Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Consulting the Oracle

For those of you who remember the Dilemma post, KW needs to decide whether to stay with her lesbian lover (LL) or get back with her ex husband (EH) (who is now remarried with kids.) The Witch Dr will attempt to help KW gain insight into this situation through the use of astrology and the tarot. KW will also be making comments on these posts so we can get some feedback on the reading. KW has asked 3 questions:
1. With whom would I be able to have the most satisfying relationship?
2. Will he ever leave his wife?
3. Both he and I are attracted to each other; is this a phase? Guilt for the way we treated each other in the past; in other words, is it 'real'?
Witch Dr will begin with Question #3. Is this a phase? Is it real?

KW is a Libra with Scorpio Rising. Her ex husband is Aquarius with Pisces Rising. KW's sun rests in his 7th house which is a perfect placement for marriage. There is no doubt that these two were (and still are) compatible. At the same time, EH has a natal Saturn placement in his 7th house which means he will get divorced (most likely from a Libra) and we know that this has already happened. This placement creates long lasting bonds with Librans but also constant power struggles. If this was a cause of the initial break up, it is likely to occur again. However, since he is older and wiser now, the Saturn may very well act in their benefit and the power struggles may soften with age.

I would not question that the natural attraction between KW & EH is real and continues to live and breathe. However, EH has the transiting Neptune conjunct his Natal Sun in the 12th House and right on the cusp of the Ascendant. This would indicate that EH does not see things clearly at this time. In fact, he may even be slightly delusional. The same transiting Neptune is conjunct KW's natal Moon and this configuration is a very dangerous one. It can cause relapses of drug or alcohol addiction so she must be extremely careful and make sure to get all the support she needs. It also creates that classic "bewitched" feeling that I fondly like to refer to as the "psychotic state of falling in love". Those under the influence of this transit often fall in love with totally unavailable or inappropriate partners. This coupled with all the Scorpio in KW's chart will most likely result in great disappointment once the desire is fulfilled. Because it is probably more likely that she is in love with longing than in love with EH.

My analysis would be that this is not REAL as far as whatever romantic and intensely passionate feelings have arisen between the two of them however, there is a strong foundation in the chart for a deeper more reality based kind of love. "What in the hell does that mean, Lexa" , is what you now may be asking. Well, it means simply that sometimes it is better to marry when you are not "in love". The charts suggest that these two would need to see how things fall out in the daily life through real contact (not just emails) and not just sex (which will probably work out just fine.) When consulting the Tarot on this question, I am told that it is not real but rather something from the past that refuses to let go because the issue wants to be healed and resolved so that she can move on. The tarot also says that EH is interested and willing to have an extra marital affair...


Anonymous said...

This is KW and I can tell you that I am blown away by the reading(s). EH is not being appreciated for who he is in his marriage (according to him, anyway). He may be turning to me because I feel like I made a mistake so many years ago ... that I didn't appreciate him when I had him. I sometimes feel that I am feeling more guilt for leaving him than love at this time, though it could very well be lust ... he's a great lover ... It is a fantasy that both of us, because we are older, have used to get through these days of disappointment and sadness (I had a family crisis last year which is how my EH and I hooked up via email ~ he was good friends with the family member who went through the crisis).
Thank you, Thank you, Thank You, Lexa. I feel what you found in the reading is the real deal. I will be making an appointment for more consultations in other areas of my life. I believe it would be a mistake for me to go any further than I have with my EH. You have confirmed that!

Anonymous said...

KW again ... so sorry, I was so excited to see the reading that I forgot to mention how ACCURATE it is!!! Yes, a power struggle made me leave the marriage. I see his current attraction to me as FORGIVENESS for leaving him, for cheating on him ALOT (maybe I was trying to find myself?); and for living with and loving a woman; I am a recovering alcoholic and have relapsed* Indeed he would be open to an affair since hie says he is unhappily married and I feed his ego (he's handsome and smart); INDEED though my current relationship is with a fabulous woman, I've lost 'that lovin' feeling' - so I gues I'm in love with love. It's interesting that you mention he is delusional because he drinks every day ... alcohol tends to distort reality - ALOT - I should know -- his current wife does, too. She is 10 years younger than I.
* I ordered a 'quit alcohol' candle from you - I haven't used it 'cause I've been wanting to drown my 'reality' ... when is the best time to start burning this and can I burn it in front of my roommate and just tell her it's a candle from someone at work or should I just do this on my own in private.

Lexa Roséan said...

Wow KW
it's great to get so much good feedback and I haven't even FINISHED my consultation yet. I was planning to answer your questions in 3 different posts so stay tuned for more. As for your candle, I think it might help to start it after the full moon to help you wane away from alcohol as the moon wanes.
blessed be and please check back for answers to your other 2 questions.