Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lucky Bath

Dear Lady Venus,
First I would like to congratulate you on the blog review. Very cool!!
I just did the lucky money bath and I was wondering if using bath stuff that contain the ingredients would work as well. For example bath and body works had a bath gel that is white tea ginger, then David (something) has a line that is a cinnamon bath soak, and then I know there is a basil and lemon or thyme bath gel. If I combined all 3 in a bath would that work as well? I just thought it would be good if I could stay in the bath a little longer, I am afraid the fresh ingredients would irritate my skin?

P.S I am a Christian and I am not Wiccan but totally love your stuff. For anyone out there that thinks Wiccans are evil, let me tell you there is evil everywhere. I have seen so many people in the church, praising God and talking about all this good stuff, but then I see how they treated people and how they would stab them in the back or cause them pain and talk bad to them. It doesn't matter what you believe in, it matter how you use your energy and what is in your heart. I love God and Jesus and I love the Earth, Moon, Stars and Planets too and I am not afraid to say I believe in both. If good is in your heart then, that is what you will project to yourself and others.
Thank you

Dearest Amanda
Absolutely, you can use those wonderful bath products for your magickal ingredients and soak your troubles away (but make sure to get out of the tub before your skin crinkles like a prune!) The fact that you are relaxed and letting go of your worries will make the money magick even more powerful and effective. The original spell calls for ginger, cinnamon, and basil - but if you add lemon, it will help clear your financial path. If you add thyme, it will increase your awareness as to where your best financial interests lie. If you are interested in more personalized money baths, check out my latest book The Encyclopedia of Magical Ingredients. It lists the properties of individual ingredients so that you can custom design your spells according to your own specific needs.

It is so refreshing to read your words and it makes me feel confident to know there are people as enlightened as you out there. If only everyone could remember that LOVE IS THE LAW UNTO ALL BEINGS and THERE ARE MANY PATHS TO THE ONE.
many blessings
Lady V


Sunrunner said...

Amanda, I totally agree with you!

Lady V, a friend of mine and I have been looking for spells, meditations or chants to help specifically with self confidence, self esteem, anxiety and depression. My friend works more with candle and crystal magick, and I have been working more with herbal and aromatherapy magick. Can you suggest anything? I plan on getting your Encyclopedia this week. Thanks!

Lexa Roséan said...

Hi Sunrunner
I think you'll find plenty of recipes for all the topics you mention in my latest book, Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients.

Your friend may want to check out Lady Rhea's book The Enchanted Candle.

Blessed Be and Good Magick!
Lady V