Monday, October 16, 2006

Cosmic Trigger

Dear lexa
I enjoy your blog so much that I decided to ask you another question. I am in need of more happy occasions in my life - like joyful parties and sunny vacations, maybe even some interesting job offers. What do you suggest I should do?
Be blessed
ראובן מזרחי

Dear Ruby
It sounds like what you need is a COSMIC TRIGGER!!! I hope you and all my readers will check out the cosmic trigger blog today and tomorrow and take advantage of SethD8's information. In general, visualization is a very powerful magickal tool. If you can see yourself in an interesting job, or in Tahiti, or at an amazing party (which reminds me - the FUR BALL was a HUGE SUCCESS! Thanks to everyone who participated to help Sarah la Rocca raise some serious money for Kitty Kind. If you weren't able to attend - remember it's never too late to donate!) ah, pardon the commercial interruption - where was I - o yes, IF YOU CAN SEE IT - YOU CAN BE IT! So get creative Ruby and let yourself daydream about all the fun and happiness that life has to offer. That's the first step to opening the door to your desires. You can also burn yellow candles to increase your happiness and increase your powers of imagination.

blessed be


Anonymous said...

well as always lexa
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Thank you lexa
Thank you

Morgen said...

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Thanks for your visits & comments on my blog!

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