Friday, December 29, 2006

House Blessing

Dear Lexa

Just wondering if you had any suggestions of spells that I could use to create and attract positive energies to the new house and guest houses we are building in Marrakesh. I want protection from evil spirits as well. Thank you for any help you can provide. And thanks for your supportive comment on my blog;-)

Maryam in Marrakesh

Hi Maryam

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog. In answer to your request, I would suggest adding cedar wood to your new homes. It is one of the best woods for positive energy and always invokes prosperity, protection, and light. If it is possible, I would use this wood for foundation beams. Or for the construction of some key pieces of furniture. The oil can also be added to floorwashes or incense of cedar wood burned to bless the home. Rosemary is also a good protective herb and can be sprinkled around or grown in the garden to ward off evil spirits.

On a new moon, I suggest cleansing and blessing the homes. After doing a physical cleaning of the house, begin by sweeping with a new broom in a counterclockwise direction starting at the front door. Complete the circle by returning to the front door, and open the door. Sweep the broom briskly 3x over the threshold towards the outside while saying 3x: "I rid this home of all negative energies. So mote it be!" Close the front door.
Next you will carry the four elements around the home in a clockwise direction also beginning at the front door to consecrate and bless the home. You will use salt to represent the element of earth. Incense to represent the element of air. A white candle to represent the element of fire, and spring or holy water for the element of water. As you carry each element around say: " I bless and consecrate this space with the element of (earth, air, fire, water) removing all negativity and invoking good herein. May this home be a sacred space and protected by the power and light of *Hestia; goddess of hearth and home. So Mote it Be."

Finally, Tuesday is considered the best day to move in to a home. Bread, salt, sugar (or honey), and pennies (or coins)should be brought into the home with you to bless and protect the inhabitants.

best of luck and I'll check in with your blog to see how it's all developing.

*although Hestia is the traditional goddess to invoke for matters of the home, you may call upon any name of Divine Spirit that you wish.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Gnostic Tarot

Dear Lexa,

Thanks for the kind-words at my blog. I have a question about the tarot: do you think there is a connection in their origin to the Cathars/Gnostics?
Best wishes for the holidays!
warm regards,
Matt Janovic

Dear Matt

I believe there are definite ties between the Cathars/Gnostics with regard to the development, study, and design of the Tarot.

We know that some of the most illustrious modern occult figures such as Dr. William Wynn Westcott and MacGregor Mathers (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn), Aleister Crowley (Ordo Templi Orientis), Arthur Edward Waite (Fellowship of the Rosy Cross), and my favorite guide and teacher, Paul Foster Case (Builders of the Adytum/B.O.T.A.), dedicated their work and lives to connecting the dots and retracing the mystical origins of the tarot cards. These roots include ancient Hermetic, Kabbalistic (both Christian and Jewish), Rosicrucian, Masonic, and Gnostic teachings.

The closest direct connection I have found between the Tarot and the Gnostic/Cathars comes from a work entitled Occult and Mystical Freemasonry (1643 - 1943) MARTINISM History and Doctrine by Robert Ambelain. Ambelain includes a discourse on an esoteric signature used by the occultist Martinez de Pasqually which is referred to as "figure four":
"This mysterious sign figures frequently among the inscriptions discovered by O. Rohn in the grottoes of the Aude region, in the heart of the legendary region of the Albigensian see, in the grottoes of Ornolac, most notably of Lambrives. These inscriptions were attributed by all the examiners to the Cathars who took refuge in these caverns.
When the Cathars, gnostic survival in the Middle Ages apparently disappeared, the same "figure four" was then adopted by another great society of thought, which we have named the Agla. Agla was an esoteric society in the Renaissance period, grouping together apprentices, companions and masters of Guilds associated with Books, librarians, engravers, printers, stationers, and book-binders, as well as card makers who created the first playing cards and the first Tarots."
It is interesting to note that the Cathar/Gnostic mysticism and teachings were deeply rooted in France and the oldest surviving deck, the Paris Tarot, is housed in the Bibiothéque Nationale in Paris. I doubt this is a coincidence.

Thank you for your most intelligent question and may the Gods and Goddesses of Fortune and Wisdom bless you with illumination, enlightenment, and prosperity in the New Year!
In Lux

Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Solstice Spread

Dear Lexa
I know you are a great psychic and priestess of the wicca. I am wondering if you know of any special readings that can be done for the Yule or Winter Solstice. With the cold months coming, I am wishing for some insight and wisdom to see me through until the spring. Any guidance you can offer will be quite appreciated.
blessed be
a friend and fan in Great Britain

Dear F&F
thank you for your inquiry. Below is a wonderful tarot spread

that I would love to give you as a gift for the season.

Have a cool Yule
blessed be


by Lady Venus

At the Solstice we greet the new born Sun King; the wheel turns and the days begin to wax full. The sun is the central life force of our solar system. This tarot spread combines the sun and planetary energies with the 78 sacred symbols of the Tarot.

Shuffle and cut the cards as usual. Place four cards in a vertical line, beginning at the bottom of the line. Place the fifth card across the fourth card. Then add six cards above the fourth card. You should have ten cards in a vertical line and one card crossing over the card in the fourth position.
  • The first or bottom card represents the Sun. Its' meaning will connect to and shed light on all the other cards. It represents the self or what is central to you at this time.
  • The second card is the Mercury position, the planet closest to the Sun. This card reveals your creative and communication skills, as well as what others are saying about you.
  • The third card is Venus and shows the love energy around you. (what you are giving out as well as receiving.)
  • The fourth card is the Earth position and represents your health, wealth, and material well being.
  • The fifth card (card crossing the Earth) is the Moon and symbolizes the emotional life and feelings connected to the Earth card. The moon position can also reveal psychic awareness.
  • The sixth position is Mars. This card reveals your ambition and/or sexual energy. If the card is negative it may mean you have sexual blocks (the Devil),trouble releasing your anger (eight of swords), or perhaps you are too combative (five of wands).
  • Jupiter is the seventh card and shows your potential growth (spiritual and financial), and the strength or weakness of your physical and psychic protection fields.
  • The eighth position, Saturn, shows the lessons you are learning and the restrictions placed upon you at this time.
  • Uranus in the ninth position informs you of unexpected events (positive or negative). It also reveals how much raw untapped creative energy you have at this time. Compare this card to the Mercury card. If they compliment each other, you are receiving Divine guidance and utilizing it properly.
  • Neptune in the tenth placement represents your dreams or fantasies. Compare it to the Venus card to understand whether you are expressing your love energy or suppressing your true desires.
  • The eleventh and final card is Pluto and unveils the darker issues in your life. It shows your spiritual power as well as the demons you must face and conquer. If the card is positive it means you are on the regenerative side of a disturbing issue in your life. If the card is negative it may mean you are spiraling downward and letting your inner demons have the upper hand.

