Thursday, January 18, 2007

dj muse

Dear Lexa,

I am trying like all get out to get a dj gig,
spells for aspiring dj's? I spin
under the nom de
turntable "Zee Bearoness".
Sort of a glam-punk bear

drag appearance, lots of fun in the set.

Hoping all is
well with you, things are good here in Minneapolis.
Sorry I missed the wish spell deadline, but the year is off to a great start anyway.
Confidence is
high, balanced with a new knowledge of my abilities.

Truffle-iciously yours,

Dear Kenneth
it's great to hear you are ringing in 2007
with some rad tunes!
For musical success, one should petition the muses. Polyhymnia, the muse of sacred song always answers requests when you present her with gifts of golden apples. Erato loves cardamom and she can help to create a passionate following for your music. You'll be sure to get lots of jobs when the club owners know that this dj will attract a crowd! and...Honey, I know you are down there doin your thang in the underworld so why not call on Big Mamma Muse herself (Calliope, mother of Orpheus) to help her boy out. She loves the color blue and she is always drawn to spinning ~ so spin a cd or some vinyl while you chant her name and call out your request. I would combine this summoning of the muses with a good old fashioned get a job spell or employment candle. The new moon is coming up on the 20th of this month and that's a great time to begin your magickal work. If you check out my book PowerSpells, you will find detailed information on all the muses and how to work rituals with them as well as some very effective employment spells. Punk Rock on, brother dj!


Anonymous said...

Lexa, it's me Kenneth. Thanks so much for the help. It's fun here in the underworld, anytime you visit the Twin Cities handsome hubby and I can show it to you!
Mazel Tov to you in 2007, yo?
Kenneth/Zee Bearoness

Anonymous said...

Hey Lady Miss Lexa; it's me Kenneth, with some very exciting news. Within a week after performing that dj muse spell, I have recieved an offer to be part of a weekly revolving stable of dj's at.....1st. Avenue. You know, the club from "Purple Rain"? How cool is that? Thanks again for all you do!