Friday, March 30, 2007

feminine fridays

The norse goddess Freya is the ruler of Friday. She is a goddess of fertility and magic and resides over both love and war. Viernes is the Spanish name of the day and this reveals the connection with Venus. Friday is a day for love, beauty, and all matters concerning women. Best magick on Fridays is for romance, health, beauty, and money. Sailors are very superstitious about this day and do not like to set sail on a Friday. In Kabbalah, Friday night is the time to honor the Bride of G-d, or the Shechinah. Light two white candles at moonrise to receive her blessings.

For more information on spells for Friday and Venusian magick and ingredients, check out my books Enchanted Evenings and the Encyclopedia of Magical Ingredients.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thirteen Things about Thursday

1. Thursday is ruled by the Norse god Thor.
2. Jueves is the Spanish name for this day of the week and reveals the connection with Jove or Jupiter.
3. best times to work magick: sunrise, the eighth, sixteenth, and twenty-fourth hours of the day.
4. Check your local newspaper, astrological calendar, almanac, or online to determine your local time for sunrise.
5. Thursday is a day of wisdom and guidance.
6. The gods of this day offer protection from all harm. They can be called upon to defend material assets, physical safety, as well as spiritual and emotional well being.
7. Thursday is a great day for luck and money magick.
8. Jupiterian energy is great to lift and open up a budding and growing venture. When you already have something of value, you can use his magick to develop and bring it to fullness and fruition.
9. Keep in mind that Jupiter is expansive and always makes more of whatever you have.
10. Be careful as Thursday is also a day to get fat.
11. WARNING if you have NOTHING or if you are in the negative , this is not the best energy to work with. For example, if you are deep in debt (or have a minus in your bank account) stay away from Jupiter as he will only create a bigger debt.
12. This is the best day for finding insight to problems.
13. It is a day of vision and power.

For more information on spells for Thursday and Jupiter magick and ingredients, check out my books Enchanted Evenings and the Encyclopedia of Magical Ingredients.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordy Wednesdays

Wednesday is associated with the Norse god Wodin or Odin, god of wind, excitement, words, and poetry. He is also a god of magic, war, wisdom, and prophecy. So powerful was his influence that the German word for Wednesday (containing his name) was changed to Mittwoch (mid week) by the Church fathers in an attempt to exorcise worship of Wodin.

Today is also sacred to the god Mercury. We can see his influence through the Spanish name for Wednesday - Miércoles. Mercury, or Hermes is the god of writing and communication. The alphabet and speech are sacred to him so you can see that today should be anything but wordless! It is the best day to work magick for creativity and success. It is also a wonderful day to have an important conversation or write a letter. In fact all kinds of writing are sacred on this day. It is also the best time to work magick to get another to call, email, or fax you. Here is the spell for that.
Take a piece of cotton and stretch it into the first letter of the name of the one you want to call. (for example, if you want Dave to call, shape the cotton into a D.) Now place this cotton letter near your phone, fax machine or computer. Surround the letter with a thin circle of dried fennel, oregano, dill, and caraway. These are all compelling and chatty herbs sacred to Mercury. Visualize the one you want to call and see him/her contacting you. This spell is very effective and can work within 10 minutes. Three days is the maximum time you should allow for spell to work.
Note: If you have had a fight with someone, this spell will not work. There is another version of this spell in my book Sexy Hexes that also includes a healing ritual before the phone spell. For more spells for Wednesdays, check out my book Enchanted Evenings.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Terrific Tuesdays

Tuesday is the day of Mars. This is more easily revealed in the Spanish name of this day of the week: Martes. It is a day of energy and accomplishment. Mars rules action, aggression, war, sexuality, and strength. Although it is possible that this day of the week can cause strife and arguments, it is more likely to be the day that lifts us up and out of the floating feeling of Monday and propels us energetically into the week with enthusiasm. Tuesday is the day to get things done! Magick for success in battles, strength, victory, sexual stamina, and all male related issues are favored. Tuesday is also the BEST day of the week to move into a new residence. I have a selection of spells to perform for each day of the week in my book Enchanted Evenings. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Magickal Monday #2

Palm Springs Savant asks...