This spread can be used to ask a question or to examine an issue, but I recommend it more as a general checkup to look at your planetary aura. If you want the reading to be of the highest spiritual or meditative order, use only the 22 Major Trump cards. If you are asking a question of a more earthly nature, use all 78 cards. Look for similar suits and which positions they fall in as that will indicate a relationship between those planets. Here are some examples:
  • Ace of Wands in the Mars position, Seven of Wands in the Mercury position, and Ten of Wands in the Saturn position indicate a relationship between these three planets. Perhaps your Mercury energy is moving in many different directions or people are offering you many different opportunities. Mars is saying to single out a particular goal and move on it. Saturn tells you the lesson is to be responsible and carry that goal out to its conclusion.
  • Two of pentacles in the Earth position, Three of Pentacles in the Moon position and Four of Pentacles in the Jupiter position. You are debating whether or not you should make a change. You feel good about your work, yet the Jupiter card is telling you to wait before making any kind of expansion, especially if it's financial.
  • Seven of cups in the Venus position and Three of Cups in the Neptune position. Looking at the seven alone, you might conclude that there is disillusionment in love. However the three and seven together mean that wishes will come true and inner needs and desires will be fulfilled. You are definitely on the right track in love, and probably overwhelmed that your inner needs are finally being met.
This spread uses eleven cards in all. Eleven is the number of Nuit, the Egyptian sky goddess. Her body encompasses all the stars in the heavens. The Solstice is also a time to honor the Goddess; Great Mother of the Lord of Light. Blessed Yule.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Dilemma Revisited

Dear Readers
If you recall, witchypoo was recently requested to help KW with a dilemma. She is losing the connection she once had with her lesbian lover and thinks she may want to get back with her ex husband (who is now married with children). Many of you have expressed an interest in this case and so the witch dr. has contacted KW with a proposition:

Dear KW

According to the string of comments on the original blog post, people are interested in you. I am willing to offer you a full consultation (astrological/psychic tarot) free of charge if you are willing to go public with it. Of course we don't have to use your real name. The readers know you as KW. I have to think this through, but for now what I have come up with is to do the reading over Microsoft Messenger or Gmail chat or Meebo* so that I have a text record of it. It would be even better if it could be an audio recording but as of now, I don't think that is doable on blogger beta. I would also need feedback from you on the progress of your relationship and life. You would be the first to participate with me in such a magickal undertaking.
Let me know what you think.

many blessings

*do any bloggers know if text messages on Meebo can be saved?

Here is the response:

Dear Lexa~

Wow, I think that is an amazing proposition! I can engage in something like this tomorrow, which is Saturday, Dec. 10 between 10:45 and noon (-- time). I doubt that I will have much more time to spare without 'prying eyes', if you know what I mean :)

You would need to walk me through the techno process as I am somewhat limited in my knowledge of the chat world.

Thank you so much for this opportunity and if the above date and time are not doable for you, I will give you another option and we can set something up.

This tells me that SOMETHING mystical is happening in my life!


Ok Readers, hang on to your broomsticks because we're gonna fly. Maybe not tomorrow...but stay tuned...It will be soon... :)

Monday, November 27, 2006


Hi Lexa .. I hope you can help me, I am not a practising witch and work as a medium. I recently conducted a vigil in a building with a dark past, of which we were completely unaware until we started. During the course of the night I encountered a witch doctor energy, very strong, but trapped within a world he doesn't understand. He was taken by force by an English ship for the merchant trader who owned the property at the time. I need to help him, he is an innocent, my angels told me that I need a phrase that he would recognise and make me friend, or at least stop him from trying to chase me out. If I can link with him i can take instruction from him, I have the knowledge to do that. There is no one that I can find to help me to help him, so I surfed and found you, instinct tells me you can help me. I'm returning to the location in December. There has been great sadness and pain and several of these souls linger, I will set them free, being a chaneller they showed me how cruelly they had been used, it was tragic. This man gave his name as Nakano, but that his new masters shorted it to Kano. I know it's an odd request, but I would be grateful for any guidance you could give me. Lots of thank yous in advance Mitch

Dear Mitch
well, Nakano sounds Japanese to me but Japan doesn't seem to fit in with your storyline. You'll need to ask your angels for that phrase to connect with him. (Actually, it's refreshing to know that Google CAN'T be counted on for EVERTHING!) In my experience, the best way to help a lost spirit is to light a white candle and in a soft and reassuring voice ask the spirit to go to the LIGHT. In some cases, you must demand that and use a bit more volume. For more stubborn cases, I have used the LBR (lesser banishing ritual) of Aleister Crowley's OTO to banish spirits and I have had great success in clearing the space of spirits. It sounds like your friend just needs a bit of encourgment to continue his journey and I agree that it would be of some value to learn how to say "go towards the light" in his native tongue. If your angel is not forthcoming, there is a demon spirit named Forneus who gives the knowledge of language. He's a Leo and pretty friendly towards humans. You may wear his sigil to invoke his help and it will be even more effective if you create an altar to draw him near. Place the 7 of Rods tarot card in the center of the table and burn seven orange candles around the card. Place a bowl of sunflower seeds (in the shells) on the altar as an offering to summon his help.
good luck with the ghostbusting!

Monday, November 20, 2006


To AsktheWitchDR

Since 1996 I have been in a relationship with a woman.
On 10/25/75 I married a man with whom I was very much in love with. I left him in June, '78 as I was a full-blown alcoholic and wanted more out of life than what I was getting.
Now I find myself wanting my ex-husband. He and I have been in contact, via email for one year now and have expressed our love for one another. He is currently married with two children.
What is my path? I am soooo confused. The woman with whom I have built a relationship with is becoming less and less important to me.

