Monday, November 27, 2006


Hi Lexa .. I hope you can help me, I am not a practising witch and work as a medium. I recently conducted a vigil in a building with a dark past, of which we were completely unaware until we started. During the course of the night I encountered a witch doctor energy, very strong, but trapped within a world he doesn't understand. He was taken by force by an English ship for the merchant trader who owned the property at the time. I need to help him, he is an innocent, my angels told me that I need a phrase that he would recognise and make me friend, or at least stop him from trying to chase me out. If I can link with him i can take instruction from him, I have the knowledge to do that. There is no one that I can find to help me to help him, so I surfed and found you, instinct tells me you can help me. I'm returning to the location in December. There has been great sadness and pain and several of these souls linger, I will set them free, being a chaneller they showed me how cruelly they had been used, it was tragic. This man gave his name as Nakano, but that his new masters shorted it to Kano. I know it's an odd request, but I would be grateful for any guidance you could give me. Lots of thank yous in advance Mitch

Dear Mitch
well, Nakano sounds Japanese to me but Japan doesn't seem to fit in with your storyline. You'll need to ask your angels for that phrase to connect with him. (Actually, it's refreshing to know that Google CAN'T be counted on for EVERTHING!) In my experience, the best way to help a lost spirit is to light a white candle and in a soft and reassuring voice ask the spirit to go to the LIGHT. In some cases, you must demand that and use a bit more volume. For more stubborn cases, I have used the LBR (lesser banishing ritual) of Aleister Crowley's OTO to banish spirits and I have had great success in clearing the space of spirits. It sounds like your friend just needs a bit of encourgment to continue his journey and I agree that it would be of some value to learn how to say "go towards the light" in his native tongue. If your angel is not forthcoming, there is a demon spirit named Forneus who gives the knowledge of language. He's a Leo and pretty friendly towards humans. You may wear his sigil to invoke his help and it will be even more effective if you create an altar to draw him near. Place the 7 of Rods tarot card in the center of the table and burn seven orange candles around the card. Place a bowl of sunflower seeds (in the shells) on the altar as an offering to summon his help.
good luck with the ghostbusting!

Monday, November 20, 2006


To AsktheWitchDR

Since 1996 I have been in a relationship with a woman.
On 10/25/75 I married a man with whom I was very much in love with. I left him in June, '78 as I was a full-blown alcoholic and wanted more out of life than what I was getting.
Now I find myself wanting my ex-husband. He and I have been in contact, via email for one year now and have expressed our love for one another. He is currently married with two children.
What is my path? I am soooo confused. The woman with whom I have built a relationship with is becoming less and less important to me.

Wow, you are in a tight spot. I chose to publish your question because this is exactly the type of dilemma that calls for a FULL AND COMPREHENSIVE PSYCHIC READING. A good way to clear up all your confusion would be to examine not only your birth chart but your solar return and progressed charts as well as all current astrological transits. This would inform us about your soul's path as well as the challenges you will be facing. The tarot cards can shed light on the feelings and thoughts of others involved in your situation. It seems like you know what you want, and your question is more how to go about getting it. A real in depth spiritual look at all facets of your situation would insure that you take the path most likely to lead to success, happiness, and fulfillment. Please contact me through my website if you would like to work with me for personal counseling.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Dear Lady Venus -
I'm totally confused and now in a real funk over a situation. My boyfriend (Taurus) and I (Scorpio) are truly in love. Everything seemed to be going fine until the weekend before Halloween when all hell broke loose. It seems like we lost the connection and now all attempts to communicate since then have failed. We've had disagreements before and worked things through, but in the past two weeks whenever we talk, it ends up turning into an argument that escalates and makes things worse. We were also caught off guard when both of our exes appeared on the scene and started causing all kinds of trouble. Does this have something to do with Halloween? I knew it was a kind of spooky holiday, but this is truly weird. Do you think I offended some spirits or someone put a hex on us? What can I do to make this right? I'm so sad and at a loss for what to do. Please help!
- Perplexed Polly

Dear Polly,
It sounds like you and your beau definitely got "tricked" but I would venture to guess that the source of your difficulties did not stem from Halloween but rather from the dreaded MERCURY RETROGRADE which began on Sunday the 29th of October. I'm sure both of you are experiencing a more intensified version than the rest of the signs as Mercury is in Scorpio. That means the planet is conjunct your sun (think SIDESWIPED) and it is in opposition to your boyfriend's sun (think HEAD ON COLLISION)! Mercury retrograde is infamous for causing communication problems and also for dragging ex lovers out of the woodwork. Best thing to do is JUST SIT TIGHT. The planet will begin its forward motion on the 18th of November and you should be able to sort it all out then. If you need a little something to take the edge off, I suggest burning white and pink candles alternatively. These colors are for stress reduction and love healing. Rub some lavender oil on the candles or sprinkle a circle of dried lavender flowers around the candles. This will help to calm you both down and open the lines for constructive communication. As for the exes haunting you, let them know that Halloween is OVER and it's time to GO BACK FROM WHENCE THEY CAME! If that doesn't work, use ye old trusty freezer spell.
best of luck in love
Lady V

