Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Witches Aren't Wooses

Patty asks:
i'm thinking of a break up spell for my son and his wife. i realize that sounds evil but i have their son due to their own horrible deprivation. i've had him for 3 years his entire life. they are trying to get him back. but they havent changed. what they will do to this child is mind blowing. i don't want any evil back on me it's for the baby's protection only.
thank you

And MiShala asks:
A dear friend of mine gave me your book on Power Spells & suggested we try a few to see what type of results we would get. At this point we have only done spells that would primarily be on ourselves (i.e. Banish Fear of Success). However, a lady told us that if we did the Open Scissor spell it would come back on us 3-fold. Is this true? I've had fantastic success with the few spells I've done & want to thank you, but I'm encountering some real problem people in my life. So before proceeding forward, thought I would ask what you would recommend?
Thank you again for all of the good your work has done for our lives. Wish you the best!

Witch Dr answers:
Although these situations are different, the questions are basically the same. Patty and MiShala want to know if they will recieve bad karma for doing a spell to hinder another or to break up others. In these cases and other situations, often a spell seems negative but it is being used for the purpose of protection. Witches are ALLOWED to protect themselves and even encouraged to do so. Of course if you view what you are doing as evil, then the unconscious will accept it as such and you will probably end up punishing yourself in one way or another. You must approach these rituals with strength and the positive intention of protecting yourself or others (in one of these cases she is attempting to protect a helpless child)! In this way, you will create a 3 fold or perhaps even 10 fold return of protection for yourself. The law of return is always in effect and will reflect upon whatever energies we send out. As long as you keep the emphasis and intention on protection and shielding of yourself and your loved ones, you will not be harmed. Good luck and good magick.

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