Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year Wishes Granted in the Magick Circle

Hi Lexa Aka The Witch Doctor,

With 2007 coming up are there any new year rituals you can suggest to bring more spice to life? I had a pretty dull year last year minus a few things and I want to make this one shine. I'm sure alot of people feel this way. How can one give life a kick the pants romantically, socially, and career wise? Anything you can recommend or are there any basic new year spells you could think of. Thanks and have a great 2007!
- Chic_Geek81

Happy New Year Chic Geek

The actual Witches' New Year is celebrated on Oct 31/Nov 1, so there aren't any official spells in the Book of Shadows for the Secular New Year although it is said that wearing yellow or burning a yellow candle on New Years' Day brings lots of good luck. If you want to spice up your life this year, add cinnamon and/or curry to your diet. These two work quickly to bring excitement and energy into life. Now, I have done something rather unusual here for the New Year because it is also going to be a Full Moon (and the first one of the year) on Jan 3.

All witches know that on the Full Moon
the Goddess will grant us each a boon.

I have cast a circle on this post. It has been blessed and consecrated as a magickal space of power and all who leave their comments here shall be empowered in the New Year with strength and energy to help their dreams come true. By the power invested in me as priestess and witch I have hereby summoned stirred and called up the mighty ones of north, east, south, and west to bless and protect this circle post. I have invoked the power of the mighty oak to give those who enter here strength, endurance, and resolve. I have summoned the power of the willow for those seeking flexibility and change.
Hail, the power of the green earth for those in need of healing, grounding, and material well being. Also the power of the mountains for those who seek protection, power, wisdom, and insight. Feel the power of the winds for those who seek intellect, inspiration, success, communication, friendship, and creativity. Behold, the power of fire to fulfill your strong desires, to excite and fan the flames of passion, and create more energy, ambition, and drive. Here is the power of the oceans for those seeking peace, a better flow, treasure, fertility, abundance, and love. Post your magickal wishes and goals for 2007 in the comments section before Jan 4 2007 and they will be granted by the Goddess. So mote it be and


The Bizarre Jokester said...

Happy New Year! May this year be happy, successful and prosperous for you :)

Lexa Roséan said...

and for you too funny man! thanks for all the great humor and looking forward to more laughs and wit in 2007:)

Anonymous said...

- i wish to be released of any karma that is keeping me bound to my destructive well as to a past love.

- i wish to realize my dream of being a performer this year and to eliminate all my fears and blocks that have kept me off the stage for years.

- i wish to find my spiritual and artistic family.

- i wish to continue on in my journey for spiritual fullfilment successfully.

(Thank you, Lexa. This is a wonderful idea. Bless you.)

Lexa Roséan said...

many blessings back at you and may your wishes come true:)

Athena said...

Hello Lexa,

My mind has been ablaze since your reading for me on December 16th!

After considering your advice that the internet and my website could be fruitful in my endeavor to sell our condo, we have been stepping up the program. We are increasing the finders’ fee to the person who finds us a buyer from $5,000 to $10,000. I would be very pleased if you would consider adding a link to our website on your website. If a buyer finds out about our condo via your website or by your direct referral, we will happily pay you $10,000! Would you be interested?

Wishing you everything wonderful in the New Year,


Michelle said...

This is a very generous of you, thank you Lexa.
I wish to eliminate old debts and to purchase a home in order to start a family.

Lexa Roséan said...

I am definitely interested in that $10,000 finders fee, so EVERYONE please go and check out It looks like an amazing and beautiful place bound to make some special someone incredibly fortunate and happy :)

Lexa Roséan said...

and I see that family starting in my crystal ball...

Diane said...

How beautiful and unselfish of you to perform this. I wish for good health for those in my family afflicted with physical ailments; and for myself that I find true love and learn how to keep it! And if I may so bold to ask, that you send protective vibrations to all of the troops fighting for our freedom overseas. They are giving the ultimate sacrifice.
Thank you Lexa. May the blessings you have bestowed on others come back to you tenfold! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

For myself I wish for...
-A job
-To pass my boards and my advancment exam.
For my partner I wish for him...
-To get custody of his son and to win lotto

Anonymous said...

I wish for 2007 to be the year that I learn to love and respect myself, and to recognize and accept all the joy and blessings that surround me.

Thanks, Lexa

Anonymous said...

I wish to have a successful year financially, and to have a successful year for my artwork and writing and get all my paintings done for my show and most of all I wish to marry a certain man who has my heart.

Thank you Lexa, this was so wonderful of you. Many blessings to you and all you have given us :)

Anonymous said...

I wish that my bank account will fill quickly with millions of dollars now and that money is continuously flowing into my hands for my use. I wish that my memory will become very powerful and that I begin to use more of my brain's capacity so that I am an A+ student. I wish to feel confident and fearless when taking exams. Blessed be to all!

