Monday, September 18, 2006

Most Frequently Asked Questions

These are the top Q's I get asked along with my answers.

Q. What is Magick?
A. Magick is creative ritual, desire made manifest. Magick is the witches' form of prayer.

Q. Do spells work?
A. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER THAT A SPELL IS A PRAYER. Some prayers are answered, others not. The complex reasons for this lie in the hands of the gods. However, more simplistically, when spells do not work, they're much like medicines that do not work. Each individual has a different vibrational response. When one medicine does not work, your doctor may prescribe another. And so it goes with your witch doctor.

Q. What should I do if a spell doesn't work?
A. If you do not see some results within a full moon to full moon cycle or new moon to new moon cycle (ie: 28 days), try a similar spell using different ingredients. Perhaps your spell was not chosen to target the real problem area. Clearly determine the true source of your problem, need, or desire before beginning a spell. Also you may need to go back and uncross or unblock your path and then begin again.

Q.Why get a psychic/astrology reading?
A. A reading can help to pinpoint and diagnose blocked areas of your life. Working spells without a consultation, is alot like self prescribing medication. All magick works better when accompanied with astrological and psychic information. Readings can help you make crucial decisions in life and alert you to any pitfalls so that you may avoid them or prepare to successfully navigate through these challenges.

Q. What if I hear something that scares me in the reading or am told information I don't like?
A. NEVER ASK A QUESTION YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO HEAR THE ANSWER TO IN A PSYCHIC READING. Any professional and ethical Reader will never reveal information harmful to the questioner. You may not like everything you hear, but it will be beneficial.

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Anonymous said...

Lexa's books are so well put together.
I would be lost without them in the cosmic world or any world for that matter!
Thank you Lexa..