Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Magick for Political Change

I put a spell on you
It keeps you movin’-
-what will you do when your time is right
You take that somethin’--I’ll give ya somethin’
Don’tcha know--I think you might
I put a spell on you
- Billy Squier

Witch Dr did her interview today on Public Radio International's Fair Game. A surprise political candidate was chosen and Witch Dr weaved a magick spell and lucky hex on him or her for success in the primary elections. POSITIVE magick was begun to evoke much needed CHANGE. STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS as the show will be aired SOON. In the meantime Check out FairGame. Shows are posted online and podcast on iTunes. The show also airs every weekday on AM820-WNYC at 8:00pm. Check here to find out where it airs in your area.

photo from nata2's photostream who found it on drudge report.


ruby said...

wow lexa
i must listen to that show .
please send me a link ,with info.about the day and the hour of the show.
who ever gets a luck spell from you , must win !
power to you sis!

Morgen said...

That's cool that you're going to be on PRI.
While I'm not sure that Obama has the experience needed for the post, I just don't care for what Hilary has done since she left the white house.
Interesting that you're going to do a political spell.
I look forward to reading more about this.
~ Mo

Stewart Sternberg said...

Where was this spell in 2000 and 2004????