Monday, January 29, 2007

Supplement your Spirituality [PPP]

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As a psychic, prophet, and witch I received messages for over 40 years about a new religion coming. I saw visions of science and religion walking hand in hand. Is a fulfillment of these prophecies? I love their message that no gods need be destroyed but rather all welcomed into the "Hall of the Almighty" as diversified images of the multi-faceted gem that is the Divine. Supplementology calls for an end to superstition through union of science and spirituality. The nine forms place the power of actions and deeds above that of rote prayer, successful family life and proper raising of children, and belief in the immortal spirit of mankind. Founder Rev. Smith was plunged into the dark depths of the abyss and successfully emerged into the light. He is now dedicated to sharing that light with others. I think you will find the teachings to be healing and on the path to enlightenment.
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