Friday, February 23, 2007

Retrograde Reports

Well here's word from our favorite Chic Geek who tells of some progress and then a step back, and then perhaps some hope again of moving forward. Anyone else noticing something to this effect? We'll discuss it below.

Hi Lexa,
Well I preformed the spell and it turns out I would have gotten the job but then head office made them transfer in someone from another store who was threatening to quit unless he was moved to another store closer to his home. Then a week later my best friend who already works there got a promotion to assistant manager so now she has a say in hiring. I'm not losing hope just yet. So it may still happen cause as I have learned with spells you never know when or how they are going to work sometimes. Thanks for the spell.
The Chic Geek

Dear CG and readers
The Planet Mercury went retrograde on Feb 13th and will continue its backwards motion until March 7th. When Mercury goes retrograde, there are communication problems. How many of you out there broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend just before, on, or after Valentine's day? How many lost a check in the mail or had travel complications? How many thought something was going to happen right away and then some missing piece of information popped up and caused a delay? Computer glitches, anyone? These events are all typical of a Mercury retrograde. Hang tight because it's almost over.

Also be aware that Jupiter will go retrograde on April 6th. This will occur for a longer time period (until Aug 14th). However Jupiter does not create as much havoc as Mercury. His backward motion will however make your long term goals seem farther out of reach. Advisory note: between March 8 and and April 6th, we'll all want to push hard to further our goals and dreams along. This is an incredible green light time with no holds barred. Shall I remind you again when it is closer to hand? Ok, then. Someone please make a note to remind me to do that and I will elaborate and provide a spell as well. Blessed Be.

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