Thursday, January 11, 2007

13 Signs of Psychic Attack TT#1

Dear Priestess -
I have been having bad dreams and feeling weird with sweaty palms since this encounter I had with a guy in my school who claims he is a master magician and sorcerer. Is it possible he put some kind of bad spell on me? How would I know? Thanks for answering this.
- I feel strange.

Dear IFS
Here are the


1 Extreme changes in mood
2 Insomnia
3 Diarrhea and constipation alternately, from one to the other.
4 Hallucinations
5 Sudden sharpening of senses
6 Foul odors emanating from nowhere
7 Bad taste in mouth
8 Loss of appetite
9 Impotence
10 Cold Sweats
11 Difficulty in doing ANY magickal operations
12 Listlessness
13 Nightmares

six or more of these symptoms occurring simultaneously is a good indication that you are under psychic attack.

FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH is the day that holds power for the witch
but I thought it might be fun to play along with the muggles this week.
(please visit again tomorrow for some tips on
psychic self defense :)

Thursday Thirteen Participants
1. Turnbaby
2. mistihollrah
3. Charlotte
4. It\'s A Blog Eat Blog World
5. laura
6. empress bee (of the high sea)
7. Leah
8. carmen
9. Nancy Venus
10. Rose DesRochers
11. JO
12. Angelo
13. 13, great world memories
14. Starrlight

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zhouhui731 said...

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Tink said...

Welcome to the TT family! A wonderful list to start with. I'll visit your blog more often!
My Tt is about things that happened in my past.

jj said...

It's nice seeing others who've done their first TT today, too.

I like yours, informative. I'm glad to announce that I am not under psychic attack at the moment! Whew.

Caylynn said...

Interesting list! Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Turnbaby said...

Great list and -per your list-I am under psychic attack--seriously.

Skittles said...

Whew.. I'm safe! Thanks for dropping by & Happy TT.

Di said...

Thank you for explaining my illness earlier this week...I thought it was a stomach bug, but clearly I was under psychic attack!

Lexa Roséan said...

wow di and turnbaby
I hope you'll come back tomorrow for my post on remedies for psychic attack and your first lesson in psychic self defense.

Turnbaby said...

Thanks Lexa--will be by tomorrow.

mistihollrah said...

Welcome to TT. It's a fun way to get to know other bloggers.

Thanks for visiting my site!

Morgen said...

I love this list, and how you incorporated it into a Thursday Thirteen!
I will be back for the defense installment!

ps: I saw your comment concerning Writers, Ink and O Mighty Isis at my site = I discontinued those sites as of January first, so I could concentrate more on my 2 more popular blogs: It's A Blog Eat Blog World and Purrchance To Dream, as well as my writing = I really want to stick to my goal of having a rough draft for my "meren" Egyptian story written in 2007. Thanks for your comment -- and for being a visitor to my sites! I will continue to incorporate tales of my writing, book reviews, and stories of Egypt into It's A Blog Eat Blog World.
Happy TT!

Lexa Roséan said...

great Morgan that is wonderful to hear and wishing you much success with your writing!

Laura said...

i'm glad that you did join us this week! thank you for also visiting my tt this week.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wow! now i know what is wrong with me honey.... psychic attack... who would have guessed? extreme mood changes? sigh.... insomnia, well i don't usually get that one unless i can't sleep, then is sit up with it, diarrhea and constipation, i seem to have both of these at once usually, you know, when you, never mind. hallucunations, now honey i don't ever have these, just sometimes i THINK i see stuff, but you know, who is to say it is there or not, the other person may be the one that doesn't see what i see and it REALLY is there, so no i don't think i ever have this one, whew! foul odors emanating from me??? watch it buddy, that wasn't me! loss of appetite, well luckily i don't have this one either, i can eat whether i'm hungry or not, see? importance?? yup, i am important i think, don't you? well i think i have enough of these things to have physics and i haven't been attacked by a physic yet, so i guess i'm lucky there, and honey, did i leave my meds here the other day when i was snooping around? sigh.....bee

Lexa Roséan said...

Empress Bee
you are hysterical and have this witch in stitches! ha haha

Leah said...

So you're a newbie...welcome to the T13 family.
I have only 2 of these symptoms , hmnn, maybe 3...Which means I'm still normal and not under any attack.

Carmen said...

sadly, those are also the same symptoms I get when my cat makes a mess. ;)

Rose said...

I enjoyed your list. I know someone who would enjoy your blog. I'll be sure to forward your link to her.

Lexa Roséan said...

thanks Rose:)

Nancy Venus )0( said...

Happy Thursday the Thirteen! Don't let Jupitor pull any tricks on you. Then again he's not that kind of guy. May the Great Jupitor increase your money 13 fold.


Lexa Roséan said...

Hey Nancy
thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog. very cool info on Jezabel/Adam and Eve root. I tried to leave a comment but you have to be member of Yahoo to do so. see if you can't open that up! Thank you for the blessing and may Lord Jupiter bring bountiful blessings for you too!

Angelo said...

Welcome to T13! Thanks for dropping by and leaving your linky. Happy Thursday.

dawn said...

Great and interesting list.

Happy TT

Starrlight said...

That was a cool subject! Welcome to TT =)

Dixiechick said...

By your list, I am under psychic attack. I don't understand how or why or who would do this, but I am...