Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Starving Artist?

Dear Lexa ( a.k.a. The Witch Doctor),

Hi! I own many of your books- love them & I respect your wisdom & insight which is why I'm writing to you. I need help with my art career. I have a kick ass website & have put myself on as many art websites as I can. I do sell some of my work on eBAY but mostly for a mere pittance. Recently, I got into a group show at a real (read: physical) art gallery which I am grateful for but Saturn transitting Leo in my 10th house seems to be thwarting all my efforts (i'll try & keep these examples brief.

I got to paint two rocking chairs for a charity auction for a local hospital. I signed a contract with them (money went to the neo natal unit (which was a good cause)but they promised to exhibit the chairs (me and 20 other artists)- then they didn't. I put about 30 hours of labor into each chair. Then I went to a taping of the ISAAC show in NYC and as soon as we were seated, we were told by the crew "we won't be filming the audience and doing Q & A from the audience like last season. I was bummed - I had emailed them the question as they asked beforehand & brought the garment to show Isaac Mizrahi. My birthdate is May 11, 1964 6:06 p.m. Chicago, Il. I have 0 degrees Scorpio rising) Can you either suggest a good spell to deal with Saturn or suggest a good spell to do with my art. I want positive fame (a la Julia Child). I also feel my artwork is special because it is colorful, happy & heals people & is ORIGINAL.

The last time Saturn was in Leo I was in Junior High (my Hellish years), and I had issues with being in the school orchestra & band. I played the flute and there was a group of jealous mean girls who resented the fact I would win 1st chair ( I had to practice 2 hours a day due to my parents - they made me get a private flute teacher). I endured daily taunts and jeers - name calling, gum on my seat, spitballs etc. because I played the flute well. I thought then "maybe it is better not to excel at something"because instead of being admired, I am dealing with negativity. Now with the art- selling it this means a livelyhood for me, not just for the attention. I know you understand what I'm talking about it.

Thank you for any advice in advance,
Katie Pfeiffer ( a.k.a. Lakshmigirl)

Dear Lakshmigirl

The effects of Saturn can be devastating especially during the Saturn Return which happens in the 28th-29th year of age. I'm not sure of your specific issue with Saturn in Leo, but my guess is, that being a Taurus with Scorpio rising, your hair stands up on end and you feel way too crowded when Tough Guy Saturn shows up arm in arm with Leo, another FIXED sign. This is bound to cause power struggles and issues for you. A deeper analysis of your chart would be sure to reveal more, and I am available for indepth private astrological and psychic tarot consultations.

I don't know if you are aware of it, but SATURN transiting the TENTH HOUSE (whether in Leo or any other sign) represents a period in one's life when given the opportunity to reach a professional peak. It is the time to step up to the plate and be the most you can be. This cycle only happens once in every twelve years so you will want to take advantage of it. PATIENCE and PERSISTANCE are the key elements needed to glean all possible success from this transit. You'll also want to think more like a CAPRICORN as that is the ruler of the 10th H. (as well as the ruler of Saturn!)

I applaud your generousity in donating art for charity, but a Cap would be more enterprising, materialistic, and CAPitalistic in approach and would never let them get away with reneging on a written contract! Now, attempting to rub up next to ISAAC - that's pure goat! Only problem, you relied on luck or random chance by hoping to be picked as an audience member. A Cap would rather die that rely on luck. They use pushiness, power, and influence. (think insider trading.) I would ask you to consider making Saturn your friend and ally right now. To embrace and then harness it's energy as a driving force to give you a leading edge in your field. You will also want to invest in some watermelon tourmaline. This gemstone is known to offset the negative effects of Saturn and allow things to flow more smoothly.

I have written a very effective spell to sell artistic work in my latest book TarotPower. The spell is called Get That Grant and you can find it posted on the Spell section of my website.

Also I'd like to remind you about one of the stories told about the Goddess Lakshmi and her sister Saraswati.

As you know, Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth and Saraswati is her sister, the Hindu goddess of art, poetry, skill, refinement, and grace. It is said that if one prays only to Lakshmi, s/he will be led to things that are tasteless and coarse.
Whereas if one includes worship of Saraswati, one receives both wisdom and wealth, and a refined sense of enrichment. Case in point is the tale of the two brothers - the first prayed only to Lakshmi for weath and was led to a mine rich with carbon although he had no knowledge of how to pipe into it. The second brother prayed to Saraswati as well and he gained discovery to the same mine. He was also given knowledge of not only how to extract the carbon but how to polish and cut it to reveal the many facets of what then became a PRICELESS gem. So my friend, is it possible that as an artist you are still somehow a "diamond in the rough"? Include some prayers to Saraswati in your daily life or create an altar for her and see if things don't change.

Finally, I have viewed your art and it is colorful and wonderful. It is possible that you are one of those purely creative folk who doesn't really fare well at the business end of your field. I don't think you are alone in this - and that's why the Goddess created managers and agents! I have a wonderful networking formula in my PowerSpells book that can be used to attract both clients and good representation. Check it out!

May the Holy Hindu sisters bless you in all your creative endeavors.

Lexa (aka the Witch Dr.)

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