Thursday, April 05, 2007

13 Colors and Their Magickal Meanings

1 WHITE is a color of purity and cleansing. White candles are burned to bless spaces, remove negative energy, and to send spirits to the light.

2 BLACK is a power color and also used for cloaking. Often the color is connected with evil and used in satanic rites, but black is worn by the Wicca for cloaking. It is also representative of the dark Mother or Crone and her wisdom. Priests and Rabbis also wear black to symbolize submission to God.

3 YELLOW is a color of happiness and healing.

4 GOLD is a color of wealth and well being and also used to represent the god force. Gold candles are used on the altar to invoke the solar energies.

5 SILVER represents the Goddess and the energy of the moon. Silver candles are used on the altar to invoke the lunar energies.

6 RED is the color of the heart and the blood. It is an intense color of passion and sacred to both Venus and Mars. Red candles are burned for love magick. Red mojo bags are used in fast luck spells as red is energizing and makes things move quicker. (think of the red sports car). Red is the color to wear when you want to get noticed.

7 PINK is the color of romance. It is also used for stress reduction and flirtation.

8 ORANGE is a strong spiritual color and brings positive changes quickly. It is sacred to Mercury and considered a color for communication, creativity, and success.

9 BLUE is the color of peace and protection. It is a shielding color and good to use in visualizations for stress reduction and healing.

10 GREEN is the color of the fertile earth. It is also the color of money (at least in the U.S.). Green candles are used for prosperity and fertility spells. Green is also a color of healing and used in very serious cases to cure illness.

11 PURPLE is a power color and symbolizes royalty. It is used for control and also to increase psychic awareness. Purple candles are also burned to keep a mate from straying.

12 BROWN is the color of the earth. It is a very masculine color and used for grounding and centering. Use brown candles in rituals to save money or to deepen a relationship. It is also used for success in serious matters such as court cases.

13 GREY is used to neutralize and get rid of annoying or interfering elements.

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jenny said...

my favorite is Pink! i didn't know that it's a stress reliever! i should always wear pink!hehehhee! thanks for sharing...happy TT!

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Excellent list. One of those essentials that becomes second nature, or you think so, until you forget a basic. I rarely use gray, so I tend to forget it's even an option.

Damozel said...

Man I need to start painting everything grey. Great list and a pretty fascinating looking blog. I'll be back...

Tink said...

When someone asks me what my favourite colour is, my answer is "rainbow". I love all colours, although purple has always be special.
My TT is about oracle decks I own.

FRIGGA said...

I like your list, hopefully I will be back to read more. My TT13 is up at

Kuanyin said...

Happy TT! I'm like all the colors of the rainbow and wear them all! Please blow some magic dust my blog way today and wish her well as she turns the corner of 300 posts!

scooper said...

I'm going to copy and paste this TT for personal use. Thanks