Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thirteen for Love TT#6

Here's hoping you all had a great Valentine's Day. For those of you who did, here's some info to keep the love flowing and for those of you who didn't, here's some info to heal the heartache.The herbs, flowers, and assorted ingredients below can be mixed together in any combination you desire. They can be collected in a sachet and carried near the heart or placed under the pillow or mattress. They can also be added to the bathwater or sprinkled around a love altar or even a room. Some can even be eaten. These come from The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients. Check it out for more information to personalize your spellcasting.

1. Lemon Peel
A great one for clearing obstacles in the love life. Use after a fight to clear the air or use when your road seems blocked from meeting someone new.

2. Rose Buds
Attracts new friends and budding romance.

3. Orange Peel
Sexy sexy stuff!!! Also used for marriage spells and to bless sacred unions.

4. Jasmine Flowers
Creates mystery and allure. Also used to empower a relationship and intensify the love and commitment.

5. Almond (pure extract or whole nut)
For fidelity.

6. Ketchup
For love attraction. That's right! Call out the name of someone who's love you want to win while you eat it. (but go easy on the fries!)

7. Melon
The fruit of adultery.

8. Celery
Sex and fertility.

9. Oysters
Increases orgasms in women and makes men better lovers.

10. Passionflower
Name is misleading for this herb is actually used to cool the passions. Good for teens to keep their virginity intact and great to carry on the job to ward off sexual harassment.

11. Peas
Sacred to the goddess Venus and brings domestic bliss.

12. Cardamom
An aphrodisiac. Draws love and sensuality into your life.

13. Oregano
Increases pleasure and brings success when added to any love spell.

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2. whenn
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4. It\'s A Blog Eat Blog World
5. Kai
6. Crazy Working Mom
7. Imma (Alice)
8. Gene Bach
9. Raggedy
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11. The Jannaverse (One More Raindrop In A Bloggy Ocean)
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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

peas=domestic bliss? who knew? i love peas....

smiles, bee

ps: got anything for me trying to help a friend and pissed her off so bad she'll never talk to me again? she completely misunderstood me.

whenn said...

Wow! Thanks. It's very useful! And thankyou for visiting my blog earlier!

Skittles said...

I got roses yesterday so I have the rose petals covered. Adding oysters to the grocery list..

Thanks for dropping by.

Morgen said...

Mmmm peas!

And I put lots of Oregano into my valentine's ziti last night.

Great thursday 13, Lexa!

Anonymous said...

So on my to-do list today is to get rid of the melon in the fridge and buy some oysters!

Great list!

Crazy Working Mom said...

Great list.
Thanks for dropping by!

Imma ( Alice) said...

Lemon and Orange peels are easy enough to come by... do you grate them or just cut off a chunk? How much does one use?

A rose bud I could buy... is a mini rose as good as a full size one?

Jasmine flowers out of the question this time of year.

Guess if you don't have anyone special in mind you skip the ketchup?

Cardamon I should be able to get at the bulk food store. Just a little bit needed I guess?

This is great! I'd love to meet someone special.Haven't even had a date in years.

One of my brothers is getting married in May (4th wife). Would it be a good idea to put some of these into a sachet and put it in with their wedding present? I think this marriage will work, but would be good to have some "insurance", haha.

My T13 is up too.

Gene Bach said...

Ketchup for love attraction? Man, I thought it was just for covering up bad tasting food. LOL!

john said...

Why do ya'll live under such bondage? None of this stuff really works! You can be freed through Jesus Christ!!! Just let him take you, and heal you, and cleanse you from all witchcraft and stanism. Go to

Lexa Roséan said...

Uh oh, here come the born agains yucking up the blog. Listen John, Jesus was a magician! Also there is no conflict between loving and believing in god and goddess and using the go(o)d things of the earth that the Divine has provided us with. We eat food for sustanance, and those same foods can also provide us with spiritual sustanance. I don't think Jesus is that petty and I'm sure he would be happy for his followers to think about LOVE even when they are eating something as mundane as ketchup. May the Goddess (Mother of Christ and the Light) bless and heal you and most of all send you the understanding and tolerance to accept that there are MANY PATHS TO THE ONE. blessed be.

Raggedy said...

Those are great!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
Thank you for your visit to mine.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

palmtreefanatic said...

very interesting! informative! happy TT!

Lexa Roséan said...

gosh there are lots of Q's here. I think some of them will make great blog entries so stay tuned during the week for answers.
Witch Dr

Janna said...

I happen to love chocolate covered orange peel... the peel is candied somehow, then coated with chocolate (I especially love the DARK chocolate). Yummy stuff. Never noticed any sexy side effects from it, but I'll have to pay better attention next time! :)

Ketchup? Really? This made me smile, because a couple days ago I did a post about 'ketchup-flavored potato chips.' I ended up hating them, but I LOVE french fries dunked in ketchup. :)

Not sure what you mean by melon being 'the fruit of adultery'... does this mean if you eat it, you're more likely to commit adultery, (therefore you should avoid it...?) or does it mean it can be used in a spell if you're trying to land somebody else's mate, or... what? Please explain; this confuses me.

Oh, no! I hate oysters! What a shame!

I love-LOVE-LOVE the scent of lemon. That crisp zest of the juicy peel is so amazing.

Sorry for rambling on; this is just all so interesting!

Lexa Roséan said...

What wonderful comments Janna!
I wanted to include chocolate (and by the way, dark chocolate is my fav too:)) but I thought that was too obvious. Also chocolate is a whole love affair by itself so if you are mixing it with orange, it will tend to produce self love or on the spot fulfillment by releasing those endorphins. (ie: no need to bring anyone else into the picture!)

You guessed it with melon. It is to land another's mate. I didn't want to go into the ritual in detail (although it is published in my book.) Anyone needing further instructions will have to email a formal Q to Ask the Witch Dr and I will spell it out.

Now ah hmm, what kind of self respecting womyn hates oysters?!! You need to learn the art of swallowing with oysters. There's the trick. Or you can always substitute with PAPAYA! Another great one for deepening orgasms.

I agree with you about the lemon.
Ah that zest!

Thanks for your great feedback and I hope some of this helps your love life.


That is a great list. I copied them for who knows it may help me in some ways. Thanks for sharing and for visiting.