Monday, February 19, 2007

Magical (Manic) Monday #4 Celebrate!

This week begins with many festive events. It is a new moon and the Chinese New Year of the prosperous pig. Tomorrow is the culmination of Mardi Gras, a festival celebrated around the world that finds its roots in the ancient pagan Roman holiday of Lupercalia (and also influenced by Saturnalia). Along with celebrating the great God Pan and his Satyrs, Bacchus and Venus, today we are also celebrating the
morgEpalooza or 40th birthday of fellow blogger Morgen of It's a Blog Eat Blog World. Mo actually started this Manic Monday meme and if you would like to participate, visit his blog every Sunday to find the word of the week. That's right, this week it is celebrate! Well, MO and all you birthday boys and girls, we witches have our own special traditions for solar returns. Instead of blowing out a candle and making a wish, we LIGHT a candle and make a birthday wish. It is also customary to eat sunflower seeds - 3x the number of your age to grant you good health and long life! While we're at it, let's take a look at Mo's day today. Below are his personal astrological transits. The transits refer to the current movement of the planets. By looking at how they interact with our own planets, we can see a unique astrology reading for each and every one of us. This is much more thorough than the astrology you read in the paper or online that is based on your Sun sign alone.

Mo's Transits Feb 19, 2007

Transit SUN conjoined natal Sun
Congratulations, MO! It is the beginning of another birthday year for you. Since the planetary patterns influencing your life and affairs will be different in any given year you do not always have the same feelings and attitudes every time your birthday rolls around. No matter what the circumstances happen to be however, you can take advantage of the positive potential of each birthday by making it a special time for renewing inner energy and vitality, and your faith in yourself as an individual. Reflect on what the past has taught, look forward to where you would like to be in the future, and above all, adopt the attitude and determination that you will meet and overcome every challenge that the future holds.

Transit Mars sextile natal Neptune
This is a period to look for opportunities that expand your spiritual and artistic awareness and allow you to develop and use your intuitive abilities. Taking advantage of the people and situations you encounter under this influence, may lead to more mundane opportunities including a chance to go swimming, fishing, sailing, or dancing. Depending on your particular interests and the nature of circumstances at this time, your efforts may mean eventual success in activities that involve such areas as promotion, photography, magic, illusion, oil or gas industries, charitable institutions, bankruptcy proceedings, art and entertainment. The only problem you encounter during this period may be in distinguishing genuine opportunities from false or misleading promises. Be as astute as you can under the circumstances.

Transit MARS opposed natal Jupiter
It is easy to imagine the probable result of blowing up a balloon beyond its capacity. This image is also the easiest description of the circumstances you are likely to encounter during this period. There is a tendency to assume you are capable of far greater abilities than a more honest estimation would suggest-- or, knowing full well your real limitations, it may be a case of your simply giving in to some external pressure or temptation and allowing others to make such inflated assumptions of your capabilities-- either way, you are left trying to accomplish the impossible. Under this influence actions are likely to go too fast and too far. It is in your best interests to remember that there is more than a little potential for unpleasant results if you experience too much of a good thing. This is not an auspicious time for court decisions, traveling abroad, higher education, writing, publishing, and participating in competitive sports. Physical efforts are either totally paralyzed by laziness and unwise actions, or they proceed with such extreme force as to invite dangerous consequences. Spirituality can turn into fanaticism, and intellectuality can become arrogant displays of superiority. Save grandstanding and bravado for another time.

Transit VENUS conjoined natal Saturn
It can be difficult to admire beauty for its own sake during this period. It isn’t that you lack appreciation for the things or people that catch your eye. It is more likely to be a case of also realizing there are responsibilities and commitments that accompany these attractive visions. Under this influence you are most appreciative of beauty that is traditional, structured, and orderly, or perhaps it’s just your appreciation for the intrinsic harmony of tradition, structure and order that is enhanced. If not ordinarily inclined to lead a neat or organized existence, this may be one time when you appreciate the necessity of having some order in your life. Your participation in social events and fun activities is apt to be more enthusiastic if they happen to serve some purpose in addition to the prospect of enjoyment; a combination of business and pleasure. If there is no one new you care to meet and nothing you care to do, you may prefer to either remain alone or in the company of those who do have a purpose in your life.

Transit SUN trine natal Moon
Circumstances promote pride and emotional satisfaction in home, children, and other family members. Female relationships are particularly meaningful, and a woman may provide valuable assistance. Under this influence your emotional level is high, and your intuition right on target. An excellent time to initiate artistic and other creative activities, get started with domestic projects, and enthusiastically take care of any matters that are related to children, women, or a new venture. Disappointments that do occur under this influence are apt to have a way of eventually working out to your advantage.

Transit PLUTO square natal Saturn
This long-term influence is likely to bring difficult but not insurmountable circumstances, the nature of which involves overcoming those with more power than your own, situations that involve a new start or regaining something that was lost, or dealing with the threatened loss of your own power or influence. The past becomes significantly important to the present as well as the future. If you refused to accept the necessary restrictions and limitations that were necessary for progress to be made, this becomes a time to regret your past resistance and correct your attitude. Self-discipline plays a major role. Abuse of authority in the past will have to be confronted and corrected. Ambitions must be tempered with patience and control. Obstacles may challenge your right to the rewards of age and experience, hard work and sacrifice, and the traditions and structures that support your life-style.

Transit SUN trine natal Mars
The positive energy and vitality that accompanies this influence favors all your physical efforts, the only drawback being that it also promotes a tendency for laziness. Lacking sufficient aggressiveness or the competitive spirit, you may see no necessity for taking advantage of favorable circumstances that are at hand. Avoiding the potential for indolence or a too passive attitude will net ample dividends. Superiors are impressed with your work. Male relationships and dealing with men or masculine products are favored. An excellent time to get a hair cut, attend or participate in sporting events, engage in open confrontation. If other factors do not negate the fortunate influence of this period, this is the best time to undergo surgery or dental work.

Transit MARS sextile natal Venus
Opportunities that may lead to romance, social activities, partnership, and joint ventures are potentials implied by this period. There is no guarantee that such potentials will automatically come your way. Success is more likely to be the result of deliberately putting yourself in situations that generate such opportunities. This favorable influence encourages you to help others attain their goals, and in return, you will be able to ask for their assistance in your own efforts. Legal matters, contract negotiations, enhancement of your physical appearance, and artistic projects may eventually be successful as a result of opportunities offered by present circumstances.

Go and visit the celebrated Mo today and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Morgen said...

This is so wonderful!
Thank you -- I need to print this out so I can mail it to my mom, too (plus keep a copy for me!)
I always light a candle and say a prayer to the goddess every morning, and today I will say a wish for the coming year.
But... that's a LOT of sunflower seeds! I will have to stop and get some on the way home!
Thank you so much,

Crazy Working Mom said...

Wow, awesome! :)