Sunday, January 07, 2007

Real Estate Magick

I am selling my wonderful home in Southwest Florida without an agent. I am offering a $10,000 finders fee to the person who sends me the buyer. To extol its many virtues, my condo has its own website What spell can you suggest for someone who is selling their home on their own?
May your blessings never end.

Whether selling a home in Florida, Rome, or Dubai, one should always petition the oldest goddess of the hearth, Hestia or Vesta. The best way to summon her and ask for Her blessing is through the element of fire. I prepare handmade custom designed candles that are dedicated to Hestia. These candles contain prayers inviting Her in to bless the home or property, along with magick seals, sacred oils, and herbs designed for the specific requests of the petitioner (such as buying or selling of properties).

The property should also be consecrated, cleansed, and blessed in order to remove any negative energies or blocks and to swiftly attract a buyer. One of the simplist (yet powerful) ways to do this is to place equal amounts of fresh ginger, cinnamon sticks, and fresh basil, and bay leaves into a double boiler and steam until the space is filled with the aroma. You can also perform the dry method by pulverizing a teaspoon each of dried ginger, basil and bay leaves and mixing with equal amount of cinnamon powder. Sprinkle this blend around the property. Begin at the front door and move in a clockwise direction in a complete circle until you return to the front door. This ritual is most effective when performed on a new or full moon or on one of the festival dates of Vesta.
Next New Moon: 20 January
Next Full Moon: 2 February
Next Festival Dates of Vesta: 13 February, 1 March
I also have some other real estate spells on my website. Best of luck to you Athena and dear Readers please visit and check out this amazing property.



P.L. Frederick said...

Wow, any of those would smell wonderful too! Happy new year.

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Good luck in selling your condo. This seems to be a great way to do it.

I wrote a novel, Hearth, unpublished, which mentions the goddess Hestia. Nice coincidence.

Magnificent site. Continue the wonderful work. Have a great New Year.

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Have fun with the new comp i.e. when u buy it! :)

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