Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lost and Found

Hi Lexa,
I hope all is well with you, I was just thinking about you today because my cat is missing and I think that in one of your books I read a spell to have your pet return home "The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients" but I am so hurt that I just can not think straight. I would greatly appreciate your help with this matter. I have most of your books, but I think its in the one I mentioned.

With great appreciation,
Angie Teran

Hi Angie
I am so sorry to hear that your cat has gone missing. One of the best methods for finding lost pets and small children is cording. In order to do this, you must visualize your cat and see yourself tying a white cord or string around his/her neck. Then imagine slowly pulling the cord towards you and all the while seeing your pet coming home. Do the visualization to completion until you can imagine your pet safely in your arms and then give it a rest and go do something else that is relaxing. After 20 minutes, you may resume a search or after 3 hours, you may repeat the visualization once again. The cording usually works within 3 to 30 hours but could take up to 3 days. I certainly hope you find your beloved kitty soon.

FYI ~ I have a wonderful spell in the Supermarket Sorceress to help pets get along and a very effective ritual in PowerSpells to find a lost object. And you are right, there is also something mentioned in The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients. You can use a magnet to hold up a picture of your cat on the altar or even on your fridge. This will help magnetize the other ritual and draw the cat home.

Another good spell to do is to light a white, black or red cat candle and pray to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet to guard and watch over your cat and return your cat to you. Please leave the name and sex of your kitty in the comments section and I will include the safe return of your cat in my magickal prayers and hopefully our readers will lend you some energy as well.
Blessed Be and may the Goddess Sekhmet Bast protect your cat and guide your cat safely back home to you.


STR said...

Many prayers to find your cat- and just another bit of advice- hang your bed sheets, dirty clothes, etc outside your door or your window- anything that smells like the home. If there has been a rain or even if the cat has wandered simply too far from home the wind (in all her magick) will carry the scent and help get the poor baby headed in the right direction. Cats have wonderful sense of smell but sometimes they need the scent of home to drift towards them and help light the way home. Good luck!

Lexa Roséan said...

That was a great comment str! O how magickal is the wind and a true ally for the animals to find their way back home! thank you for helping out!

Angie said...

Thank you for your support and prayers Lexa and Str I am so happy to have reached out. I have been doing the visualization while at work and now that I am at home it will be much easier. Socrates is his name and he is grey and white about 3 years old. I am going to spray the building all around my side of the windows with the room spray that I know he will recognize the aroma.

STR said...

Also, on a practical note, poster far and wide, north -south- far East and West and visit your local shelter daily

Angie said...

FOUND!!! Once more thank you everyone for your prayers and wonderful advice and support. My cat was found today Imbolc after 18 days and in building 1503 both adding to the number 9. And apart from Imbolc, Oya whose number is 9 is also celebrated today. Well now I am going to rest because mentally I never rested always send images and thoughts to my cat.
Blessed be everyone.