Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Dear Lexa,

First of all, I just want to say that I love your work. I find it to be a lovely and fresh approach to magick. Okay on to my concern. I have worked in my family business my whole life (I am 24 so it's not that long.). However I have to break free from it for various reasons and I am having a hard time due to a lot of anxiety (to the point of mild to moderate panic attacks.) Therapy is not working fast enough for me and I need to break free and find my own path but knowing what to do with my life is all very confusing. I do have a bachelors degree so I hope that it gives me more options. Do you have a spell to break free and find my own path as quickly as possible? Again thanks for your writings you are absolutely great.

Bright Blessings,

Wow Jason

Thanks for your compliments but you barely leave breathing room after saying such nice things. Why the rush? And why is it that so many people imagine that witchcraft offers the quick fix solution? It must be all those years of Samantha Stevens just twitching her nose and setting everything a right. A bachelors degree does not provide very many options in today's world. You may want to consider specializing in some field and that will take time. For a situation such as yours, this is what I would recommend:
  • Stay in Therapy. Maybe work with medication to get those panic attacks under control.
  • See a good psychic and astrologer for a thorough consultation to uncover your hidden potential and life path.
  • It is important to clarify that magick is the spiritual element to accompany your physical and emotional work. A spell is not enough in and of itself unless you are doing other things to increase your sphere of availability and influence. I highly recommend my book PowerSpells. It is chock full of rituals for career, business, removing blocks, making good decisions, and revealing professional paths. There are also several spells for fast luck included. It is important to understand that fast luck spells usually bring immediate (and often temporary) remedies that do not solve the long term issues.
  • Consider going to graduate school.
  • Take up meditation. Life's problems and challenges can not be worked out 'overnight'.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy the process and the journey. Believe me, you will 'arrive' soon enough! I have no doubt you will be terrific once you get where you want to be, but why not have some fun along the way?! For the most part, how you handle your process, will determine what kind of outcome you acheive. A hurried solution may bring you overnight success that quickly dissolves. I don't think that's what you want in the long run.
blessed be and best of luck


jason writes...

Thank you for choosing me. I do want to make it clear though I sound rushed because there is A LOT of almost unbearable pressure on me, not because I expected a quick fix. I had no intentions of stopping therapy or anything. I didn't mean to sound like I wanted a genie or anything. Other than that I do appriciate the advice.

Bright Blessings,

Lexa responds...

ah, why didn't you say so? In this case, please refer to this link to unblock or uncross your path. follow up with a bath in coconut milk to relieve undue pressure.


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