Thursday, May 14, 2009

Candle Spells and How they Work


Hi John
Each case is different concerning how long the spell will take to work. It depends on what you want and how clear your path is on the way to getting it. There are however traditional ingredients that can be added to any spell for fast results. (cinnamon is a favorite for speed). For the most part, you should feel some type of effect within a full lunar cycle (28 days), sometimes sooner. If no progress on your objective is made within that time period, it means you need a spiritual reading to analyze why it's not working. Perhaps you have approached the work incorrectly. Working spells without a diagnostic is basically the same as taking meds without getting a physical from a Doctor. There are also many different types of spells just as there are for example many different types of antibiotics. You have to find the one that you respond to best for good results. In addition, the answer to your question will depend on the nature of the spell. If what you want is a long term goal, do not expect it to work overnight. Generally these spells are more effective when done in phases. For example, if you need to lose over 75 pounds, you would do best to break that down to 3 candles asking for 25 pounds each. Don't expect to light one candle and wake up in the morning 75 pounds thinner. This is not how it works. Candle spells are a spiritual tool to guide you through real life work and action. They are most effective when worked with in this way. Finally, spells are like prayers. Some are answered. Some or not. Bottom line, this lies in the wisdom of God and Goddess.

In terms of my services, I offer candle spells and spell consults. A spell consult means an assessment of your situation and a personalized spell designed for you either with candle work or other methods. It does not mean however that I perform the spell for you. I strongly believe that the practitioner must be involved with the magick in order for it to be most effective. I also offer tarot and astrology and past life readings. In addition, I have written 11 books of spells and most are available through my website or on Amazon.
blessed be

Monday, May 11, 2009

To Lexa:

i remember from one of your books a weight loss spell , something about celery, honey and visualizing your self thin and to be done on full moon going to new, thats now. so can u please edify me if ive forgotten or remembered incorrectly this spell. as id like to start asap/manana etc

if u have any other weight loss spells id appreciete them sent out to me

rock on you groovy woman of manhattan and mistress of the madgical arts !!!!!!!!

thanks J
that spell was featured in two of my books. Supermarket Sorceress and Easy Enchantments. The first is out of print but the second is available. I also prepare weight loss candle spells that can be ordered through my website.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

God Ganesh

If you are having career or financial difficulties during these hard times, I can not stress the importance of having a representation of the God Ganesh in your household. If you are interested in hinduism, yoga, eastern philosophies, or of Indian descent, you are probably familiar with Ganesh. If not, you should be. He is the Lord of Removing Obstacles and often turned to spirituallly for financial aid. He has many aspects so you'll want to do some research before choosing your Ganesh Statue. Ganesh Mall has a wide and diverse assortment of Ganesh statues and products so it's a great place to shop for all your Ganesh needs. Along with statues of Ganesh in many different poses and atop a lotus (spiritual) in a tusk (for power), they offer wall hangings, books, jewelry, and my personal favorite - a Ganesh messenger bag. (Ganesh is also the messenger god :-)

The best selling items are the brass statues and these are the most traditional depictions of Ganesh and are traditionally displayed in the home or workplace and chanted over along with offerings and flowers being placed in front of the statues. The site also offers lots of information on Ganesh if you want to learn more about him.

It is also traditional to make a gift of Ganesh to a friend or loved one who is troubled in some way or needs help overcoming obstacles. Ganesh Mall provides a gift giving service that includes gift wrapping. Wow, another obstacle already overcome!
Om gam ganapataye namaha!

Power of the Pentacle

What effect does drawing the Pentacle in the air with the Athame or hand have on the magick you do?

Dear Raymond
the drawing of the Pentacle is one of the most powerful aspects of the Witche's rites and part of drawing the circle to create sacred space. By drawing the Pentacle in the air with Athame or middle and pointer finger of right hand, you are invoking the God, Goddess, and Elemental forces to protect, empower, and witness your rite. The effect - providing the Divine Elements approve of your magick - would be to get a Spiritual Seal of Approval upon your work.
Good luck and good magick
blessed be

OKRAnomic Magick

Dear Mrs Lexa Rosean,
Does Okra due to its green color have any known Magickal attributes?
-Daniel B

Thanks for the great question. Okra is a wonderful food & unfortunately an
oversite not to include in my book The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients.
You are correct in calling attention to the green color of Okra. Many green colored foods (including Okra) can be worked with to draw fertility/prosperity. Seeded plants (such as grapes) are also used in money rituals and Okra contains white seeds which makes it especially good for cleansing and removing financial obstacles. Okra is one of the main staples of "soul food" and was also known as slave food. Unfortunately we are all (rich and poor), slaves to the current global economic problems and all of us could use a good infusion of Okra into our diets.
The fruit (vegetable) is also phallic shaped and that makes it a prime ingredient for sex magick. But perhaps the most magickal quality of "Gumbo" or Okra is it's texture. The uniquely sticky gooey characteristic that often turns folks off from eating it is exactly the reason why Okra yields such powerful spiritual benefits. Cook Okra in seafood gumbo for comfort, protection, and sustenance during hard times (regardless of the lunar cycle). It acts as a thickening agent on the spiritual level just as it does on the physical plane and will help to stretch whatever resources you have to cover your expenses until better times come along. It is good for getting jobs, money & financial opportunities to stick to you! Eat it on a new moon (and during waxing moon cycles) when looking for work or when you are freelancing and want to get return clients or referrals.
Okra is a member of the cotton family and has strong communication vibrations. Eat on Wednesday to help bring business from advertising. The cottons also ward off poverty, so eat anytime you feel in financial danger or hang and dry Okra flowers or fruit over the hearth to protect from financial disaster.
Finally, as I mentioned, the amazing Okra also has some special "tantric" properties. Eat pickled okra to last longer in bed. Cook okra with stewed tomatoes on a full moon and feed to a lover to keep him/her faithful and to give a "sticktuitiveness" to the relationship. It can also be eaten after a miscarriage to insure that the next pregnancy will stick and the woman will safely carry to full term. In this case, the okra should be sliced so the seeds are exposed, lightly sauteed with olive oil or butter and sea salt and shared by the couple on a new moon.
Hail & Blessings to the Okra - a gift of Mother Earth infused with Magickal attributes!