Monday, November 27, 2006


Hi Lexa .. I hope you can help me, I am not a practising witch and work as a medium. I recently conducted a vigil in a building with a dark past, of which we were completely unaware until we started. During the course of the night I encountered a witch doctor energy, very strong, but trapped within a world he doesn't understand. He was taken by force by an English ship for the merchant trader who owned the property at the time. I need to help him, he is an innocent, my angels told me that I need a phrase that he would recognise and make me friend, or at least stop him from trying to chase me out. If I can link with him i can take instruction from him, I have the knowledge to do that. There is no one that I can find to help me to help him, so I surfed and found you, instinct tells me you can help me. I'm returning to the location in December. There has been great sadness and pain and several of these souls linger, I will set them free, being a chaneller they showed me how cruelly they had been used, it was tragic. This man gave his name as Nakano, but that his new masters shorted it to Kano. I know it's an odd request, but I would be grateful for any guidance you could give me. Lots of thank yous in advance Mitch

Dear Mitch
well, Nakano sounds Japanese to me but Japan doesn't seem to fit in with your storyline. You'll need to ask your angels for that phrase to connect with him. (Actually, it's refreshing to know that Google CAN'T be counted on for EVERTHING!) In my experience, the best way to help a lost spirit is to light a white candle and in a soft and reassuring voice ask the spirit to go to the LIGHT. In some cases, you must demand that and use a bit more volume. For more stubborn cases, I have used the LBR (lesser banishing ritual) of Aleister Crowley's OTO to banish spirits and I have had great success in clearing the space of spirits. It sounds like your friend just needs a bit of encourgment to continue his journey and I agree that it would be of some value to learn how to say "go towards the light" in his native tongue. If your angel is not forthcoming, there is a demon spirit named Forneus who gives the knowledge of language. He's a Leo and pretty friendly towards humans. You may wear his sigil to invoke his help and it will be even more effective if you create an altar to draw him near. Place the 7 of Rods tarot card in the center of the table and burn seven orange candles around the card. Place a bowl of sunflower seeds (in the shells) on the altar as an offering to summon his help.
good luck with the ghostbusting!


michelle said...

Hi Lexa .. thank you so much for your help .. i am experienced at helping the spirits pass into the light even the ones that don't want to go, but this one has a strength a barrier that he's shrouded himself with. I could feel his confusion,and his pain, I want him to go with peace he's had enough struggles. I agree Nakano does sound Japenese but he is definately not of oriental origin. I think my guides are just making sure that I'm not relying on them too much and that I can still accept and reach outside of the box if you understand me. With the work that i do I come acroos a lot of lost souls and I always try to make the journey as easy as possible. With the information you have given me I can go back to him and meet him on his own terms. I really can't thank you enough, it's hard sometimes to describe the emotions that i feel, and although he was being really aggressive he settled a little when i didn't run away from him and gave me a little to work with, now maybe I can guide him into the light with no trauma.
Many Blessings Lexa
Best Love

Lexa Roséan said...

Great Mich
I'm so glad I could be of help. Many blessings and best of luck with helping Nakano to ascend.
best witches

R2K said...

You are so hot.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh my. This is all very exciting and *magical* in the very best way! Michelle, I hope you will keep us all posted of what happens in December.

PS Lexa Just wondering if you had any suggestions of spells that I could use to create and attract positive energies to the new house and guest houses we are building in Marrakesh. I want protection from evil spirits as well. Thank you for any help you can provide.

PSS And thanks for your supportive comment on my blog;-)

Lexa Roséan said...

Hi Maryam
thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog. In answer to your request, I would suggest adding cedar to your new homes. It is one of the best woods for positive energy and always invokes prosperity, protection, and light. If it is possible, I would use this wood for foundation beams. Or for the construction of some key pieces of furniture. The oil can also be added to floorwashes or incense of cedar wood burned to bless the home. Rosemary is also a good protective herb and can be sprinkled around or grown in the garden to ward off evil spirits.

On a new moon, I suggest cleansing the homes by taking the four elements around in a clockwise direction. (earth/salt, air/incense, fire/candle, and water/spring or holy water. Consecration and blessing with the elements is the key component of a tradtional house blessing ritual.

Finally, Tuesday is considered the best day to move in to a home. Bread, salt, sugar (or honey), and pennies (or coins)should be brought into the home with you to bless and protect the inhabitants.
best of luck and I'll check in with your blog to see how it's all developing.

Prometheus said...

Respects, Lexa. Just stopping by. And hey, cin Prometheus bother ya for some 'getting a life' spell? He's woefully woebegone these days.

My Marrakech said...

This is absolutely great Lexa!
Thanks so much. And I will definitely need to do a post about this next week linking back to you. Shourkan bazef as we say here in Morocco!

Lexa Roséan said...

hey bro pro
sorry to hear you are down and full of woe these days. the holidays are always a difficult time. that's why I would suggest you start by improving your social life. Tis the party season boy wonder so I ask you to refer to my post on the festive Goddess Bast and use her magic to become a happy party animal. Choose at least 3 ingredients from the ones I list as sacred to her and add frankincense to those. Place the ingredients in a small leather bag and carry with you to open up some liv(f)e channels. Let's get this mojo working and then move forward from there. blessings Lexa

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