Wow, you are in a tight spot. I chose to publish your question because this is exactly the type of dilemma that calls for a FULL AND COMPREHENSIVE PSYCHIC READING. A good way to clear up all your confusion would be to examine not only your birth chart but your solar return and progressed charts as well as all current astrological transits. This would inform us about your soul's path as well as the challenges you will be facing. The tarot cards can shed light on the feelings and thoughts of others involved in your situation. It seems like you know what you want, and your question is more how to go about getting it. A real in depth spiritual look at all facets of your situation would insure that you take the path most likely to lead to success, happiness, and fulfillment. Please contact me through my website if you would like to work with me for personal counseling.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Dear Lady Venus -
I'm totally confused and now in a real funk over a situation. My boyfriend (Taurus) and I (Scorpio) are truly in love. Everything seemed to be going fine until the weekend before Halloween when all hell broke loose. It seems like we lost the connection and now all attempts to communicate since then have failed. We've had disagreements before and worked things through, but in the past two weeks whenever we talk, it ends up turning into an argument that escalates and makes things worse. We were also caught off guard when both of our exes appeared on the scene and started causing all kinds of trouble. Does this have something to do with Halloween? I knew it was a kind of spooky holiday, but this is truly weird. Do you think I offended some spirits or someone put a hex on us? What can I do to make this right? I'm so sad and at a loss for what to do. Please help!
- Perplexed Polly

Dear Polly,
It sounds like you and your beau definitely got "tricked" but I would venture to guess that the source of your difficulties did not stem from Halloween but rather from the dreaded MERCURY RETROGRADE which began on Sunday the 29th of October. I'm sure both of you are experiencing a more intensified version than the rest of the signs as Mercury is in Scorpio. That means the planet is conjunct your sun (think SIDESWIPED) and it is in opposition to your boyfriend's sun (think HEAD ON COLLISION)! Mercury retrograde is infamous for causing communication problems and also for dragging ex lovers out of the woodwork. Best thing to do is JUST SIT TIGHT. The planet will begin its forward motion on the 18th of November and you should be able to sort it all out then. If you need a little something to take the edge off, I suggest burning white and pink candles alternatively. These colors are for stress reduction and love healing. Rub some lavender oil on the candles or sprinkle a circle of dried lavender flowers around the candles. This will help to calm you both down and open the lines for constructive communication. As for the exes haunting you, let them know that Halloween is OVER and it's time to GO BACK FROM WHENCE THEY CAME! If that doesn't work, use ye old trusty freezer spell.
best of luck in love
Lady V

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Hello Miss Lexa,
I'm writing to you in hopes of some help with a spell. I've been having a really difficult time at work. I love my job but the company I work for recently downsized and now I'm left carrying a triple load (maybe even more). I'm also low man on the totem pole so everyone has been treating me like (pardon my French) S-H-I-T! I am definitely sick and tired of this abuse and I'd like it to stop. At the same time, I don't want to be too outspoken now because everyone is feeling really nervous and paranoid and I don't want to risk losing my job by blowing a fuse. Still, I really feel I need and deserve some (pardon my Aretha) R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Got anything extremely effective but considerably low key that might help?
ever grateful Harried Harriet

Dear Harriet
I have the perfect remedy. It's called BOSS FIX and it comes from the old Magickal Formulary from the Magickal Childe apothecary which we lovingly refer to as "the Hermanary". It is used to stop harassment from both bosses and co-workers and encourages them to treat the user with dignity, consideration, and the utmost of "Arethaness". It may take a few days to kick in but the effects are 99.9% guaranteed to make you SO DAMN HAPPY at work. Here are the ingredients:
Musk oil
Chili powder
Pulverized newsprint
To prepare, take the front page (sports is also good) of your favorite newspaper (after you've read it) and shred it up in tiny strips. Then add to a coffee grinder or food processor to pulverize. Sprinkle a tablespoon of chili powder or red pepper and a pinch of pipe tobacco or empty the tobacco contents of a cigarette into the mix. Add 3 drops of musk oil and mix thoroughly. Concentrate fully on resolving your problem as you prepare the blend.

Now that you have created your Boss Fix Powder, take it to work. Remember to be discreet. DO NOT BLOW IT IN THE FACES OF YOUR CO-WORKERS! Place it somewhere subtle like under carpets or behind the water cooler or in the bottom of a paperclip box sitting on your desk. Smile. And Sing (or Hum a tune quietly). Rescue Me, I Say a Little Prayer, I Will Survive, and Respect are all good choices. Good Luck Harriet!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain dear Readers! Today I am combining two letters which somehow seem to go together:

Dear Lexa:
Although I've considered myself a practicing witch for about 12 years now, I actually don't do many spells. However, I notice that certain times of the year-like now-call to me so strongly I just feel alive with magic. Its definitely a power surge that I greatly enjoy, but often I have no real needs to cast spells for. Could you shed some light on this experience of internal magic just lighting up like a bonfire and suggest some ways to indulge in the experience?
Thanks so much!
Wise Woman
Its enough for me to think that angels, or for that matter,
any form of goodness functions like water; they run into any opening they are given.
-Martha Beck

Dear Lexa –
I'm a young witchlet without a coven yet and I really want to celebrate Samhain (not just Halloween)! What can I do to make it special?
Blessed Be
Sorceress's Aprentice

Dear W.W. and S.A.
I can appreciate where both of you are coming from. I remember ye days of old when I was a young solitary practitioner without a coven or a clue. I also look back fondly at my days of working with a coven and then coupling with a Priest. After 25 + years, I have come full circle and find myself quite happy to once again be working as a Solitary.

Ok, here are some pointers I have to offer: Like you Wise Woman, I rarely have need to work spells (for myself) although much of my life is infused with ritual intention. The internal magick (as you put it) must be honored because it is so powerful. It always makes me think of the opening scene of the 1963 film THE RAVEN. Peter Lorre and Vincent Price are having a magickal battle. Lorre is desperately trying to set up an elaborate ceremonial altar and frantically looking for his "magickal equipment". Price in the meantime, just waves his hand and works wonders. Certainly an unfair fight but funny as hell! This teaches us that sometimes the smallest gesture can produce grand results whilst the greatest efforts may end up ineffectual.

I think the best way to honor your magick is to be in touch with the season. Connect with the Crone and find your inner wisdom. Whether your bonfire is actual or in spirit, let it fuel your every moment so that even the mundane becomes magickal. And young witchlet, don't knock Halloween just because you don't have a coven. You know what, Muggle parties can be a heck of a lot of fun! After years of Witches' Balls, I find them kind a "old witches' hat" and I prefer to tango and ballroom dance the night away with the 'regular folk'. So that's where I'll be tonight. I enjoy being the only witch among them and standing proud and out of the broom closet. Will I wear a costume? Nope, I prefer to go as myself this year because there's no one else I'd rather be! (Wise Woman, I'm sure you can appreciate that sentiment.)
Now don't get me wrong - after going out on the town, I'll be home by midnight to do my witchy thing. I'll be casting a spell to raise creative energy. And how will I do that? I'll begin writing my NaNoWriMo novel. Sure I'll probably light a candle and burn some incense, but the REAL MAGICK is in beginning this work. Remember - this is the Witches' New Year, so you can handle your ritual in the same way you would on Jan 1.

