Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Shapeshifting and Genderbending

Staten Island asks...
Is there any way that i would be able to change genders or shapeshift by using witchcraft? If so how? Or is there anything close to that.

Dear S.I.
magick and shamanic traditions hold many secrets to shapeshifting and gender changing. There are many myths about the Orisha Chango changing his sex to gain access to areas restricted to males in order to get closer to the women he loved. Zeus is also infamous for this deception. I believe it is easier for the gods to accomplish this than for mere mortals. Nonetheless there have been numerous talismans created and invocations to spirits in order to accomplish these ends. If you seek this out you will find numerous volumes written on the subject. Here are a few ideas just to get you started.

Orias is one of the spirits of the Goetia associated with this work. Here is his seal and the ingredients used to invoke him are patchouli, vetivert, lime, and bay. The Seal must be copied on parchment paper and anointed with an oil or powder made of these ingredients. You will have to refer to the Lesser Key of Solomon for complete rituals and invocations.

Meditation is also one of the key elements to shapeshifting. The magician must visualize the characteristics of the animal, creature, sex that s/he wants to become and allow these energies to enter into the auric field. When done properly, the auric field will then inform and influence the body and can create a physical manifestation and change. One must also take precautions similar to those used in astral travel when attempting such work. Basically, one must enter into the relationship with a definite date/time for ending the association in mind. I strongly suggest utilizing this technique unless you are 100% ready to completely give up your current identity.


brian said...

what if i WAS 100% ready to give my identity up?

Johnny said...

I am ready to give my identity up