Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Full Moon and Imbolc

Imbolc is one of the four greater Sabbats of the Witches. On Imbolc we ask the Goddess Bridgid to bring inspiration into our lives. It is also a Full Moon in Leo. Leo rules all matters of the heart. It is also the sign of theatre, showmanship, and being before the public eye. Here and now is the place and time to summon up your passion, creativity, and dramatic flair. Make a wish if you dare!
All witches know that on the Full Moon
the Goddess will grant us each a boon.
I have cast a circle on this post. It has been blessed and consecrated as a magickal space of power and all who leave their comments here shall be empowered by the Full Moon with strength and energy to help their dreams come true. By the power invested in me as priestess and witch I have hereby summoned stirred and called up the mighty ones of north, east, south, and west to bless and protect this circle post. I have invoked the power of the mighty oak to give those who enter here strength, endurance, and resolve. I have summoned the power of the willow for those seeking flexibility and change. Hail, the power of the green earth for those in need of healing, grounding, and material well being. Also the power of the mountains for those who seek protection, power, wisdom, and insight. Feel the power of the winds for those who seek intellect, inspiration, success, communication, friendship, and creativity. Behold, the power of fire to fulfill your strong desires, to excite and fan the flames of passion, and create more energy, ambition, and drive. Here is the power of the oceans for those seeking peace, a better flow, treasure, fertility, abundance, and love. Post your magickal wishes and goals for the Full Moon in the comments section before Feb 4 2007 and they will be granted by the Goddess. So mote it be and Blessed Imbolc!


Lexa Roséan said...

tv show - here we go!!!
so mote it be!

Anonymous said...

peace of mind and happy soul
fearless living ,living joy
quickly ,quickly
now now !!!
in a safe loving way
so mote it be
and so it is

Anonymous said...

Recripocal love from the man who holds my heart. And commitment from him to have a solid relationship.

STR said...

Health for my animals and all animals on the planet and the return of the one I love.

Anonymous said...

I wish for financial abundance and to have a certain man I have had my eye on ask me out.

Amanda said...

I wish for my creativity, passion, and dreams to become a reality not just wishfull thinking. I want to live and strive with the positive creativity and passion that I create. Blessed be to all

Bhalla saab said...


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Anonymous said...


Tink said...

Oops, it's Febr. 4 already... Extra blessings to all the goals and wishes!

Lexa Roséan said...

Thank you all for participating and may all your wonderful wishes come true. I now seal this circle of power and release the energy up towards the heavens that it may then manifest here on earth! Hail and farewell all ye mighty ones and thank you for guarding and protecting and empowering this blogspot. The circle is open but not unbroken. Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again. Witches All - Our rite having ended, let us give thanks to the Glorious Ones who have graced us with Their Presence. I charge ye ere the cock doth crow, lock away all our mysteries in your hearts and may the Goddess preserve the Craft! Blessed Be. SO MOTE IT BE!

ps for those of you who didn't get to comment while the circle was cast, come back on the next full moon in March where we will cast a circle for prosperity and healing!