What is it you want to invoke for the new year?

On Nov 1, I'll take some time to remember my loved ones who have passed over. This is really what this holiday is about. There on the right is Jalup. Our old cat at Ye Old Occult shop where I used to work. Jalup was the best cat a witch could ever have and I'll put out some Beef Jerky for him (his favorite) in case he decides to stop by.

I'll also honor and remember (with a mixture of sorrow and joy) my darling brother Jory who passed over 7 years ago in a car accident. He was one of the most special people in my life and I miss him dearly. One of the great things about this time of year is that the departed are close by. The veil is lifted and communication can be stronger than at any other time of the year. The Goddess also brings comfort at this time. Remember, it is the season of death and change. Honor these themes in your life (in your own way) and you are guarranteed to feel the Magick!

For more ritual on Samhain see Sacred Harvest Fruits

Monday, October 30, 2006

How to Hold on to a Dream Job...

Hello Lexa,
Thank you for this amazing site and all the fabulous work you do. I have several of your books and have worked many of the spells to MUCH success. I do have one question though. If someone has recently started a new job(somewhat dream job.. in the sense that is it is a crucial position to get their career to where it should be) what would be a great spell, talisman, etc. to work or use that could ensure success and great results. Aside from hard work and long hours which I have no problem doing, I would like to have something strong on my side to help me get that edge and have great results! Again, thank you for any advice you may have.


Hi Nicole,
Thank you for the terrific feedback and this is a great question. I have several spells concerning this and matters of a similar nature in my book
PowerSpells:Get the Magical Edge in Business, Work, Relationships, and Life. This is the book that kind of got lost in the shuffle as it was released in Sep of 2001. I had a book signing scheduled on Oct 13 in the Borders Bookstore located in the WTC, but of course, that never happened! Ok, just a spooky Halloween story interlude, before answering your question: The best magick to work for your situation, is to eat ROOT vegetables. This will help to ground and maintain your situation. I suggest eating beets as they are in season and one of the best for success! After cooking the beets (may I reccommend "al dente" to keep things crisp), add a tablespoon of olive oil for LONGEVITY and a teaspoon of vinegar to PRESERVE your situation. You can also add fresh dill to keep things exciting! Eat on Thursdays or Saturdays for best results. There is also another Root Vegetable spell included in the PowerSpells book.

Talismans are very powerful and thanks to all the wonderful pagan artists out there, we have so many to choose from.
Pepi is one of my favorite companies and has an excellent business and spiritual reputation. I would suggest one of the planetary talismans (such as Sun, Jupiter, or Mercury) to keep a good thing going, but you should also have a look at the magical talismans as well. Remember to consecrate your talisman with the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) and charge it with personal intent.
good luck and good magick
blessed be

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Tis' NOT The Season

Dear Lexa,
In your book,
Easy Enchantments, the spell 'To Mend A Broken Heart or To Soothe Feelings of Love', it calls for fresh lilacs. Is there a substitution that can be made during times of the year when fresh lilacs are not available? My friend and I are still learning but we have found your books and advice to be some of the best. My best friend has had the unfortunate luck to fall for a young man that has broken her heart. This combined with some lifelong bad luck has laid her low. She and I have struggled to make things better for not only herself but for all those that were around and we thought that this spell might be a solid addition to our efforts. The only problems are that 1.) It's October2.)We live in a rural area - florists have given us very strange looks whenwe even ask about lilacs at this time of year. 3.) We're both in college and struggling with money - ordering lilacs from a special grower over the net is simply beyond what our checkbooks can handle. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you so much for the wonderful information that you have out there.

Hi Heather
Thank you for the wonderful feedback. Your question is a good one and I mention quite often (usually in the introduction chapters of my books), that substitutions are generally valid although fresh is ALWAYS best. In this case, your friend can use Lilac scented soap or lilac oil which should be easier to find this time of year.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Devilishly Great Feedback

Oct 2 2006

Dear Lexa,
Thank you for posting my question on Ask the Witch Doctor and your advice & answer. I appreciate and am grateful for you taking the time to not only answer my question but look at my art. A few days ago I discovered, I was mentioned in the local paper and one of my rocking chairs appeared in two photos in the article- and I was the only artist mentioned by name. And at the same time was accepted into an art show with 3 of my paintings at a gallery named the best art gallery in Cleveland, Ohio.

I agree with you I need to be more assertive but part of me is very, very shy. I have your PowerSpells book a great book! & 4 other books of yours) and I confess I have not tried those spells you mentioned but I definitely will now. I also have a beautiful framed picture of Saraswati and I will include her in my chants & prayers.

Best Wishes,
Katie Pfeiffer

Hey Kate
According to St. Tomas (patron saint of art and booksellers), shyness is NOT a Virtue. So give that up girl!

2nd update Oct 26 2006

Hi Lexa,
Happy Samhain to you. 3 paintings are currently being exhibited at the Pop Shop in Lakewood Ohio in their Sugar Coated Halloween show which was voted the best art gallery in Cleveland. My mermaid & angel chairs were auctioned off at the hospital + a Halloween painting. I took my inspiration for the mermaid chair from German Expressionism. I used a layer of sparkly paint over the painting plus several coats of varnish to make the chairs sparkle.

I realized something after I wrote to you. Making art (or doing anything in your life) has to have passion & love behind it or you are wasting your time (in a spiritual sense). I want passion in my life and peace.

Thank you for the fame!


Thanks for the updates Lakshmigirl! I love the "sparkles" on the chairs. The witches call sparkles "fairydust" and believe they attract good spirits and success. Also remember to burn yellow candles weekly to keep that wonderful roll you're on going strong!

blessed Samhain and I love those cute little devils!

artwork by Kate

Quarter Calling

Hi Lexa –

We will be doing a ritual for a class next Sunday, and I have been informed that I may be asked to call a quarter. I’ve never done that before. Help!!!


¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´
Love, Rose

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men..

Dear Rose
First let's make sure all our other readers understand what "to call a quarter" means. When witches meet, first they purify salt, incense, a candle flame, and water symbolizing the four elements. They pass these four elements around themselves and the space for purification. They also anoint with sacred oil for purification. Now they are ready to cast a magick circle and call or invoke the four quarters of East, South, West, and North to guard and protect their sacred space. You must stand facing the direction of your quarter and draw an invoking pentagram in the air. Begin at the top point and draw down to the left corner, then go up to the right arm of the

pentagram, across to the left arm of the pentagram, down to the right leg, and up again to the top point to complete the five pointed star. Here is the invocation:

I summon, stir, and call ye forth of ye mighty ones
of the (east powers of sweet air/
south power of fire and desire/
west power of foam and ocean mist and wave/
north power of mountains and vast earth)
to witness our rite and guard and protect our circle.
In the Names of God and Goddess,
I bid ye Welcome.

