Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Solstice Spread

Dear Lexa
I know you are a great psychic and priestess of the wicca. I am wondering if you know of any special readings that can be done for the Yule or Winter Solstice. With the cold months coming, I am wishing for some insight and wisdom to see me through until the spring. Any guidance you can offer will be quite appreciated.
blessed be
a friend and fan in Great Britain

Dear F&F
thank you for your inquiry. Below is a wonderful tarot spread

that I would love to give you as a gift for the season.

Have a cool Yule
blessed be


by Lady Venus

At the Solstice we greet the new born Sun King; the wheel turns and the days begin to wax full. The sun is the central life force of our solar system. This tarot spread combines the sun and planetary energies with the 78 sacred symbols of the Tarot.

Shuffle and cut the cards as usual. Place four cards in a vertical line, beginning at the bottom of the line. Place the fifth card across the fourth card. Then add six cards above the fourth card. You should have ten cards in a vertical line and one card crossing over the card in the fourth position.
  • The first or bottom card represents the Sun. Its' meaning will connect to and shed light on all the other cards. It represents the self or what is central to you at this time.
  • The second card is the Mercury position, the planet closest to the Sun. This card reveals your creative and communication skills, as well as what others are saying about you.
  • The third card is Venus and shows the love energy around you. (what you are giving out as well as receiving.)
  • The fourth card is the Earth position and represents your health, wealth, and material well being.
  • The fifth card (card crossing the Earth) is the Moon and symbolizes the emotional life and feelings connected to the Earth card. The moon position can also reveal psychic awareness.
  • The sixth position is Mars. This card reveals your ambition and/or sexual energy. If the card is negative it may mean you have sexual blocks (the Devil),trouble releasing your anger (eight of swords), or perhaps you are too combative (five of wands).
  • Jupiter is the seventh card and shows your potential growth (spiritual and financial), and the strength or weakness of your physical and psychic protection fields.
  • The eighth position, Saturn, shows the lessons you are learning and the restrictions placed upon you at this time.
  • Uranus in the ninth position informs you of unexpected events (positive or negative). It also reveals how much raw untapped creative energy you have at this time. Compare this card to the Mercury card. If they compliment each other, you are receiving Divine guidance and utilizing it properly.
  • Neptune in the tenth placement represents your dreams or fantasies. Compare it to the Venus card to understand whether you are expressing your love energy or suppressing your true desires.
  • The eleventh and final card is Pluto and unveils the darker issues in your life. It shows your spiritual power as well as the demons you must face and conquer. If the card is positive it means you are on the regenerative side of a disturbing issue in your life. If the card is negative it may mean you are spiraling downward and letting your inner demons have the upper hand.

This spread can be used to ask a question or to examine an issue, but I recommend it more as a general checkup to look at your planetary aura. If you want the reading to be of the highest spiritual or meditative order, use only the 22 Major Trump cards. If you are asking a question of a more earthly nature, use all 78 cards. Look for similar suits and which positions they fall in as that will indicate a relationship between those planets. Here are some examples:
  • Ace of Wands in the Mars position, Seven of Wands in the Mercury position, and Ten of Wands in the Saturn position indicate a relationship between these three planets. Perhaps your Mercury energy is moving in many different directions or people are offering you many different opportunities. Mars is saying to single out a particular goal and move on it. Saturn tells you the lesson is to be responsible and carry that goal out to its conclusion.
  • Two of pentacles in the Earth position, Three of Pentacles in the Moon position and Four of Pentacles in the Jupiter position. You are debating whether or not you should make a change. You feel good about your work, yet the Jupiter card is telling you to wait before making any kind of expansion, especially if it's financial.
  • Seven of cups in the Venus position and Three of Cups in the Neptune position. Looking at the seven alone, you might conclude that there is disillusionment in love. However the three and seven together mean that wishes will come true and inner needs and desires will be fulfilled. You are definitely on the right track in love, and probably overwhelmed that your inner needs are finally being met.
This spread uses eleven cards in all. Eleven is the number of Nuit, the Egyptian sky goddess. Her body encompasses all the stars in the heavens. The Solstice is also a time to honor the Goddess; Great Mother of the Lord of Light. Blessed Yule.

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