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Hello Miss Lexa,
I'm writing to you in hopes of some help with a spell. I've been having a really difficult time at work. I love my job but the company I work for recently downsized and now I'm left carrying a triple load (maybe even more). I'm also low man on the totem pole so everyone has been treating me like (pardon my French) S-H-I-T! I am definitely sick and tired of this abuse and I'd like it to stop. At the same time, I don't want to be too outspoken now because everyone is feeling really nervous and paranoid and I don't want to risk losing my job by blowing a fuse. Still, I really feel I need and deserve some (pardon my Aretha) R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Got anything extremely effective but considerably low key that might help?
ever grateful Harried Harriet

Dear Harriet
I have the perfect remedy. It's called BOSS FIX and it comes from the old Magickal Formulary from the Magickal Childe apothecary which we lovingly refer to as "the Hermanary". It is used to stop harassment from both bosses and co-workers and encourages them to treat the user with dignity, consideration, and the utmost of "Arethaness". It may take a few days to kick in but the effects are 99.9% guaranteed to make you SO DAMN HAPPY at work. Here are the ingredients:
Musk oil
Chili powder
Pulverized newsprint
To prepare, take the front page (sports is also good) of your favorite newspaper (after you've read it) and shred it up in tiny strips. Then add to a coffee grinder or food processor to pulverize. Sprinkle a tablespoon of chili powder or red pepper and a pinch of pipe tobacco or empty the tobacco contents of a cigarette into the mix. Add 3 drops of musk oil and mix thoroughly. Concentrate fully on resolving your problem as you prepare the blend.

Now that you have created your Boss Fix Powder, take it to work. Remember to be discreet. DO NOT BLOW IT IN THE FACES OF YOUR CO-WORKERS! Place it somewhere subtle like under carpets or behind the water cooler or in the bottom of a paperclip box sitting on your desk. Smile. And Sing (or Hum a tune quietly). Rescue Me, I Say a Little Prayer, I Will Survive, and Respect are all good choices. Good Luck Harriet!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain dear Readers! Today I am combining two letters which somehow seem to go together:

Dear Lexa:
Although I've considered myself a practicing witch for about 12 years now, I actually don't do many spells. However, I notice that certain times of the year-like now-call to me so strongly I just feel alive with magic. Its definitely a power surge that I greatly enjoy, but often I have no real needs to cast spells for. Could you shed some light on this experience of internal magic just lighting up like a bonfire and suggest some ways to indulge in the experience?
Thanks so much!
Wise Woman
Its enough for me to think that angels, or for that matter,
any form of goodness functions like water; they run into any opening they are given.
-Martha Beck

Dear Lexa –
I'm a young witchlet without a coven yet and I really want to celebrate Samhain (not just Halloween)! What can I do to make it special?
Blessed Be
Sorceress's Aprentice

Dear W.W. and S.A.
I can appreciate where both of you are coming from. I remember ye days of old when I was a young solitary practitioner without a coven or a clue. I also look back fondly at my days of working with a coven and then coupling with a Priest. After 25 + years, I have come full circle and find myself quite happy to once again be working as a Solitary.

Ok, here are some pointers I have to offer: Like you Wise Woman, I rarely have need to work spells (for myself) although much of my life is infused with ritual intention. The internal magick (as you put it) must be honored because it is so powerful. It always makes me think of the opening scene of the 1963 film THE RAVEN. Peter Lorre and Vincent Price are having a magickal battle. Lorre is desperately trying to set up an elaborate ceremonial altar and frantically looking for his "magickal equipment". Price in the meantime, just waves his hand and works wonders. Certainly an unfair fight but funny as hell! This teaches us that sometimes the smallest gesture can produce grand results whilst the greatest efforts may end up ineffectual.

I think the best way to honor your magick is to be in touch with the season. Connect with the Crone and find your inner wisdom. Whether your bonfire is actual or in spirit, let it fuel your every moment so that even the mundane becomes magickal. And young witchlet, don't knock Halloween just because you don't have a coven. You know what, Muggle parties can be a heck of a lot of fun! After years of Witches' Balls, I find them kind a "old witches' hat" and I prefer to tango and ballroom dance the night away with the 'regular folk'. So that's where I'll be tonight. I enjoy being the only witch among them and standing proud and out of the broom closet. Will I wear a costume? Nope, I prefer to go as myself this year because there's no one else I'd rather be! (Wise Woman, I'm sure you can appreciate that sentiment.)
Now don't get me wrong - after going out on the town, I'll be home by midnight to do my witchy thing. I'll be casting a spell to raise creative energy. And how will I do that? I'll begin writing my NaNoWriMo novel. Sure I'll probably light a candle and burn some incense, but the REAL MAGICK is in beginning this work. Remember - this is the Witches' New Year, so you can handle your ritual in the same way you would on Jan 1.

What is it you want to invoke for the new year?

On Nov 1, I'll take some time to remember my loved ones who have passed over. This is really what this holiday is about. There on the right is Jalup. Our old cat at Ye Old Occult shop where I used to work. Jalup was the best cat a witch could ever have and I'll put out some Beef Jerky for him (his favorite) in case he decides to stop by.

I'll also honor and remember (with a mixture of sorrow and joy) my darling brother Jory who passed over 7 years ago in a car accident. He was one of the most special people in my life and I miss him dearly. One of the great things about this time of year is that the departed are close by. The veil is lifted and communication can be stronger than at any other time of the year. The Goddess also brings comfort at this time. Remember, it is the season of death and change. Honor these themes in your life (in your own way) and you are guarranteed to feel the Magick!

For more ritual on Samhain see Sacred Harvest Fruits