BBBlessed BBBe

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Dear Lexa,
I read your post last week about the Cosmic Trigger and I also came across the same information on some other blogs. Well, I tried last Tuesday to think only positive thoughts and when the negative ones came creeping in, I pushed them down. At the end of the day, it was like a dam burst and all the rotten stuff I could possibly imagine was front and center in my brain. I often have this problem when I meditate or do visualizations and of course I was pretty distraught that it happened on that special day. Any advice, please! What can I do to correct this? Also, did I blow it? Will there be another chance for me to get my thoughts right in the future?
many thanks
Heady la Merde

Dear Heady
believe it or not, your problem is not uncommon. Many people do not do well with creative visualization and are advised to use other forms of magick such as affirmations or symbol meditation. A common problem with visualizations and affirmations is that folks often give up on them. It is not enough to do a visualization or say an affirmation 3 or 10 times and then wonder why it didn't work. Especially when you have 10 years of negative affirmations or bad movies playing in your head. You have to constantly repeat the positive statements or good images and give your brain some time to accept these in place of the negative ones. If you're used to seeing the downside, it's not enough to try just once to see the upside. And pushing those bad thoughts down will only make them stronger. It would be better to let all those thoughts come up front and center so you can clean all that "shit" out of your head instead of sweeping them under the carpet. So relax - it's all ok. You actually did a good job last week by letting your demons come up to the surface so you could get a good look at them. In it's own way, this is a very positive and healing visualization. Once you have confronted and banished these thoughts, you can try again to replace them with positive thoughts or visualizations.

According to the Zohar, this week deals with cleaning up toxic waste from our environments. The Kabbalah Center uses one of the 72 Names of G-d to help with this work. The three Hebrew letters of this name are Mem-Vav-Mem and should be meditated upon for spiritual cleansing.
Some people do better with looking at images or sacred symbols as this frees the mind of negative thought patterns and helps to bypass the demon gatekeepers and unlock the doors to the creative unconscious and spiritual realms. My brother and Priest, Ruby, who lives in Israel, has also sent me this sacred symbol that was divinely given to him during the Cosmic Trigger. He was asking for certain wonderful things to manifest in his life and like you, he had trouble going with the flow of his visualizations because his subconscious was filled with negating thoughts.
He asked spirit for help and this is what the spirit showed him. He has given permission to share it here. This is a very powerful seal and I have already experienced great results in using it in meditation.

Ruby explains the symbolism as follows:

the subconscious is represented by the moon
(female, dreams, imagination)
But it’s a new moon and therefore open to new beginnings.
The moon lies beneath and is therefore compelled
to bow down to the sun,
(the sun is the desire, the conscious, the male)
They are both inside a triangle which represents power and attraction.
And surrounded by the Oroboros or serpent swallowing its tail
(for protection, and alchemical transformation of the psyche).
You can write or draw symbols inside it to represent what you want.
You can also carve this seal onto white or yellow candles
and anoint with frankincense oil.
Frankincense is one of the best essential oils for working with
transforming the unconscious and breaking bad patterns and habits.
The seal can be drawn on parchment paper and
the four corners rubbed with frankincense oil
and then placed next to your head at night.
It is suggested to open your eyes in the middle of the night
to look at it and to affirm that your subconscious
is bending over to your desire.
Work with this seal repeatedly and it will bring you what you need!

There is no reason why we should not open ourselves to a better world both personally and globally. And remember Heady, that "thinking does not always make it so"! I hope this information makes you feel better about your magick and your life and according to Misson 1017, October 17 was just the first of many trigger events coming in the next 7 years. So you will have many more chances to get it right.
blessings and MERDE!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Hi Lexa,
I was wondering what your take on talking boards or better known as ouija boards is? Are they safe? Would you say it's safe to construct your own? Do you have any general information about them?
Dear Lesley,
I have worked a great deal with ouija boards starting from when I was a young child. In fact, it is the medium through which I discovered my own psychic powers and channeling ability. Ouija - meaning yes/yes (in French and German) became popular during the WWI and families would use it to get information about their soldiers - to try and find out whether they were dead or alive. These talking boards were homemade and created by placing pieces of paper with the letters of the alphabet written on them under a glass tabletop. A shot glass was then used as a planchette to guide over the tabletop letters and get information. The original talking boards may have been much older and were considered very serious spiritual business. It was only after Parker Brothers marketed the Ouija board that it began to be seen more as a game. Game or not, the chief purpose for consulting the talking board is to communicate with the dead. The Bible warns against practicing Necromancy, and for this reason, the Ouija is often seen as a tool of the Devil, and indeed evil spirits can gather round them. Therefore, you must TAKE CARE!

It is very important to bless the board each time before using it. Ask for elevated or evolved spirits and banish all negative and evil energy from entering the sphere of your board. You can also pass the board through the four elements. to cleanse and purify it and I recommend doing this before each sitting. Sprinkle sea salt to represent the element of earth. Use a positive spiritual or cleansing incense such as frankincense or cedar to represent the element of air. Burn a white candle and pass the light around the board to represent the element of fire. For the final element of water, use consecrated witches' water or Holy Water obtained from a church. Just sprinkle a few drops over the talking board as you don't want to damage it.
I would definitely say it is safe to construct your own talking board. That way you know that the energy associated with it will be positive from the start.

Other pointers:
It is considered VERY DANGEROUS to WORK THE BOARD ALONE. I always work with 3. It is a number of power and safety. Two persons shall work the board and the third shall act as scribe and write down the letters as they are called. You may have to switch around partners until you find two persons with a good channeling connection.
**Some spirits may want to leave the board and they will ask for permission to enter your body and speak through you. This is the way Jane Roberts began to channel Seth. I advise against this unless you are absolutely sure of the spirit you are dealing with, have a clean bill of mental health, a very STRONG background as a channel or psychic medium, and know a good EXORCIST just incase the situation gets out of hand!
***SAMHAIN is approaching and the veil between the worlds will be lifted. This is the best time of the year (midnight on Oct 31 to midnight on Nov 1)to work with the Ouija.

