Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feb 8 2008
Hi Lexa,
I used the 'Win Your Ex Back' spell from The Supermarket Sorceress's Sexy Hexes on my ex, recently, and I've been really happy with the progress so far. But I was kinda worried about what I should do with the spell ingredients if he comes back? Cause I remember reading that if you take it apart or throw it away, that the magic might backfire.
Also there's been a lot of ants in my house lately, so what do I do if any ants get into it, or my little brother messes with it? Is there anyway to protect it from things like that without making it backfire?

- Worried

Feb 14
Sorry about sending you another email... But I used the Win Your Ex Back spell, and it seems to be working a little too good... I'm scared it's hurting him, and I never really wanted to hurt him... Is there anyway that I can reverse the spell without making him hate me, or getting him out of my life completely? Or maybe at least tone down the spell and protect him? Cause I really miss him, but I feel really bad, and I can't stand to see him like this because of me....
Thanks, and blessed be
- Still worried

Hi Worried
I'm worried too. Why would this spell be hurting him? Are you working the Win Back your Ex or the Hex your Ex Spell?! At any rate, if you want to undo either spell without harm, soak all the ingredients in salt water for 3 days and then dispose of. If you are working the Win Back your Ex, dispose of the ingredients once the spell has worked. (ie: he has come back to you.)As far as the ants, if you want to continue working the spell, place the ingredients in a ziplock bag to protect them and keep the ants away. Best of luck on Valentines Day!
blessed be