Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Dear Witch Dr - I am a new mother to a 5 month baby girl, I find myself getting stressed out easily about silly things. I work long hours and I am tired by the end of the night. As much as I would love to stay home with her, I can’t because we have to - you know - eat and have a home to live in. Like her crying and grabbing at my food while I am eating. Any ideas on what may calm me down so I can enjoy the few hours I see her each day? - Frustrated momma

Dear FM-
See how relaxed I am in photo above? That's cause the KID'S NOT MINE!!! I certainly applaud your honesty and I'm here with some help. You'll need:
a fresh bowl of spring water
lavender oil, incense, or dried flowers
white and pink votive candles in glass
and a hymn and an image of the Great Mother Goddess
Artemis of Ephesus.

You are going to create an altar to Her. Just clear off some space somewhere in your house to do this. You can print out the photo below that I took this summer while visiting Her in Turkey. Put a large bowl of fresh spring water next to her image. This water should be changed daily to help you release negative energy. Place some white and pink candles on the altar. These colors reduce stress. Please make sure the candles are in fireproof glasses and safe from all pets or children. Rub some lavender oil into the candles or sprinkle dried lavender flowers around the altar, or burn the incense. Lavender is one of the best ingredients for stress reduction and is widely used in aromatherapy. Simply smelling it brings immediate relaxation. (Just be careful not to expose your young daughter to incense, oil, or herb - just in case it proves to be an irritant!) Finally, with your altar in place, read the hymn for a beautiful peace invoking prayer of renewal to Artemis. The many breasted Artemis has enough nurturing power to feed both Mother and Child. FYI - She is also Goddess of the Hunt and can help you bring home more bacon! So don't forget to ask Her for that too!

May She bless you with enough prosperity to afford a nanny, and may She bring you relaxation and rejuvenation, so you can appreciate the time spent with your little bundle of joy.

many blessings
Lady V

photo on top: Lexa and Sophia at Sophia's wiccaning (baby blessing)


Kylei said...

many many thanks

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful spell thank you Lexa as I am a new mother myself to a five week old little girl. I know how the new Mom feels.