GOOD LUCK and Blessed Be

Monday, October 16, 2006

Cosmic Trigger

Dear lexa
I enjoy your blog so much that I decided to ask you another question. I am in need of more happy occasions in my life - like joyful parties and sunny vacations, maybe even some interesting job offers. What do you suggest I should do?
Be blessed
ראובן מזרחי

Dear Ruby
It sounds like what you need is a COSMIC TRIGGER!!! I hope you and all my readers will check out the cosmic trigger blog today and tomorrow and take advantage of SethD8's information. In general, visualization is a very powerful magickal tool. If you can see yourself in an interesting job, or in Tahiti, or at an amazing party (which reminds me - the FUR BALL was a HUGE SUCCESS! Thanks to everyone who participated to help Sarah la Rocca raise some serious money for Kitty Kind. If you weren't able to attend - remember it's never too late to donate!) ah, pardon the commercial interruption - where was I - o yes, IF YOU CAN SEE IT - YOU CAN BE IT! So get creative Ruby and let yourself daydream about all the fun and happiness that life has to offer. That's the first step to opening the door to your desires. You can also burn yellow candles to increase your happiness and increase your powers of imagination.

blessed be

Friday, October 13, 2006

Announcing The FUR BALL - a PURRfect Party!

Dear Lady Venus,
I'm having a trick or treat party and I want to make sure it's a real WINGDING!!! I've already planned a fancy feast but is there a special god or goddess that I can petition to make sure I have a PURRfect fiesta? Gracias por todo, and if you're not busy on Halloween, please stop by.
In gratitude,
Macho Meow

Dear MM,
It sounds very merry already. I wish I could attend, but you know, Halloween is the Witches' New Year (officially known as Samhain), and I'm pretty busy on that night. However, I know exactly who you should call. The Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast is the Party Queen and all good witches know to summon her for social success!

Here's how it works... She loves the scent of Musk, so burn some musk incense or spray the scent around the room about an hour before to add an air of sex, magic, and mystery. Musk also promotes good conversation. Bast adores CATNIP, so sprinkle a healthy dose in the four corners of the room to bring energy, enthusiasm and fun. Is it a charity benefit? Then get ye some YLANG YLANG oil. It is sacred to Bast and GREAT for increasing generosity and attracting wealth. She also loves orange, red, and yellow carnations - they make her very happy (and her happiness rubs off on others!) Finally, get some CAT CANDLES. You can use orange and black, if you want to get really spooky Halloweeny - but Bast prefers to paint the town RED! It's the color of love and admiration. Burn them and you'll be so POPULAR that people will rave about your brilliant bash long after it's done. Speaking of frisky frolicking - my friend The Queen of the Night is planning a soirée and we'd like to invite you and all my readers too!
I am pleased to announce
(cough cough - clear my throat)


Stepping Out Ballroom
37 West 26th St 9th Fl.

NYC 10010


Here's a photo of the fabulous Sarah la Rocca in New Orleans when she was working with the ASPCA on the animal rescue just after Katrina. PLEASE COME AND JOIN US AT THE FUR BALL AND BE A PART OF THIS GREAT WORK!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lucky Bath

Dear Lady Venus,
First I would like to congratulate you on the blog review. Very cool!!
I just did the lucky money bath and I was wondering if using bath stuff that contain the ingredients would work as well. For example bath and body works had a bath gel that is white tea ginger, then David (something) has a line that is a cinnamon bath soak, and then I know there is a basil and lemon or thyme bath gel. If I combined all 3 in a bath would that work as well? I just thought it would be good if I could stay in the bath a little longer, I am afraid the fresh ingredients would irritate my skin?

P.S I am a Christian and I am not Wiccan but totally love your stuff. For anyone out there that thinks Wiccans are evil, let me tell you there is evil everywhere. I have seen so many people in the church, praising God and talking about all this good stuff, but then I see how they treated people and how they would stab them in the back or cause them pain and talk bad to them. It doesn't matter what you believe in, it matter how you use your energy and what is in your heart. I love God and Jesus and I love the Earth, Moon, Stars and Planets too and I am not afraid to say I believe in both. If good is in your heart then, that is what you will project to yourself and others.
Thank you

Dearest Amanda
Absolutely, you can use those wonderful bath products for your magickal ingredients and soak your troubles away (but make sure to get out of the tub before your skin crinkles like a prune!) The fact that you are relaxed and letting go of your worries will make the money magick even more powerful and effective. The original spell calls for ginger, cinnamon, and basil - but if you add lemon, it will help clear your financial path. If you add thyme, it will increase your awareness as to where your best financial interests lie. If you are interested in more personalized money baths, check out my latest book The Encyclopedia of Magical Ingredients. It lists the properties of individual ingredients so that you can custom design your spells according to your own specific needs.

It is so refreshing to read your words and it makes me feel confident to know there are people as enlightened as you out there. If only everyone could remember that LOVE IS THE LAW UNTO ALL BEINGS and THERE ARE MANY PATHS TO THE ONE.
many blessings
Lady V

Monday, October 09, 2006

Ting Tang Walawala Bing Bang

Q: Who got an awesome review today from Billy Mac
many thanks Billy and wishing you lots of TRAFFIC! (hee hee - only a blogger's wish come true.) :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Dear Witch Dr - I am a new mother to a 5 month baby girl, I find myself getting stressed out easily about silly things. I work long hours and I am tired by the end of the night. As much as I would love to stay home with her, I can’t because we have to - you know - eat and have a home to live in. Like her crying and grabbing at my food while I am eating. Any ideas on what may calm me down so I can enjoy the few hours I see her each day? - Frustrated momma

Dear FM-
See how relaxed I am in photo above? That's cause the KID'S NOT MINE!!! I certainly applaud your honesty and I'm here with some help. You'll need:
a fresh bowl of spring water
lavender oil, incense, or dried flowers
white and pink votive candles in glass
and a hymn and an image of the Great Mother Goddess
Artemis of Ephesus.

You are going to create an altar to Her. Just clear off some space somewhere in your house to do this. You can print out the photo below that I took this summer while visiting Her in Turkey. Put a large bowl of fresh spring water next to her image. This water should be changed daily to help you release negative energy. Place some white and pink candles on the altar. These colors reduce stress. Please make sure the candles are in fireproof glasses and safe from all pets or children. Rub some lavender oil into the candles or sprinkle dried lavender flowers around the altar, or burn the incense. Lavender is one of the best ingredients for stress reduction and is widely used in aromatherapy. Simply smelling it brings immediate relaxation. (Just be careful not to expose your young daughter to incense, oil, or herb - just in case it proves to be an irritant!) Finally, with your altar in place, read the hymn for a beautiful peace invoking prayer of renewal to Artemis. The many breasted Artemis has enough nurturing power to feed both Mother and Child. FYI - She is also Goddess of the Hunt and can help you bring home more bacon! So don't forget to ask Her for that too!

