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First of all let me congratulate you for the new blog, you are a wise woman and extraordinary witch! I'm a big fan of your books. When I heard you opened the "witch doctor is in" blog, I had to make an entry, and ask a question. I didn’t have one of my own so I ask in the name of my good friend. If it's o.k with you …

I know that in magick what you put in, is what you get as an outcome. But for years my dear friend tried different types of money magick, put all of his soul in it, and still he can only manifest small amounts of money (not enough to cover his bills) or he manifest food instead of the money (suddenly everybody gives him food or invite him to dinners).

Normally most of his spells work pretty fine, but when it comes to money, it's like the gods can't find any resources to bring him money, so they offer the next best thing which is –free dinners :) LOL How come he can't manifest money to pay his bills and ECT?? I know that he really does his best, how come his subconscious doesn't get the right message? If there's anyone who can answer it it's you!

Be blessed Ruby
Hi Ruby
thanks for your question, it is a good one. There was a wonderful essay written online by Alex Sumner in the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition that analyzes Money Magick. I suggest your friend give it a read. My question is this - does he put in equal hours and equal heart and soul into finding a job to earn money? A big factor in working money spells or any other spell for that matter is our sphere of influence. I have written about this in several of my books. Here's a great example of how the sphere works - If I do a spell to get a job, but I lock myself in my house and shut off the phone, then I have made my sphere very small. Someone literally would have to break down my door and offer me a job. That is not very likely to happen. If however, I do my spell, and not only answer my phone, but make some calls and leave my home to go on job interviews - then I greatly increase my sphere of influence and therefore my likelihood of finding a job.

Yes, this all sounds very practical and some of you readers may be asking, "ha, why bother to do magick? Just go out and look for a job for gosh sakes!" You have a point, but on the other hand, I know plenty of people who put in 99 - even 100% reality effort but 0% spiritual effort, and they also have no success. There must be a balance between real life action and magickal or spiritual work. So, I am wondering how your friend might broaden his sphere.

Another factor may be that his path is blocked. When spells don't work, or even sometimes before we even begin work, we should do a clearing or uncrossing spell to remove roadblocks.

Finally, I do believe that we all have our own special karma or luck. Maybe his is not with money magick. We had a customer many moons ago in Ye Old Occult Shop where I used to work and the staff lovingly (and unlovingly) referred to her as Ugamuggah. Ugamuggah used to do incredible amounts of money and gambling magick. Several times, she won and then lost tens of thousands of dollars at the track. All in one afternoon. A few times, she won big in the lotto and Atlantic City but her apartment was broken into and the money stolen before she could put it in the bank. Finally, Ugamuggah got wise. She thought about what she wanted the money for. Then she did a spell to get a fabulous new wardrobe. The result was she was given sample clothes (all in her size) right off the runway after Fashion Week ended. Don't ask me how she swung this, but she did. She also did a fast luck house blessing spell and got an amazing and spacious rent stabilized apartment that others had to wait years for. Not only that, but she furnished her entire apartment for free from a sample showroom of a famous textile designer after a show closed. See Ugamuggah figured out where her talent and fortune lay and played it to the max. I wonder what your friend would manifest if he actually magicked for a feast! Well, lots of food for thought...
blessed be

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