Friday, January 12, 2007

Psychic Self Defense Lesson I

As promised after Thursday 13's post on the 13 signs you are under Psychic Attack, here are some remedies to relieve your symptoms and stop the attack. One of the most effective tools of defensive psychic combat is pure lanolin. You can usually find pure lanolin in a good pharmacy. It is highly protective and seals the aura so that no negative vibrations can enter within. Before using the lanolin, the body must be cleansed and properly prepared.

Take a spiritual cleansing bath to remove any negativity from the body. Soak for a minimum of ten minutes in a warm bath with these ingredients added to the bath water:
lemon juice from a whole lemon
a cup of baking soda
3 crushed bay leaves
and 3 tablespoons of seasalt
Air dry and rub a thin coat of lanolin into clean skin making sure the entire external body is covered. DO NOT USE INTERNALLY. The lanolin must remain on the skin for a 36 hour period. (that means no bathing or showering afterwards.) It is also important that the practitioner sleep within the first seven hours of the anointing. It is therefore suggested that one begin this ritual before bedtime.

During sleep, the body rests and the soul is free to journey and be cleansed on the higher planes. When we sleep, critical works takes place in the spiritual world. A person under psychic attack is most vulnerable during sleep but yet, while sleeping, the soul has the most power to heal, transform, cleanse, and change. Whosoever performs this rite shall see relief of symptoms upon waking and within the 36 hours, all symptoms of psychic attack shall be removed. In order to prevent further attack, it is suggested that the rite be performed two more times. Once on a new moon and again on the following full moon. The initial ritual shall be performed at any time regardless of the moon phase so that the practitioner may obtain swift release from the psychic attack.

Stay tuned for Lesson 2 when we will discuss the Mal occhio, Jettatore, and Ayn haRah ~ better known as the Evil Eye...


NoMas said...

Lexa: Wow, thanks for the symptoms of psychic attack. I have 9 symptoms! I do plan on performing the cleansing; however, since I have insomnia, how will this effect a positive outcome on the process? BTW - I found your site through Bestest Blog.

Lexa Roséan said...

Hi Nomas
thank you for your comment and visiting my blog. I'm sorry to hear that you suffer from insomnia. but even insomniacs sleep sometime, no? I suggest you do the ritual before you are really tired or plan to use some sort of sleep aid to help you get the rest you need. stay tuned as I will have an upcoming post on magick spells for rest and sleep!

Turnbaby said...

Thank you--I think all of the posts--I read all three but am commenting on just this one--helped me. Not only in seeing a remedy--but actually pinpointing the cause. That helped so much. Thank you again.

Lexa Roséan said...

thanks for reading the blog turnbaby. stay tuned for tomorrow's T13 when I will give a final round of effective remedies against psychic attack.