Anonymous said...

from LKJ 43

I wish to quickly and easily move into the home that fulfills my needs and desires. Also to become extremely good at raising and directing magickal energy and Reiki energy and to feel it as it moves in and through me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this opportunity. I wish for: the strength and wisdom to always look to and listen to my higher self; prosperity and success, freeing my energies to focus on joy and love for my family, friends, and myself; enlightenment and peace as a growing force in the world; and a true, honest, and passionate love to enter my life to share the wonders that abound.
Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Lexa!
Thank you for this.

May powers that be grant my son health, happiness, luck, self-reliance, drive to succeed, success in school and in everything he does and tranquility. May he find true love. And get his license back soon.

May my parents have health, peace in their home and love for each other.

May I have inspiration, health, success and love.

May all I hold dear have a healthy and happy New Year!

World peace.

Lexa Roséan said...

posting this wish for a dear friend:

I hope this year will be wonderful for you. I wish for you, for everyone I know and myself: to love and be loved in 2007. ( I would add this to your circle of wishes, but I am completely inept with Blogs).

I send love and blessings,

Anonymous said...

My wishes for 2007:

- sobriety, healthy body and mind and spirit;
- for my current employer to hire me full time as the overflow legal assistant at a higher rate of pay;
- to market to coastal souvenir shops all over the world, my creative souvenir gift;
- peace, health, happiness, love and prosperity to all my friends and loved ones
For my partner:
- for her to realize her dream of being hired at one of the positions she applied for to work in Iraq for one year
For all who read your wonderful blog and for you, All of your wishes and dreams to come true!

- KW

Anonymous said...

Lexa Thank you so very much for doing this for everyone.

I wish for many blessing for you, your love ones and everyone that reads this blog.

I wish to have the following for myself, daughter and my family.

-to have strength, courage in beliving in myself that i can do anything to succeed.
- to finally win my daughter custody battle.
- to be debt free and have my own house with my daughter.
-to finally find someone that would love and accept me for who I am with all my drama package.

- My family to be debt free and have a wonderful healthy year.
- My father to have a much better job that he loves to go to everyday.

Thank you, Many blessing

Skittles said...

Happy New Year to you, too! And thanks for accepting my challenge to turn off word verification :)

Amanda said...

Dear Lady Venus,

Many blessing to you, Thank you for all your wisdom and kind heartness that you bestow on all of us.

I wish to find the strength I need to create and fullfill my dreams.
I wish for my true love to find me. I wish that happiness will bless all the good hearted people.
I wish to not be scared anymore, I am tired of being scared of everything.

May you be blessed always


Kelly Bejelly said...

Happy New Year! Thank you and blessings of prosperity for the new year to you also.

My Wishes are
- For J to succeed in his new journey in becoming a teacher
- For us to reach this year's financial goals
- For my mother's business to prosper
- For me, to have more faith in myself and not be hindered in my growth by doubts and fears.

Thank you again!

Nancyrowina said...

Blessings for the secular new year, and as for my desires for the new year, I need more money to survive and have stability, not vast wealth just enough to live.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lexa for your Magick circle!
I wish to find and hold on to my one true love, and that he may love me at least as much as I love him,
and to spend my life with him as his wife in good health and happiness. I wish to leave the past and the negativity behind and to take only the lessons learned and move forward in peace and harmony. So mote it be, with harm to none. SK

Roxy said...

I wish for 2007 to be prosperous, and for me to be able to see the fruits that I have planted. I wish to successfully finish my studies, and watch my business grow. I wish for health, and happiness. I wish to have a baby soon, and I wish for world peace especially in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Lexa, this is terrific...

For 2007 I wish:

to be released from the negativity surrounding my life especially at work in the form of a great new job where I can be respected and productive

for peace and protection of family and me

for safety and good health of my family and myself

for prosperity and the realization of the dream of moving into a nice house out of the city and a new life for me and my family,

for the end of financial struggles and debt

and especially for the healing of my own heart, to help me forget someone I should have forgotten a long time ago.

for the healing of someone close to me, that he may abandon his bad habits and be a good husband and father

Happy 2007!

Carolyn said...

Happy New Year.

This year, I wish for the courage to believe in myself and my life's choices and dreams. I will be leaving behind a long military career to pursue the Peace Corps in Africa.

I also wish for mental clarity to help me focus and to do a good job where I am until the time comes to leave this job.

And, lastly, I wish to be able to forgive and move on from things that are holding me back emotionally.

Thank you

Lexa Roséan said...

It's the full moon and I want to add my own New Year's wishes. May I be blessed with good health, good parnasah, prosperity, creativity, and inspiration. I want to finish my novel and publish a new book this year. May my partner be blessed in her all her business dealings and may our love flourish. So Mote It Be!

Anonymous said...

I wish sucess, health and prosperity to myself and to all whom I love or who loves me. I wish to clear off my debts and learn to enjoy each moment of life.
I wish to be a better person.