Hi Lexa...wanted to ask your thoughts if there is a time of day or day or week more magickal than others. about planning a web moment of magick sometime...when multiple bloggers all synch up and do something some day....could plan something sometime~

Greetings Palm Springs
thanks for leaving this comment on the blog. It was so great, I wanted to make an entire post of it instead of just giving a quick answer in the comment section. Your suggestion of having a web moment of magick is terrific! I have also been gearing up to present some spells for web masters and bloggers as well. I'll check out the stars and get back to everyone about coordinating a magickal moment in real time online. So far, the closest I've come to this is with the casting of the magick full moon circles. The next full moon circle I will cast on the blog will be May 16. It's a full moon in Taurus, so if any of you need help with financial or emotional security - please check back and enter the circle to make your wish (by leaving a comment on the full moon blog post)! All these wishes will be blessed and charged by the Priestess (moi) and sent out with my own magickal prayers for each and every one of you.

Now I'd like to address your question about the days and times of the week. The most magickal times of the day are sunrise and moonrise closely followed by sunset and midnight (more fondly known as the witching hour). These times are considered vortexes of power and any magick done at these hours will be more effective. You will need to check online for your local area to find out when they occur in your timezone.

All the days of the week are magickal. Not one more than another although certainly each of us may have our favorite day and each day is sacred for a different reason as well. And that brings me to today which is MAGICKAL MONDAY! Some of you may have noticed that I am no longer participating in Mo's Manic Monday. Although I think Morgen and his blog are amazing, I just can't bring myself to go with the manic vibe on Mondays. I'm having the same problem with Wordless Wednesdays. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the god of communication and his day should be anything but wordless. I'll still be throwing in my 13 for Thursday and I'll look around for some other memes that fit my magickal sensibility as I love participating with the group. Ah, Ok. Back to MONDAY. Ruled by the moon. Yes, of course it can be a day of lunacy and Mo is right on track with his mania but it is also a day to focus on either waxing or waning elements of our lives. Today the moon is waxing or going towards full so we can do spells, magick, say prayers, or take actions to make something we love WAX FULLER into our lives. When the moon is WANING (this occurs one day after the full moon and continues until the new moon) we can take actions or work magick to wane or GET RID OF a negative element in our world. Since Monday is ruled by the moon, this waxing and waning system works best on this day of the week no matter what kind of issue we are dealing with. Traditionally Mondays are best for working with family, household, children, emotions, romance, psychic ability, finances, and getting rid of fear. I have a selection of spells to perform for each day of the week in my book Enchanted Evenings. Have a magickal Monday and stay tuned tomorrow for some tricks for Tuesday!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Witch of the Month Mar 07

Allow me to introduce an amazing Wiccan HPS and dear friend: Mary is the perfect witch to honor for Oestera. First off, she's a Pisces with Aries rising so this is her birthday season. Her deeply creative and sexy spark stem straight from the source of the Great Mother and my experience of Mary is always a breath of fresh air and inspiration reminiscent of spring!

Mary Alagna began practicing Wicca in 1990, and is third degree Minoan priestess and witch. She has been living in Dublin since 2001. In the Emerald Isle, she walks the path of the solitary shaman and city witch. She lives in a cottage in a small square in Dublin city centre- a place that sits thus between the worlds. It has been remarked by many that the sounds of the busy city fade completely when entering the square.

Presently, Mary is working Athenian magic. Focusing on the achievement of her goals in education and personal development, she is training as a counsellor, healer and artist. She has learned to Listen with all her senses, and to help guide others back to themselves. She crafts spells and reads Tarot, and is available for consultations. You can find her walking in the moonlight, or by e-mailing her at

Monday, March 19, 2007

Magickal Monday

today we stand on the threshold of a new moon and we are in the last days of winter. today is a day to meditate on the "thaw". what have you been saving that now needs to come out of storage or deep freeze and begin to breathe again? is there also something you have been holding onto that it's time to let go of? today is the day to shed the heaviness of your life and begin to welcome in the light of spring. burn a white candle and rose, wisteria, or sandalwood incense to honor the spirit of this day and to create a magickal aura of opening and clearing. With the moon in Pisces, you can feel compassion for yourself and others. let go and let god/dess.
blessed be

Friday, March 16, 2007

"I don't intend for this to take on a political tone. I'm just here for the drugs." [PPP]

Nancy Reagan loved astrologers and she coined the term "Just Say NO!" Now she is leading the cause for stem cell research. If you need more help on these issues, this site has good information on drug rehab and cord blood therapy. There's also a lighter side with some funny cartoon slogans and drug lingo. I never knew Cocaine was called Booger Sugar, but it certainly makes sense.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beware the Ides of March

13 for Protection
all these ingredients can be used for protection. you can add them to bath water or a ouanga bag to carry. Some can be burned as incense and others brewed into teas.

