Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Win the Lotto!

Dear Lexa:
Charles Pritchard here. I do hope that you can help me PLEASE. I am
looking for some help in find a spell on placing a thought in other
peoples minds and hitting about 3-4 lotteries. also what is the
difference in white and black magic? please let me know about the
Charles Pritchard

Dear Pritch
To place a thought in another person's mind, burn a candle in the shape of a skull and write key words relating to the thought you want to place across the forehead. You must also carve the name and astrological sign of the individual you want to influence across the base or neck of the candle. (eg: Mike Aquarius) You should begin burning on a new moon for nine minutes a night and repeat every night until the Full Moon when the candle should be burned to completion. It may take up to nine complete candles to make sure your point gets across. The skull candles can be found in traditional occult shops. Of course, you could also opt to invite the one you want to influence out for a coffee and just say Hey Mike, I have an idea...

As for lottery spells, they're a dollar a dozen. I even published a few good ones in Easy Enchantments. The trick with these spells is that they must be repeated daily or weekly just like you play the lottery. You must also realize that your sphere of influence is not very wide with gambling in general but it gets specifically narrower with lotto. The sphere refers to the probability factor of you winning. The problem with lotteries is that you have millions of people wishing, hoping, and praying, and magicking to win. Why should your magick or prayer be chosen over others? That's why, you need to combine lottery spells with luck and success spells. You need to work as much magick as you can and do it on a regular and continual basis. It's like a friend of mine who was looking for a wealthy husband often said: marrying money is a FULL TIME JOB. Here are a few items to incorporate for lottery luck and success. The color RED - this could be in the form of a candle or a mojo bag filled with herbs. Bay leaves and nutmeg can be rubbed into the candle or added to the bag. Eating watermelon, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream is alleged to greatly increase winning at games of chance. Good luck Prichard!

Finally, any magick done which involves manipulating the will of another (such as your thought influencing spell) would technically be considered "black" magick. Yes, that's right, even if I wanted to place a thought in Mike's mind to take better care of himself, technically, that is manipulative magick. Obviously, if I wanted to influence Mike to do harm to himself or others, that would be "black" magick. "White" magick is non manipulative and is always conscious of the Wiccan creed DO WHAT YE WILL AND HARM NONE.

It is also important to note the historical and racial context of the terms BLACK AND WHITE. Originally, the Church Fathers referred to rites from the African religion of Voodoo or Ife (meaning Life) as "black" or devil's magick. Many of the ancient gods and goddesses were demonized in the Bible in order to move monotheism and the patriarchy into it's hierarchical position. Ha, talk about a powerful placing of thoughts in other people's minds! These ideas still live in the collective consciousness even though the "black" magick contains many life and love affirming principles. Because of this history, many prefer to use the terms good or evil instead of black and white.

blessed be

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