Thursday, October 19, 2006


Hi Lexa,
I was wondering what your take on talking boards or better known as ouija boards is? Are they safe? Would you say it's safe to construct your own? Do you have any general information about them?
Dear Lesley,
I have worked a great deal with ouija boards starting from when I was a young child. In fact, it is the medium through which I discovered my own psychic powers and channeling ability. Ouija - meaning yes/yes (in French and German) became popular during the WWI and families would use it to get information about their soldiers - to try and find out whether they were dead or alive. These talking boards were homemade and created by placing pieces of paper with the letters of the alphabet written on them under a glass tabletop. A shot glass was then used as a planchette to guide over the tabletop letters and get information. The original talking boards may have been much older and were considered very serious spiritual business. It was only after Parker Brothers marketed the Ouija board that it began to be seen more as a game. Game or not, the chief purpose for consulting the talking board is to communicate with the dead. The Bible warns against practicing Necromancy, and for this reason, the Ouija is often seen as a tool of the Devil, and indeed evil spirits can gather round them. Therefore, you must TAKE CARE!

It is very important to bless the board each time before using it. Ask for elevated or evolved spirits and banish all negative and evil energy from entering the sphere of your board. You can also pass the board through the four elements. to cleanse and purify it and I recommend doing this before each sitting. Sprinkle sea salt to represent the element of earth. Use a positive spiritual or cleansing incense such as frankincense or cedar to represent the element of air. Burn a white candle and pass the light around the board to represent the element of fire. For the final element of water, use consecrated witches' water or Holy Water obtained from a church. Just sprinkle a few drops over the talking board as you don't want to damage it.
I would definitely say it is safe to construct your own talking board. That way you know that the energy associated with it will be positive from the start.

Other pointers:
It is considered VERY DANGEROUS to WORK THE BOARD ALONE. I always work with 3. It is a number of power and safety. Two persons shall work the board and the third shall act as scribe and write down the letters as they are called. You may have to switch around partners until you find two persons with a good channeling connection.
**Some spirits may want to leave the board and they will ask for permission to enter your body and speak through you. This is the way Jane Roberts began to channel Seth. I advise against this unless you are absolutely sure of the spirit you are dealing with, have a clean bill of mental health, a very STRONG background as a channel or psychic medium, and know a good EXORCIST just incase the situation gets out of hand!
***SAMHAIN is approaching and the veil between the worlds will be lifted. This is the best time of the year (midnight on Oct 31 to midnight on Nov 1)to work with the Ouija.

GOOD LUCK and Blessed Be


Hanuman1960 said...

Thanks for the link!

I've never felt comfortable using Ouija boards, and have always avoided them.

There are other more reliable forms of divination in my experience...

niko said...

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