Monday, October 30, 2006

Tis' NOT The Season

Dear Lexa,
In your book,
Easy Enchantments, the spell 'To Mend A Broken Heart or To Soothe Feelings of Love', it calls for fresh lilacs. Is there a substitution that can be made during times of the year when fresh lilacs are not available? My friend and I are still learning but we have found your books and advice to be some of the best. My best friend has had the unfortunate luck to fall for a young man that has broken her heart. This combined with some lifelong bad luck has laid her low. She and I have struggled to make things better for not only herself but for all those that were around and we thought that this spell might be a solid addition to our efforts. The only problems are that 1.) It's October2.)We live in a rural area - florists have given us very strange looks whenwe even ask about lilacs at this time of year. 3.) We're both in college and struggling with money - ordering lilacs from a special grower over the net is simply beyond what our checkbooks can handle. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you so much for the wonderful information that you have out there.

Hi Heather
Thank you for the wonderful feedback. Your question is a good one and I mention quite often (usually in the introduction chapters of my books), that substitutions are generally valid although fresh is ALWAYS best. In this case, your friend can use Lilac scented soap or lilac oil which should be easier to find this time of year.

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