Anonymous said...

I wish: summer-winter,very comfotable cottage near,1 hour away from Toronto, on a lake,with a beautiful view,
Successful year for me ,my husband, my dauther and my son,
to have luck for me and my family in business,
to be healthy myself and all members of my family
to feel light,fire, beauty and love

Serenity, the city witch said...

Happy New Year!
-I wish for good health and vitality
-I wish for success in all my endeavors
-I wish for success with my job
-I wish to attract helpful people with like minds and kinbdred spirits
-I wish to start a circle in my area
-I wish for continued health of my husband and for our relationship to be as wonderful as it is now
-I wish for a good relationship to grow between our family dog, my husband and myself

Athena (Bright Eyes) said...

Season's Greetings to you all!

I first wish that everyone who is receptive to peace, plenty and prosperity shall receive them into their lives, in a manner that helps all and harms none...

I wish for healing and continued good health to members of my family and my friends, both far and near, according to their receptivity and free will...

I wish for my son and I to draw *at least* one reliable, trustworthy and affordable childcare-giver into our lives, in a timely manner, who will stay with us for as long as we need him/her/them; primarily so I can go back to work full-time, also so that we can have social lives independently of each other (we all need to let go sometime, don't we?)...

Finally, I wish to be able to walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before me in the Craft with grace, skill, confidence and success; to be privileged to carry one of their torches into the future and light the way for other seekers, just as the way was lit for me.

So Mote It Be!
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Lexa!

--Athena XO

(No, not the one with the Real Estate Finder's Fee offer...although, ironically, I am also involved in Real Estate sales!) :-)

girlskickass said...

By the power of the Goddess and 3 times 3 I wish for prosperity and success to be granted unto me

By the blessings of the circle that Lady Venus has cast I wish for only good things to come from my past

By the holy nature of both magick and the word I wish for a kickass year in which my voice shall be heard!!!

With Love, Light, Adoration and Respect...

~Valery (girlskickass)

Anonymous said...

Dear Lexa:

Happy 2007 and thank you for this opportunity. May all the good you do be multiplied.

I wish for an abundance of success, health and joy for my loved ones and myself

I wish to advance financially and professionally.

I wish for my relationship to strengthen and grow.

I wish for my karmic blocks to be removed.



Anonymous said...

I wish for you (Lexa) to officiate over my Hand Fasting with a Grrrl that Kicks Ass...Oh, wait...You already are. =) Ok, one wish down, two more to go... I also wish to have our lives blessed with many years and lifetimes of happiness and prosperity. And one more on the top of the wish list...I wish to have my daughters more in my life and happy for Valery and myself enough to maybe even call her mom.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for doing this Lexa. I wish you all the luck and prosperity!
I wish for my mother and her friend to be healthy, happy, inspired and prosperous this year and every year. I wish them to be successful and lucky in all their literary endeavors. I wish that they find their readers, or that their readers find them.
I wish for wisdom, courage, real love and a child.
I wish health, happiness and luck to my family and friends.

Lexa Roséan said...

Hey Val and Todd
thanks for posting your New Year wishes. I look forward to officiating at your handfasting ceremony. Many blessings for the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lexa and Blessed Be!

May your new year bring all your magical endeavors the results you wish!

My wish is for a union between me and my lover, Greg Klose. Happily ever after Susan N Greg together, hand in hand, side by side in the light. May we know unconditional love, peace, patience, companionship, and attraction, enough laughter to cover the tears as well as true love from Venus, courage from Rhiannon and the wisdom of Isis .I also wish for good health, prosperity and the good to outweigh the bad for my family and his.

Thank you so much!

Susan Griffin

Tiger said...

I wish for my π to be healthy and happy and have 2x9 lives! I would also like an all expense paid trip to dubai. thank you!

Lexa Roséan said...

Thank you all for participating and may all your wonderful wishes come true. I now seal this circle of power and release the energy up towards the heavens that it may then manifest here on earth! Hail and farewell all ye mighty ones and thank you for guarding and protecting and empowering this blogspot. The circle is open but not unbroken. Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again. Witches All - Our rite having ended, let us give thanks to the Glorious Ones who have graced us with Their Presence. I charge ye ere the cock doth crow, lock away all our mysteries in your hearts and may the Goddess preserve the Craft! Blessed Be. SO MOTE IT BE!

ps for those of you who didn't get to comment while the circle was cast, come back on the next full moon in Leo(Feb 2) where we will cast a circle for passion and love to make way for Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

I have a simple wish to have all of my disc restored because I'm missing some pertinent info. My disc are in a disray. So, If you would cast your spell and make it possible for me to restore them to blnk disc or if I could get them restore somehow this wouldn't cast an add'l damper to the New Year. Do you have any suggestions? I would just love to hear what you have to say about that.

sunshine said...

awwww... I read this too late =/