1. sage
for general protection and purification of a space.

2. cedar
for protection and well being.

3. rosemary
wards off witchcraft and evil spells.

4. blueberries
protects children. to be eaten or stain hands and feet for protection.

5. henna
highly protective. stain hair or hands and feet

6. Lamb
highly protective when offered to gods as sacrifice and also when eaten. lamb's blood used to mark doors to prevent evil and angel of death from entering.

7. parsley
eat for protection from the dead.

8. Tiger's Eye
wear or carry to destroy plots.

9. vetivert
a root of power and protection.

10. Bay Rum
A cologne worn to ward off all forms of evil. (also brings good luck at the racetrack.)

11. Palm
take two leaves of palm and make a cross by cutting a slit in one. Hold it in vertical position and place the second frond through the slit horizontally to form the cross. Keep in a bottle of holy water to guard and protect. When serious protection is needed, burn the palm cross and pray the 23rd psalm.

12. Hickory
burn the bark or smoke meat in hickory. Inhaling the smoke brings protection and calm.

13. dragonsblood
this is a resin (from a tree) used to protect from evil and used to prepare ink for drawing magickal seals of protection. guards against sudden death.

information provided from The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients

Monday, March 12, 2007

Witch Dr on New York Public Radio

A few weeks ago, I let you all know that I would be casting a spell for political change and lending my magick to one of the Presidential Candidates. Are you curious as to who it is? Well then click here and listen to the audio recording at It's a great show and Witch Dr casts her spell after the report on the state of Florida joining the axis of evil and Derrick Beckles on coal mining and mountaintop removal. Comedians Brett Gelman and Jon Daly also stop by on the show. Check it out!

The show was originally aired on Monday, March 12th, on New York Public Radio AM820 at 8:00 PM. There is also a free podcast on iTunes and post audio of all shows at

Big thanks to Lauren Frey of Public Radio International for conducting my interview and asking me to participate in such an important way. Goddess willing, this magic will call attention to a candidate who really is able and willing to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

Manic Monday #6 Click

Oh my goddess - this is fabulous
and captures the REAL Dorothy.
Only a CLICK away to view!

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

13 Ways to Ward off Crazy Ex Lovers and/or Stalkers

This post inspired by witch dr's recent harrowing experience of being contacted by an ex 13 years after the breakup. Still crazy after all these years. Do you have someone who supposedly still "loves" you but in reality wants to deliver a knock out punch?
Below are some solutions (magickal and real).

1 don't answer or return phone calls.

2 don't read or respond to emails.

3. block the sender. I'm sure you know how to do this in cyberspace on your email account. to spiritually block, visualize reflective mirrors around you to block yourself from receiving any negative energy.

4. do not engage.

5. burn sage.

6. burn blue candles for protection.

7. take a cleansing and protection bath in white and black seasalt, lemon juice, and hops (an ingredient found in most beers).

8. carry a greek or turkish eye.

9. pass a whole egg down your body beginning at the crown of the head and traveling all the way down to the soles of the feet. Spiral the egg down, using both hands, in a counterclockwise direction. When you have finished, place the egg in a paper and plastic bag and smash. Throw in the trash outside of dwelling. This ritual helps to remove any astral cords or bonds.

10. get rid of any belongings you may have of this persons.

11. laugh. laugh. laugh a lot and then laugh some more.