May She bless you with enough prosperity to afford a nanny, and may She bring you relaxation and rejuvenation, so you can appreciate the time spent with your little bundle of joy.

many blessings
Lady V

photo on top: Lexa and Sophia at Sophia's wiccaning (baby blessing)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where should I start?!

Sunrunner said...

I am interested in learning more about Wicca. I have tried going to different bookstores to find a good book, but am lost at where to start. Could you give me a few good places/books to start with? Thank you!

Dear Sunrunner

Checking out your profile, I see you live in the Rocky Mountains. Well, that's an awful big area but I would guess that the closest interesting hands on bookstore would be in Boulder. Lot of magic there. But for the sake of my other readers, let's talk or B&N to which most of us will have access. A true classic is Starhawk's The Spiral Dance and there is a new 20th anniversary edition out. I like this book because it gives you a close up look at what it's like to work with a coven as well as explain the politics, psychology, and her/history behind Wicca. If you are working alone, Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner is wonderful. Scott Cunningham was an amazing guy and I had the privilege to work and study with him. I would also suggest anything by Doreen Valiente or Gerald Gardner but this might be more advanced reading. Drawing Down the Moon is an extensive and well researched book by Margot Adler, who traveled around the country interviewing pagans and witches and describing their traditions. If you are looking for something more hands on, I humbly suggest my own works. Well, that's enough to get you started. The Witches' Voice is also a great website to look for reviews of new arrivals as well as the classics on Wicca.

blessed be

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Asks...

Greetings WitchDoctor:

It's very easy to find a listing or websites of everyone claiming to be 'white/green/purple' magic practitioners and so forth but it's difficult to find spells and those willing to do spells that tread into 'darker'areas. Do you have any suggestions for sites/listings for those who do 'black magic' or more 'manipulative' type spells that can be used to help others into that area of magic?

- Amber Benson Fan

Dear ABF

I'm not sure how any of those types of spells can be used to "help others" but I am quite sure that the information is out there if you take the time to do the research. You claim that it is easy to find listings and websites for witches of white, purple, and green - well, here's what I came up with after googling the black ones:

Results 1 - 10 of about 2,340,000 for black magick

Looks like you have your work cut out for you. Sorry but I can't give a personal recommendation because I try to steer clear of this stuff. It literally makes me sick. What I will say is this, anyone who has undergone a full and proper initiation into Wicca, will have had training in the left handed path and a journey to the underworld. It is part of the 2nd degree initiation where the practitioner must face and safely cross the abyss. Sybil Leek, Aleister Crowley, Madame Blavatsky, Manly P. Hall, and McGregor Mathers are all respected occultists who have all delved into these matters and are considered positive and informative reads. The Lesser Key of Solomon, The Goetia, and The Necronomicon are of course, the traditional occult classics and worth the read. (Just make sure you invoke your guardians before delving too deep!) Ah, ok, any demonologists out there want to take over from here...?

Starving Artist?

Dear Lexa ( a.k.a. The Witch Doctor),

Hi! I own many of your books- love them & I respect your wisdom & insight which is why I'm writing to you. I need help with my art career. I have a kick ass website & have put myself on as many art websites as I can. I do sell some of my work on eBAY but mostly for a mere pittance. Recently, I got into a group show at a real (read: physical) art gallery which I am grateful for but Saturn transitting Leo in my 10th house seems to be thwarting all my efforts (i'll try & keep these examples brief.

I got to paint two rocking chairs for a charity auction for a local hospital. I signed a contract with them (money went to the neo natal unit (which was a good cause)but they promised to exhibit the chairs (me and 20 other artists)- then they didn't. I put about 30 hours of labor into each chair. Then I went to a taping of the ISAAC show in NYC and as soon as we were seated, we were told by the crew "we won't be filming the audience and doing Q & A from the audience like last season. I was bummed - I had emailed them the question as they asked beforehand & brought the garment to show Isaac Mizrahi. My birthdate is May 11, 1964 6:06 p.m. Chicago, Il. I have 0 degrees Scorpio rising) Can you either suggest a good spell to deal with Saturn or suggest a good spell to do with my art. I want positive fame (a la Julia Child). I also feel my artwork is special because it is colorful, happy & heals people & is ORIGINAL.

The last time Saturn was in Leo I was in Junior High (my Hellish years), and I had issues with being in the school orchestra & band. I played the flute and there was a group of jealous mean girls who resented the fact I would win 1st chair ( I had to practice 2 hours a day due to my parents - they made me get a private flute teacher). I endured daily taunts and jeers - name calling, gum on my seat, spitballs etc. because I played the flute well. I thought then "maybe it is better not to excel at something"because instead of being admired, I am dealing with negativity. Now with the art- selling it this means a livelyhood for me, not just for the attention. I know you understand what I'm talking about it.

Thank you for any advice in advance,
Katie Pfeiffer ( a.k.a. Lakshmigirl)

Dear Lakshmigirl

The effects of Saturn can be devastating especially during the Saturn Return which happens in the 28th-29th year of age. I'm not sure of your specific issue with Saturn in Leo, but my guess is, that being a Taurus with Scorpio rising, your hair stands up on end and you feel way too crowded when Tough Guy Saturn shows up arm in arm with Leo, another FIXED sign. This is bound to cause power struggles and issues for you. A deeper analysis of your chart would be sure to reveal more, and I am available for indepth private astrological and psychic tarot consultations.

I don't know if you are aware of it, but SATURN transiting the TENTH HOUSE (whether in Leo or any other sign) represents a period in one's life when given the opportunity to reach a professional peak. It is the time to step up to the plate and be the most you can be. This cycle only happens once in every twelve years so you will want to take advantage of it. PATIENCE and PERSISTANCE are the key elements needed to glean all possible success from this transit. You'll also want to think more like a CAPRICORN as that is the ruler of the 10th H. (as well as the ruler of Saturn!)

I applaud your generousity in donating art for charity, but a Cap would be more enterprising, materialistic, and CAPitalistic in approach and would never let them get away with reneging on a written contract! Now, attempting to rub up next to ISAAC - that's pure goat! Only problem, you relied on luck or random chance by hoping to be picked as an audience member. A Cap would rather die that rely on luck. They use pushiness, power, and influence. (think insider trading.) I would ask you to consider making Saturn your friend and ally right now. To embrace and then harness it's energy as a driving force to give you a leading edge in your field. You will also want to invest in some watermelon tourmaline. This gemstone is known to offset the negative effects of Saturn and allow things to flow more smoothly.

