Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Dear Lexa,
I read your post last week about the Cosmic Trigger and I also came across the same information on some other blogs. Well, I tried last Tuesday to think only positive thoughts and when the negative ones came creeping in, I pushed them down. At the end of the day, it was like a dam burst and all the rotten stuff I could possibly imagine was front and center in my brain. I often have this problem when I meditate or do visualizations and of course I was pretty distraught that it happened on that special day. Any advice, please! What can I do to correct this? Also, did I blow it? Will there be another chance for me to get my thoughts right in the future?
many thanks
Heady la Merde

Dear Heady
believe it or not, your problem is not uncommon. Many people do not do well with creative visualization and are advised to use other forms of magick such as affirmations or symbol meditation. A common problem with visualizations and affirmations is that folks often give up on them. It is not enough to do a visualization or say an affirmation 3 or 10 times and then wonder why it didn't work. Especially when you have 10 years of negative affirmations or bad movies playing in your head. You have to constantly repeat the positive statements or good images and give your brain some time to accept these in place of the negative ones. If you're used to seeing the downside, it's not enough to try just once to see the upside. And pushing those bad thoughts down will only make them stronger. It would be better to let all those thoughts come up front and center so you can clean all that "shit" out of your head instead of sweeping them under the carpet. So relax - it's all ok. You actually did a good job last week by letting your demons come up to the surface so you could get a good look at them. In it's own way, this is a very positive and healing visualization. Once you have confronted and banished these thoughts, you can try again to replace them with positive thoughts or visualizations.

According to the Zohar, this week deals with cleaning up toxic waste from our environments. The Kabbalah Center uses one of the 72 Names of G-d to help with this work. The three Hebrew letters of this name are Mem-Vav-Mem and should be meditated upon for spiritual cleansing.
Some people do better with looking at images or sacred symbols as this frees the mind of negative thought patterns and helps to bypass the demon gatekeepers and unlock the doors to the creative unconscious and spiritual realms. My brother and Priest, Ruby, who lives in Israel, has also sent me this sacred symbol that was divinely given to him during the Cosmic Trigger. He was asking for certain wonderful things to manifest in his life and like you, he had trouble going with the flow of his visualizations because his subconscious was filled with negating thoughts.
He asked spirit for help and this is what the spirit showed him. He has given permission to share it here. This is a very powerful seal and I have already experienced great results in using it in meditation.

Ruby explains the symbolism as follows:

the subconscious is represented by the moon
(female, dreams, imagination)
But it’s a new moon and therefore open to new beginnings.
The moon lies beneath and is therefore compelled
to bow down to the sun,
(the sun is the desire, the conscious, the male)
They are both inside a triangle which represents power and attraction.
And surrounded by the Oroboros or serpent swallowing its tail
(for protection, and alchemical transformation of the psyche).
You can write or draw symbols inside it to represent what you want.
You can also carve this seal onto white or yellow candles
and anoint with frankincense oil.
Frankincense is one of the best essential oils for working with
transforming the unconscious and breaking bad patterns and habits.
The seal can be drawn on parchment paper and
the four corners rubbed with frankincense oil
and then placed next to your head at night.
It is suggested to open your eyes in the middle of the night
to look at it and to affirm that your subconscious
is bending over to your desire.
Work with this seal repeatedly and it will bring you what you need!

There is no reason why we should not open ourselves to a better world both personally and globally. And remember Heady, that "thinking does not always make it so"! I hope this information makes you feel better about your magick and your life and according to Misson 1017, October 17 was just the first of many trigger events coming in the next 7 years. So you will have many more chances to get it right.
blessings and MERDE!


Lexa Roséan said...

Looking for Rose...
Hi Rose I was hoping you would check back here. Your comment got accidently deleted because I had to update this post and the link to your profile didn't work so I couldn't find you. In answer to your q's: my writing blog is Author!Author! and I'd be happy to exchange links if you can send me your URL.

Rock said...

Lexa, you may or may not be surprised to learn that I studied the Course in Miracles and love people like Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, and Depak Chopra. You left an intriguing comment on my post a while back. I've seen your site and love it. I'm into everything you promote. I don't expect you ever to agree with my conservative views on things, but it's nice that you are open to the truth, from wherever it comes. Count me as a fan.

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cripes said...

No you did not "blow it " quite a good effort really to see both sides of your thoughts . May be next time you could just observe both the positive thought and negative thoughts as they arise. The world is not flat you just pick your self up and carry on and chuck in the odd smile ...there is always a next time
Kindness and all that stuff