.

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