I have written a very effective spell to sell artistic work in my latest book TarotPower. The spell is called Get That Grant and you can find it posted on the Spell section of my website.

Also I'd like to remind you about one of the stories told about the Goddess Lakshmi and her sister Saraswati.

As you know, Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and Saraswati is her sister, the Hindu goddess of art, poetry, skill, refinement, and grace. It is said that if one prays only to Lakshmi, s/he will be led to things that are tasteless and coarse.
Whereas if one includes worship of Saraswati, one receives both wisdom and wealth, and a refined sense of enrichment. Case in point is the tale of the two brothers - the first prayed only to Lakshmi for weath and was led to a mine rich with carbon although he had no knowledge of how to pipe into it. The second brother prayed to Saraswati as well and he gained discovery to the same mine. He was also given knowledge of not only how to extract the carbon but how to polish and cut it to reveal the many facets of what then became a PRICELESS gem. So my friend, is it possible that as an artist you are still somehow a "diamond in the rough"? Include some prayers to Saraswati in your daily life or create an altar for her and see if things don't change.

Finally, I have viewed your art and it is colorful and wonderful. It is possible that you are one of those purely creative folk who doesn't really fare well at the business end of your field. I don't think you are alone in this - and that's why the Goddess created managers and agents! I have a wonderful networking formula in my PowerSpells book that can be used to attract both clients and good representation. Check it out!

May the Holy Hindu sisters bless you in all your creative endeavors.

Lexa (aka the Witch Dr.)

Friday, September 22, 2006


First of all let me congratulate you for the new blog, you are a wise woman and extraordinary witch! I'm a big fan of your books. When I heard you opened the "witch doctor is in" blog, I had to make an entry, and ask a question. I didn’t have one of my own so I ask in the name of my good friend. If it's o.k with you …

I know that in magick what you put in, is what you get as an outcome. But for years my dear friend tried different types of money magick, put all of his soul in it, and still he can only manifest small amounts of money (not enough to cover his bills) or he manifest food instead of the money (suddenly everybody gives him food or invite him to dinners).

Normally most of his spells work pretty fine, but when it comes to money, it's like the gods can't find any resources to bring him money, so they offer the next best thing which is –free dinners :) LOL How come he can't manifest money to pay his bills and ECT?? I know that he really does his best, how come his subconscious doesn't get the right message? If there's anyone who can answer it it's you!

Be blessed Ruby
Hi Ruby
thanks for your question, it is a good one. There was a wonderful essay written online by Alex Sumner in the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition that analyzes Money Magick. I suggest your friend give it a read. My question is this - does he put in equal hours and equal heart and soul into finding a job to earn money? A big factor in working money spells or any other spell for that matter is our sphere of influence. I have written about this in several of my books. Here's a great example of how the sphere works - If I do a spell to get a job, but I lock myself in my house and shut off the phone, then I have made my sphere very small. Someone literally would have to break down my door and offer me a job. That is not very likely to happen. If however, I do my spell, and not only answer my phone, but make some calls and leave my home to go on job interviews - then I greatly increase my sphere of influence and therefore my likelihood of finding a job.

Yes, this all sounds very practical and some of you readers may be asking, "ha, why bother to do magick? Just go out and look for a job for gosh sakes!" You have a point, but on the other hand, I know plenty of people who put in 99 - even 100% reality effort but 0% spiritual effort, and they also have no success. There must be a balance between real life action and magickal or spiritual work. So, I am wondering how your friend might broaden his sphere.

Another factor may be that his path is blocked. When spells don't work, or even sometimes before we even begin work, we should do a clearing or uncrossing spell to remove roadblocks.

Finally, I do believe that we all have our own special karma or luck. Maybe his is not with money magick. We had a customer many moons ago in Ye Old Occult Shop where I used to work and the staff lovingly (and unlovingly) referred to her as Ugamuggah. Ugamuggah used to do incredible amounts of money and gambling magick. Several times, she won and then lost tens of thousands of dollars at the track. All in one afternoon. A few times, she won big in the lotto and Atlantic City but her apartment was broken into and the money stolen before she could put it in the bank. Finally, Ugamuggah got wise. She thought about what she wanted the money for. Then she did a spell to get a fabulous new wardrobe. The result was she was given sample clothes (all in her size) right off the runway after Fashion Week ended. Don't ask me how she swung this, but she did. She also did a fast luck house blessing spell and got an amazing and spacious rent stabilized apartment that others had to wait years for. Not only that, but she furnished her entire apartment for free from a sample showroom of a famous textile designer after a show closed. See Ugamuggah figured out where her talent and fortune lay and played it to the max. I wonder what your friend would manifest if he actually magicked for a feast! Well, lots of food for thought...
blessed be

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Help with conception...

Hi Lexa.
I had a reading with you via phone not long ago
regarding one dastardly Casanova, who treated me badly
and left me after I miscarried our child.

I have since decided to become a single mother by choice
with the help of modern day technology. My FSH and
Estradiol levels are in great shape right now, but I would
appreciate some input on how to make sure the procedure
takes the first cycle.

Can you please recommend something to assist in this
joyous yet extremely delicate and tenuous process?

Thank you. Blessings, M : }

Dear M
First of all, I applaud you for wanting to mix some good old fashioned witchcraft in with your modern day technology. And secondly, what perfect timing for this question! The main ingredient for the spell you request is a pumpkin - and Tis the Season!!! Pumpkins are sacred to the love and fertility goddess; Oshun and this is how to work the spell. On the New Moon, hold a whole pumpkin over your belly and pray for conception. Then carve your name and astrological sign into the belly of the pumpkin. Smother it generously with honey and take it to a river. Offer it to Oshun, (by placing it in the river) and ask her to grant your request.

Oshun responds best when being offered a gift and promised another. That always grabs her attention. (She's a Leo!) So promise to deliver her another gift after she has granted your wish. Here's a list of her favorite things:
Yellow flowers, yellow fruits (but not bananas)
Anything gold or copper (especially coins and rings)
Yellow squash, yellow candies
small gold plated mirrors
and she loves things in five or multiples of five.

This spell is most effective and has very high (96%) success rate. However, DO NOT FORGET to GIVE THE SECOND GIFT once you have conceived! Also on your second visit, you might want to throw in a word about that Casanova of yours. Oshun has a hot temper, especially when it comes to scoundrels!