Thursday, February 01, 2007

13 things about Imbolc TT#4

1 Imbolc is celebrated on Feb 1 and 2
2 It is one of the great Sabbats of the Witches
3 Imbolc heralds the lactating of the ewes in preparation for the birth of the spring lambs.
4 It also marks the budding of the trees and the first signs of spring
5 Also called Candlemas
6 and sacred to the Celtic goddess Bridgid
6 Also known by Christians as St. Bridgid's Day.
7 Bridgid is the goddess of poetry and inspiration.
8 She is also the protectress of virgins
9 and rules the light half of the year ushering out the dark half on Feb 1.
10 It is customary to lit bonfires on Imbolc
11 or light red candles for Bridgid and make a wish to be inspired and filled with light, inspiration and creativity.
12 It is also traditional to initiate new witches on Imbolc and all who receive initiation on this day are triply blessed.
13 It is of course a sacred duty on this night to perform the GREAT RITE.
Blessed Imbolc!

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Nathalie said...

:) totally forgot about Imbolc (i'm not good with dates), but I've lit my whole room with candles last evening, so I guess it becomes intuition over the years.
Great TT!

Mama Kelly said...

Happy and Blessed Imbolc

What a great informative post for a Thurs 13 entry!!

Blessed Be
Joyous Imbolc

Mama Kelly

Tink said...

I'm late with my TT visits, but I'm glad I stopped by. Blessed Imbolc to you too!