Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fairy Dust

Dear Lady Venus
do you have any advice about easy enchantments? The spells I've read are rather complicated and I'm a newbie. I just want some guys at school to notice me more than the other girls. Thank you.

Dear Pixie
Here's an enchantment I think you will find pretty simple and FUN to do! Witches refer to glitter as ‘fairy dust’ and use it to attract friendly nature spirits to enhance their bewitchments. A woman’s’ hair is considered so powerful a sexual attractant that in many cultures women are forced to cover their hair. I suggest you cover your hair in fairy dust to get the guys' attentions. Stick with pink for general attraction. Don't use red, unless you want to drive one special man mad. When you apply glitter to the face or body, say a few words about loving yourself. Fairies also deliver self -confidence on the backs of their wings. And there's nothing like a healthy dose of cool 'tude to get you noticed!

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