12. Tell them to get lost, move on, get over it, etc...

13. if necessary, call the cops and get an order of protection.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Manic Monday #5 Let it Blow Over

Dear Witch Dr
I am beside myself as I keep doing love spells on this guy and they seem to have no effect. In fact, they seem to drive him even further away as I become more and more taken with him. Can you please advise?
- driven and depressed

Dear D&D
Working love magick on another person is often tricky and even considered "black magick". While reserving making any judgements on you, I will say that in my opinion your magic is ineffectual for the following reasons. Generally, when this type of magick is done, one person is OBSESSING over another. The obsessive person often does not release the magick but instead holds onto it. In essence your spell is like a big HELIUM BALLOON that you have BLOWN up. But instead of then letting go of the string and allowing the balloon to fly and float up in the cosmos, you are holding onto the string and bobbing up and down with it. Letting go would be equivalent to sending your prayer up above so that it may manifest down below. By holding on, the energy is not released so the person you are trying to work feels nothing. On the other hand, you end up feeling more and more. You'll need to let that "balloon spell" go and BLOW in the wind - that is if you haven't already BLOWN it! You'll need to know that magick such as this can have the opposite effect. The person may in fact begin to dislike you more and more as you work magick to gain their affections. Attempting to control another's will and affections can often have adverse effects especially if the soul you are working is a strong and spiritual one.

Here are some things I suggest to turn this energy around.
  • approach him. flirt with him. find out on the real plane if he actually has any interest in you.
  • work a spell to make yourself more magnetic and attractive. something to get yourself noticed as opposed to forcing another to have certain feelings for you.
  • keep doing what you are doing but release the energy and that means BLOW him off. Pay him no mind. Don't even think about him and then see if he doesn't come around.
good luck and good magick!
-Witch Dr

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Which religion is the right one for you?

You scored as Paganism. Your beliefs are most closely aligned with those of paganism, Wicca, or a similar earth-based religion. You may also follow a Native American religion.



















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Thursday, March 01, 2007

13 Weird Witchy Moments in the Occult World #8

1. Psychic reading performed for a woman whose mother had recently died. Woman wanted to know about her boyfriend (not her mother) but the spirit of her dead mother entered the room. After the reading, this spirit decided to leave with me and stuck to my trail for 2 years incessantly throwing in her 2 cents on MY love life. It was very distracting and difficult to get laid during this period as Mama was very picky about who I should date. Finally the daughter contacted me again and expressed a great interest in what her mother had to say concerning men. After I gave her this information, la Mama departed from my life and the earthly realms. Daughter now happily married and Witch Dr. also in love. :) Of course, in hindsight, I realize Mother Ghost was always correct in her assessments of both of our love lives but to this day, I no longer make HOUSE CALLS!

2. In the 80's when I worked at Enchantments, Lord Hermes and I used to prepare a dozen protection candles a week for a certain Colombian drug lord. She tipped up with huge rocks of pure cocaine. After awhile, the quality decreased and one time, the coke was cut with some awful shit that gave Hermes a nose bleed. He insisted that we carve all the seals upside down on her candles that week. Immediately after, she was apprehended at the airport, her drugs confiscated, and she went off to serve a very long prison term. (Goddess nose, you should NEVER cross a witch!)

3. Madonna once visited the shop and ordered a candle to get good reviews in a play she was in. I didn't recognize her as I was busy with my managerial duties. One of the apprentices asked me how to prepare the magick and I quickly and efficiently uttered off some oils, herbs, incantations, and seals. The following week, I attended my creative writing class at Columbia with Arthur Kopit. He began the class with a tirade about the horrible David Mamet play (Speed the Plow) with Madonna in it. He was in an uproar because he thought that the play and Madonna were so incredibly awful yet both had gotten good reviews. He thought the reviewers must have been under some kind of MAGICK SPELL! I had a good laugh over that one.

4. Carolyn Bessette and a gaggle of superchic girls were downtown slumming and wandered into the shop. CB and another woman both asked for a magick candle spell to marry JFK Jr. Earlier that day, seven black girls and three white chics had come in for candlespells to marry Michael Jackson. (this was in the Scream and You are Not Alone years.)I just thought it was a weird day with Venus retrograde. While we were preparing the candles, the women got in a catfight and one said to CB, "If you marry him, I hope you die!" Whoah...spooky!!!

5. It was Father's Day and we were closing early. Some guy was banging at the door and pleading for us to let him in. He said it was an emergency. I asked him through the door what he wanted and he kept yelling: "Dad Dad. An oil for Dad." Well, contrary to the popular saying, "colder than a witches' tit", I actually felt a soft spot in my heart for the guy and opened the door. "Oh that's so sweet," I said, "you want to buy some magickal oil for your Dad." "No no" the man insisted. "DAD DEAD oil." O, dear, how sad. His father has died and perhaps he wants some oil to commemorate his passing with a ritual on Father's Day. I opened the door all the way and let him in. "Here, you are Sir, a vial of holy Lotus oil for honoring departed spirits. The man knocked the dram of oil away and yelled: "No Dad - no no I want DEAD DEAD oil! To KILL someone!" I threw him out immediately. No good deed goes unpunished.

