Sunday, February 04, 2007

Success Stories

There's nothing I enjoy more than happy satisfied magickal folk. We have two success stories this week that I wanted to share just incase readers haven't seen the comments sections of posts from last month.

The first is Ken from DJ Muse who writes:
Hey Lady Miss Lexa; it's me Kenneth, with some very exciting news. Within a week after performing that dj muse spell, I have recieved an offer to be part of a weekly revolving stable of dj's at.....1st. Avenue. You know, the club from "Purple Rain"? How cool is that? Thanks again for all you do!
The second is Angie of Lost and Found
who has FOUND her cat Socrates! and writes:
FOUND!!! Once more thank you everyone for your prayers and wonderful advice and support. My cat was found today Imbolc after 18 days and in building 1503 both adding to the number 9. And apart from Imbolc, Oya whose number is 9 is also celebrated today. Well now I am going to rest because mentally I never rested always send images and thoughts to my cat.
Blessed be everyone.
Have you had some success with a spell or some magickal advice you've found here? Feel free to celebrate and share with everyone in the comments section below :)

Good luck and Good Magick!
Lady Venus (Lexa)

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Bhalla saab said...

thanks for the link, WITCH DOCTOR! I've put up one too.