Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Help with conception...

Hi Lexa.
I had a reading with you via phone not long ago
regarding one dastardly Casanova, who treated me badly
and left me after I miscarried our child.

I have since decided to become a single mother by choice
with the help of modern day technology. My FSH and
Estradiol levels are in great shape right now, but I would
appreciate some input on how to make sure the procedure
takes the first cycle.

Can you please recommend something to assist in this
joyous yet extremely delicate and tenuous process?

Thank you. Blessings, M : }

Dear M
First of all, I applaud you for wanting to mix some good old fashioned witchcraft in with your modern day technology. And secondly, what perfect timing for this question! The main ingredient for the spell you request is a pumpkin - and Tis the Season!!! Pumpkins are sacred to the love and fertility goddess; Oshun and this is how to work the spell. On the New Moon, hold a whole pumpkin over your belly and pray for conception. Then carve your name and astrological sign into the belly of the pumpkin. Smother it generously with honey and take it to a river. Offer it to Oshun, (by placing it in the river) and ask her to grant your request.

Oshun responds best when being offered a gift and promised another. That always grabs her attention. (She's a Leo!) So promise to deliver her another gift after she has granted your wish. Here's a list of her favorite things:
Yellow flowers, yellow fruits (but not bananas)
Anything gold or copper (especially coins and rings)
Yellow squash, yellow candies
small gold plated mirrors
and she loves things in five or multiples of five.

This spell is most effective and has very high (96%) success rate. However, DO NOT FORGET to GIVE THE SECOND GIFT once you have conceived! Also on your second visit, you might want to throw in a word about that Casanova of yours. Oshun has a hot temper, especially when it comes to scoundrels!

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