Thursday, January 25, 2007

13 Names for Witches Familiars TT#3

The Witches' Familiar is more than just a pet. It is a sacred animal spirit that has formed a powerful and magickal bond with the witch. The familiar serves as intimate companion, guardian, and often helps the witch to carry out her magickal operations. It is also traditional for the familiar to don a magickal name just as the witch does.

Here are some traditional Wiccan choices
but you may choose one of your own to name your familiar.
1 Cat - Pywackette or Pyewacket, Greymalkin, Bast
2 Dog - Cerberus, Artemis, Anubus, Hel, Madra
3 Bird - Pandora, Odin, Venus
4 Pig - Jalup, Attis, Demeter
5 Horse - Epona, Pegasus
6 Snake - Lilith , Asclepios
7 Lizard - Sebek, Tipa
8 Rat - Piper
9 Toad - King, Prince, Hecate
10 Hare - Luna, Cottontail
11 Goat - Pan, Amalthea
12 Fish – Aphrodite, Neptune,
13 Spider – Arachne, Arianrhod, Teotihuacan

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Scouser said...

Hi, cool T13, I have a friend who used to have a cat called Pyewacket. I got here from The T13 Hub but you have entered your URL wrong and so may not get many visitors from there. I would suggest you return and correct the URL. BTW my T13 is here

Tink said...

Interesting TT again. For me my familiar has aways been a cat. My cats are called Freyja & Bastet.
My TT lists 13 of my favourite goddess & fantasy artists.

Fence said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. And for the welcome to TT

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

Interesting list! Happy TT! Joely

Kuanyin said...

Interesting blog! I'll be back! Blessings...Kuanyin

Rachel said...

haven't quite picked up a familiar yet...I'm sure I'll find one eventually. Until then, I'll have four curious cats who think they want to be a pest more than be a help.

Good list!

Rashenbo said...

I think having a dog with the name Cerberus would be cool. :) I wanted to name a cat Malificent once... and Bethsheba :)Not really witch like I guess... but I just thought they sounded nice.

Interesting TT list. Thank you for sharing. Have a fantastic Thursday.

Kuanyin said...

Yes...lets do that!Going to go add you now! Blessings!

Raggedy said...

Interestin list.
My TT is posted
Have a wonderful Thursday!

crpitt said...

I think i would have to choose a bird, I was born in the Year of the Rooster and my whole family love Birds, so it would make sense to have a bird Familiar.
A most excellent TT, looking forward to your Manic Monday from a fellow minion.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I am new to witchcraft. Very new. I was wondering if there was a ritual of some kind to draw me to my familiar or vice versa. Can someone help me?

tina and keith said...

My sweet sweet cat Speckles passed away at the vets yesterday. He was one of three kittens brought to my doorstep by there mom who is a feral living in the woods behind my house.
I had worked with Speckles since he was a kitten, gaining his trust and love. It was time for him to be neutered since he chose to live outdoors rather than in. I received the horrible phone call from the vet in the afternoon saying Speckles didn't make it. They didn't know why or how. He woke up from surgery fine but an hour later was found dead in his cage. My heart still breaks when I think of him.
His litter mate (a little tiger female) is now visiting my doorstep. I am hoping I can gain her trust and love too, but will be more cautious and wait a little longer before I have her fixed. I do not want to loose another one.