6. My book PowerSpells was released in September of 2001. My booksigning at the Borders in the World Trade Center was cancelled along with all my press coverage. One of the news stations called to say they would promote the book if I did a spell to kill Osama Bin Laden. I refused. I offered to do a spell (from the book) on economic recovery but they weren't interested.

7. Jalup was the shop cat at Enchantments for over 9 years. When he became sick with Cancer and riddled with pain, Dr Sally Haddock thought it was time to send him to the Summerlands. She agreed to hold off the procedure for an hour so that his loved ones could come and say goodbye. It took the entire afternoon. Word spread around the East Village and a line of people formed two blocks long to say goodbye to this most magickal cat. No one at the Vets office had ever witnessed anything like it.

8. I dreamt I went on a date with Joan Rivers. She was wearing a red dress and when we kissed, she went "ooo oooo oooo" and then an alarm went off. A week later, her people called to invite me on her show. I demonstrated how to work a love spell using red figure candles. The other guest on the show had written a book called The 60 Minute Orgasm. Joan had an egg timer on the set. It went off every 20 minutes and each time she would say "ooo ooo ooooo - I'm still coming!" Pretty funny stuff!

9. A very dissatisfied customer walked in with a weight loss candle she wanted to return. She claimed it did not work. After questioning her, she revealed that she had lit the candle and placed it on the mantle and then not paid it much mind. In the 7 days of burning time, she had gained 7 lbs. In the meanwhile, her room mate had come home from work every night and sat in front of the candle. The room mate lost 10.5 lbs. Ahem, the candle DID WORK! We did not refund her money but suggested that perhaps her room mate come in and buy the next round:)

10. One summer we held meditations in the Enchanted Garden. Each night focused on a different tarot card and kabbalistic and ceremonial meditations were done on that card. On the 15th night, the card was of course, the Devil. Bondage, restriction, enslavement, and loss of freedom and rights were meditated upon. A huge posterboard of the card sat in the center of the altar. Someone in the neighborhood called the cops who broke in on our ceremony. (Ah, this did not look so good for us. ) I imagine they were a bit spooked, and of course they busted up the meeting and told us all to go home. There was not one among us who did not have a direct understanding of the devil and his restrictions of personal freedoms after that night. Also interesting and fitting that the police arrived on this night only. We were quite raucous witches on the night of the Fool, yet we were left alone to be completely wild and free in our abandon.

11. Called upon to banish a ghost from an Upper East Side apartment. After a long and arduous ritual, a mist appeared in the room and a woman in a grey dress walked out of a mirror. As more and more smoke appeared, the woman produced a bottle of Chanel #5 perfume from thin air. She sprayed a mist around herself and then evaporated. The smoke lifted and we felt the job was done. After some research it was revealed that the apartment building had once been a perfume factory and a woman had died in a fire there.

12. Killer spell done for Manhattan apartment petitioning the goddess Oshun. Impossible and luxurious elements requested. Apartment found. Three stories, a garden, a fireplace, kitchen with two ovens...going over the check list, it occurred to me that Oshun had left out one important demand. Pondering this, I found myself walking over to one of the bedroom windows. It was almost as if I was being led by some supernatural force. The window opened on its own, and I felt my head being pushed out and turned to the right with a gentle but firm hand. I was perhaps on the verge of freaking out as I felt my body being pushed a bit further. At that moment dusk was approaching and my bugged out eyes found themselves staring right into the Empire State Building as it lit up in a magnificent orange. There it was. THE VIEW!

13. On a book tour in Boston. Arrived on a cold and rainy night. A collision on the freeway. My publicist and the driver in the front seat and wearing seatbelts. They were both injured badly from the airbags. I was in the back, very tired, and without a belt. I should have gone through the windshield from the impact but I felt the arms and hands of an angel shield me as if they were a safety belt protecting my chest and neck. I was not harmed at all. Only the talisman for protection in travel fell from my neck. This accident occurred a year after my brother was killed in a car accident and I am quite sure he was the angel that came to my rescue!

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